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Chapter: 29.2

By the time everyone had eaten and drunk to their heart’s content, everybody started to chat. I talked about my job, my boss, my work, my annoyances with many people and for a while, everybody complained about how hard they had to work at their jobs.

After chatting for a while, the topics began to diverge. Everybody started to talk to the ones sitting closer to them and someone even congratulated me, "Congratulations. Hope you have a happy life with Yu Haiqiao."

Someone said, "I knew you guys matched well since junior high. How nice."

Someone even sighed, "Your marriage makes me really feel that my spring has completely finished."

I was really the type to be unable to accept such big words and could feel my teeth growing sour. At that moment, I wanted to tie my divorce certificate on my chest and let everyone see that projecting your youth on someone else isn’t a very reliable thing to do.


Another big brother whom I don’t remember very well, asked me, "What happened to the topic about Yu Haiqiao kicking the bucket in the group chat last time?"

This guy was really candid. A normal person couldn’t have brought up such an inappropriate question. After all, this kind of matter couldn’t be dispelled with just one or two sentences. Moreover, the person who would have to explain this would only feel embarrassed. I laughed dryly and in order not to let the people around me feel the same embarrassment, I didn’t tell the other about the weird interests Yu Haiqiaio and I shared, instead, I gently told him, "Then, you’d have to ask Yu Haiqiao."

That person continued to speak without a filter, "Then is your marriage with Yu Haiqiao the second marriage you’ve had?"

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"Twb???" Mbyv rlapsd oyp vyjld ycynj.

R pszlxdzu dseele xu blye yv bkx.

"Ebs eslpd’v zkjl tkazp?" Zw Tykikys nskdnkeldvyzzu oyzjle shla yv vbkp xsxldv yde blyakdt bkp hsknl yv vbl pkel yzz sq y pweeld, vssj xl cu pwarakpl.

R nypv bkx y tzydnl yde ryvkldvzu lmrzykdle, "Xb. Tl oyp ypjkdt xl ycswv vbl xyvvla sq usw jknjkdt vbl cwnjlv kd vbl taswr nbyv ps R vsze bkx vbyv ol pvkzz byhld’v tsvvld xyaakle ulv."

Zw Tykikys dyaasole bkp lulp yv xl qsa y obkzl clqsal pbsokdt y pxyzz pxkzl, "Rq kv oypd’v clnywpl usw yde uswa tkazqaklde byed’v alynble y nsdnzwpksd ycswv vbkp, ol oswzed’v pvkzz cl wdxyaakle cu dso."

The guy who was nosy finally realized that his curiosity was really inappropriate for the occasion and sheepishly smiled, "Haha. I think someone just called me to go over and take a look." Then, he fled away from us with a shoddy excuse.


After that person left, Yu Haiqiao stood beside me and looked at me, sincerely asking, "The two of us aren’t married?"

I looked at him like he was a fool, "Are we?"

He pulled me to an isolated corner of the room and surrounded by chattering voices and cheers that rang out from time to time, I watched him purse his lips and fumble for something in his pocket. In order to prevent his voice from being heard by the surrounding people, he leaned closer to my ear and whispered in a low voice, "Then, marry me ok?"

The ring he had in his hand was the same ring he had thrown to me three years ago when he proposed. It was the same ring I had kept in a box in the dressing table for a long time.

I looked at the ring and also whispered back at him, "Are you proposing?"

Yu Haiqiao stared at me with a pair of sincere eyes. After a while, he pursed his lips and smiled. He pressed his lips against my ear and quietly said, "That’s right. I’m proposing. I love you. Marry me."

I contemplated it for a while.

Yu Haiqiao waited for a while before raising his head and asking me angrily, "You can’t be serious. Do you really need to think about this?"

I continued to contemplate.

Yu Haiqiao’s voice started to grow nervous and he tried to control his voice, "Heyheyhey–"

I continued to contemplate.

Yu Haiqiao pulled his pant leg and made a move as if he was going to kneel. His tone was very sincere as he asked, "I’ll propose to you with one knee down?"


This b!tch, even if he was willing to throw his face away, I wasn’t. Hearing this, I grabbed his arm, extremely afraid that the people in the surroundings would discover what we were doing. If they did, I’d definitely die from embarrassment. I lowered my voice and said, "Wait a second. Why are you so impatient? Seriously."

Yu Haiqiao chuckled and I immediately knew that I had been played. Before I could even react, he took my hand and swiftly put the ring on my ring finger, his actions as smooth as flowing water. After he finished, he then leaned closer and told me "Wear it and never take it off."

I looked down at my own hand and asked him, "What about your ring?"

Yu Haiqiao reached out to take something from his neck and pulled out a string. The ring had been tied below it. "It’s here. You didn’t wear your ring so I was embarrassed to wear mine."

I clicked my tongue and asked, "Stop pretending. When did you ever wear yours?" I also rarely saw Yu Haiqiao with his neck exposed or with a bare neck but I didn’t realize that he had always been wearing his wedding ring.

Yu Haiqiao whispered back in reply, "I’d been wearing this necklace since long ago. I was just afraid you’d notice it so I felt embarrassed to wear it. I only put it on just recently."

I chuckled softly, "Why didn’t I know you were this timid?"

Yu Haiqiao also chuckled softly, "There’s a lot of things you didn’t know."

I then looked at my own finger and Yu Haiqiao followed my gaze, once again exhorting me, "Don’t take it off. Even if it’s annoying, you have to wear it." He then added, "Otherwise, I’ll be sad."

I hummed in acknowledgement. Yu Haiqiao then muttered, "Then when are we going to the bureau to get our certificates again?"

I whispered, "The bureau should be closed during the holidays right?"

Yu Haiqiao nodded, "En, then let’s go again after the holiday ends."


Yu Haiqiao muttered, "Then when are we going to take wedding photos?"

I replied, "Huh?"

Yu Haiqiao muttered, "Should we also redo our honeymoon trip? What about the ceremony? Do you have university friends or colleagues to invite out for a meal?"

I responded, "Is there a need to arrange all this. Do you really think you’re my second spouse?"

Yu Haiqiao said, "Then find an excuse to ask your friends and colleagues to our house for a meal."

"Alright alright alright." I couldn’t help but submit to Yu Haiqiao’s plans and immediately agreed.

The people in the room were still as clamorous, and the guys were still making cheers and drinking alcohol. The teachers sat in their seats with smiles on their faces, talking to the surrounding students. Everything hadn’t changed. Nobody knew what had just happened between Yu Haiqiao and I. It was as if the two of us had completed a great mysterious ceremony without the world’s notice.

I let out a loud sigh at this and Yu Haiqiao asked me in a whisper, "Then shall we go home?"

I answered, "Let’s go."

Yu Haiqiao took me to bade his teacher goodbye together and we secretly slipped away from the reunion.

The winter night wind was very strong and in the past few days, the weather wasn’t bad. There were less clouds at night and the moon shone brightly. There weren’t a lot of stars, making the night sky look particularly clean.

The story should have stopped right here but in order to conform with the title, I still had something left to say.


If there were 364 days in the 365 days/1 year that I wanted to kill Yu Haiqiao, and in the leap year of 366 days, there were 365 days where I wanted to kill him…

Then I will cancel out all the grudges I have accumulated against him for the 360+ days on the very last day. The reason was very simple. It was so simple that I’d be embarrassed saying it out loud, feeling that the two of us looked like crazy fools who didn’t know how to communicate as protagonists in a story.

But I really had no other way. I’m only human so I could only see the truth before my eyes and make a decision according to my personality. If you absolutely insist on scolding someone, you shouldn’t blame me nor Yu Haiqiao for our weird temper, instead, you should blame the one who created the both of us, the author. This is all their fault. In any case, I will never admit that this was my fault.

That’s right. This reason was extremely simple because I didn’t want to admit it-

I love him.


Naturally, if I didn’t see the message on our way home in the car—"Oh my god, I have big news. Yu Haiqiao is gay and Shi Ran is a lesbian. The two of them simply haven’t married at all! I suspect that they’ve been putting up an act for their parents to see! I heard it with my own ears! The two of them have a sham marriage. No wonder they’ve had such a good relationship since they were young!"

I sat in the passenger’s seat and looked at my phone, silently reminding myself that if I were about to create a new group to gossip with, I definitely shouldn’t carelessly pull involved parties into it.

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