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Chapter: 43.1

No one knew. Part 1

(I can connect to sight and hearing, but not the rest? I’m still stuck with the relying material before it "blooms". If I had waited just a few more months, I could have saved myself the trouble of "strengthening" ……! Damn. There’s no point in having them "bloom" while they’re still in there. I’m going to have to start from scratch again. …… This is why I hate the poor human body. Damn you! You destroyed a masterpiece I spent more than a decade building! If only that Yorishiroi had remained, we would have been able to do more! Albert Falconer……!

…… Tsk. Is it still difficult to maintain consciousness? …… It’s the inconvenience of an unfinished dependence. It can’t be helped. I guess I’ll just have to sleep and wait until it "blooms.")

Signe. A mysterious being. A thing that is not even a demon.

She had escaped. She abandoned her vessel, traced the doll that had been lurking in the shadows, and flew herself to the unfinished candidate for vessel through the forbidden technique.

She has no concept of biological death. Her essence is will. She is an indefinite being who carries her will on her mana and walks among living things and inorganic substances.

Necromancy is called the most exoteric of the exoteric arts. She is the result of an inviolable, forbidden art that has been further developed. Such an existence.

She, too, is a mage of a fragile human race, but she no longer has any memory of such a thing. Although she is referred to as "she," Signe has no gender. It is only a will. Only a little gender difference surfaces in accordance with her long-established dependence.

It has been more than a hundred years since the existence of Signe was born in this world. Although the number is not particularly meaningful to her, it is enough to indicate that she is not an ordinary being.

Since her birth, Signe has been wandering the world at will while researching magic. One day, on the territory of the demon, she encounters.

Something beyond her own existence. The one she now calls the Lord Commander.

Although her respect for the general is genuine, her involvement in the recent conflict with the kingdom itself is nothing more than a pastime for Signe.

She wants to live up to his expectations, but whether that goal is fulfilled, Signe is not interested. She is content with simply being involved with her beloved general.

A puppet of humans using its own characteristics. Taking the place of a member of a noble family that has caught her attention, she spreads the seeds of mayhem in the society of the human race. This is the mission that Signe was given by the general.

Signe had an inviolable prohibition. But the power of the art increased when it was given precious black mana, which the general manager personally controlled.

The Signe of Will became one with the black mana, it was given. And although it took some steps to possess a living being, unlike before, it was now possible to manipulate the possessed creature more strongly. Yorishiroi. The prototype of the dolls.

She plays a dark role in the human race.

As Signe continues her activities in human society, the number of those who have been directly sent out by the general manager, like herself, has been increasing. She became a superior and gave instructions more and more often. The formation of an organization.

After wandering in solitude for so long, she felt a new sense of freshness in working together with people who had the same goal, and began to think, " This is not a bad way to be."

It may have been an extension of this feeling that she turned her attention to Naina.

As a demon tribe, they boast an unparalleled amount of mana.

If it were her, she might be able to fully manipulate the dolls that she and the general manager have created.

From Signe’s point of view, it was also a way of "playing with dolls" using Naina as a material.

The more Naina grows well, the better she will be remembered by her beloved general, but in essence, it was just a way to pass the time.

While she was enjoying playing with dolls, she went out to fulfill the wish of Naina, a doll in distress, and she was beaten back without a second thought. What a dull story.

If she continues to be without dependence for a long time, even she will not be able to maintain her existence. Return to nothingness. Death for Signe. That is something to be avoided.

As a result, she unwillingly moved to an incomplete substitute and went dormant for a time.

That was the end of Signe’s luck.

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