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Chapter: 43.2

No one knew. Part 2

"What? What is it? Noisy? No …… hot ……? It’s still too early to "bloom" ……?"

Signe, who was sleeping in an incompletely relied on place, wakes up when she senses external stimuli.

She connects herself to the vision and hearing of the relying entity, as if to match the wavelengths of the two.

A figure appears in front of her.

Albert Falconer.

"Ummm……… you’re improving, you can move around a little bit now……, but clearly, it is getting worse. Before, a black snake-like thing was biting all over the body, but now it is on the right arm …… Is this not a snake but a vine-like thing of a plant? …… Well, something like that is wrapped around in a tight knot. From the fingertips to the upper arm. The area is smaller than before, but the signs are even stronger."

She was shocked, hearing Al’s conversation.

(Why is he here? And you can see me? …… He couldn’t be the "apostle" who touched the "seed" could he? I don’t feel any goddess power in this guy!)

Signe was aware that someone had touched the "seed" but could not identify who it was. This was the result of her sloppy management.

"Is that so? But my body has become much lighter, and I can even walk a short distance by myself."

"How’s your right arm?"

"I’m not sure why my right arm is just a little sluggish, but it’s true."

Signe can hear Cerian and Al’s voices.

And in her vision, there are other figures.

Inside Cerian’s dorm room. There are only a few shadows, as if they are clearing out the crowd.

However, among the shadows, there was a person whom Signe now most did not want to see.

She is a young woman who may or may not have reached the age of 20, and may or may not have exceeded the age of a girl.

A master of the sacred arts.

She is a member of the Church of the Goddess Elinora, but her rank is still that of a nun sister, below that of a deaconess. She is not currently a fixture in any particular town or church, and is sometimes ridiculed as a stray healer.

However, she is a "saint," a title that the church has given to her, and she is even considered a messenger of the Goddess of Mercy. She is not a fighter, but a user of the sacred arts, specializing in healing and curing.

With her relatively free status as a nun, she is now treated like a guest of the family of Count Gorton, who also specializes in healing magic. A close collaborator.

Her name is Sirmes.

She is a person who possesses the blessing of a goddess.

(This woman ……! And a "messenger" outside the oracle! Why are you alive? We found her before the Church or the Kingdom! I thought we already took care of it! Why? Did Fromy’s screw up, didn’t he?)

The meeting with Cerian, which was once canceled.

Today is the day to make up for it.

Following Joel’s advice, Al had hinted to Conrad in advance that he was an "apostle" and asked for the presence of the tight-lipped master of the sacred arts.

From Conrad’s point of view, it was only natural for him to call on Sirmes, who had been a patron of the Gorton family.

And the reason her life had been threatened before. Even Sirmes herself thought it was an afterthought to conspire to kill the Count of Gorton, who was on an inspection tour of the pioneer village, but that was not the case. Rather, she was one of the main targets.

Signe wanted to get rid of a goddess "messengers" outside the oracle, whose existence neither the church nor the kingdom was aware of yet. It is not a high priority, but it is a move that will facilitate the general’s plan.

Signe was both aware of her presence and planned for it.

She coordinated with Count Courtenay’s hand.

She borrowed disposable backroom workers from the Count’s family, and left the execution to a man named Fromy, who belonged to the same organization as Signe. She told them to handle it as a conflict between human races.

As a result, Sirmes is alive. So is Count Gorton.

Signe did not pay much attention to the results of the operation until now, as it was out of her jurisdiction in the first place. Even if she had been told, she would have let it slide. Although she did remember that she had failed to conspire to kill Count Gorton. ……

She was obsessed with breaking the balance of power of the old aristocratic families with the Courtenay family, using Cerian as a dependent. Only about her own role. Dumbness to the arrogance of the outsider.

The previous Count Courtenay, knowing that Signe was a monster, was also patiently waiting for the next generation to take over the Gorton family as a puppet, while erasing the evidence.

This was also the result of another sloppy management.

"I cannot see such a thing in the Lord’s body. I don’t mean to doubt you, but …… lady Sirmes, ……but I’m not sure if you can see what Lord Al is talking about."

"I don’t know whether I am a saint or not, but I can see what you can see. I’ve seen things like this in many places, including the village I mentioned earlier. The black mana was also entangled in the father of the Cerian"

With a voice that sounds like the ringing of a bell, Sirmes answers Conrad’s question with a slurred voice.

I can see the same thing. Al’s opinion is not wrong.

And her voice has a certain composure to it. Because she can "Cure" it.

"I don’t know why either, but …… It was a little over a year ago that I could clearly identify this black manna. I think it all started when I cured the Count Gorton and others in that pioneer village that was said to be an epidemic,… or when I lifted the curse. Before that, I couldn’t see as clearly. I would say that it was the will of the Goddess……. But I still think there is some meaning to it for me."

Saying this, Sirmes gently reaches out to Cerian’s right arm.

(No, no! Do not touch me with the power of a goddess! It is a new art that I built with the general, beyond the inviolable forbidden arts! The precious black mana will be destroyed! Stop! Please, Stop it! I don’t want to disappear yet! Aah! No!)

Signe, who abandoned her human body and became an existence of external law. At the end of her life.

She returned to emptiness, unnoticed, and unknown to anyone.

Even Al, who had felt a sense of discomfort

Sirmes, who actually purified the black mana or.

Even Cerian, who was used as a vessel……

No one knew of Signe’s existence.

It just disappears into nothingness.

Signe exits the world without anyone seeing her "trump card".

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