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Chapter: 45.1

Woah we’re getting Lotta Negative Reviews, Aren’t we?. I’m honestly once again disappointed with my fellow Otakus. Seriously, Why don’t you do double-check The TAGS before you read and then getting dissatisfied bc it’s not your typical Mediocre Beta Japanese MC and No Moffu-Moffu to Harem with.!! Oh weell, It’s Nothing new, I can go-on with my ranting, but it’s not gonna change them. Anyway what I wanted to say is, I’ll be updating a Few new Novels soon, do check them out as well, One of them I already did.

Hero, Quit ~ Next Workplace Is Demon Castle

I’ll start regular release again, but Chapters are getting longer, so bear with only part of a chapter for today.!!

A room in an academy dormitory. Two Flowers.

A small tea party between the ‘Divine Child’ and ‘His Highness Adam’s fiancée’, with no one else present.

"Cecily, what’s wrong? You look unhappy. ……?"

"Oh, it’s nothing for you to worry about, Lady Ariel, ……"

"Oh, God! I told you, You should stop calling me "Lady" when we’re alone!"

Ariel Dunstable, Marquess of Dunstable. Fiancée of His Highness Prince Adam, knew Cecily & Daryl since they were children.

She has waist-length pink-blonde hair and jade eyes. Her body is slender and small. She gives the impression of being sheltered, but there is also a core strength behind her eyes. In the game, she is the official heroine of the male protagonist Daryl.

In this world, the Marquise of Dunstable protected the infant ‘Divine Childs’ in a villa in the East, albeit by accident. In other words, they were the first aristocratic family to be involved in the lives of the "Divine Childs". Through this connection, Ariel herself had contact with Daryl and Cecily during her childhood. …… It is no exaggeration to say that this contact changed her life.

"Ariel,  you say that, but you and I are obviously in different positions now, aren’t we? Even in the academy, it’s known that you’re engaged to His Highness Prince Adam and that you’re the daughter of the Marquess of Dunstable. It’s not like those days when we played in the mud."

"…… Hmph. Cecily is so mature. I wouldn’t go that far. Being His Highness Adam’s fiancée is too much for me. ……"

I’m going to try to be cute and selfish with someone I know well. Such a composition. But Ariel is calculating even that. And she hates herself for it.

She knows. Her engagement to His Highness Adam is called off. Her real partner is Daryl. He is the ‘Divine Child’, the favored one of the Goddesses.

I know that His Highness Adam has feelings for me, but I cannot fulfill them. Everything was decided. And it was decided by myself.

Cecily in Ariel’s eyes. She too is a ‘Divine Child’ and a special one. Daryl is in the spotlight at the moment, but Ariel knows. Cecily is holding back her power.

Cecily, who had been with Daryl since she was a child and was often compared to him, at some point she began holding back. Ariel sees that it was probably out of love at a very young age. And Cecily’s sobriety continues to this day. Perhaps she no longer even remembers that she is holding back her power.

There is no freedom for her. And neither does Daryl or Cecily. Even His Highness Adam is the same.

Ariel likes the clumsy, kind-hearted Cecily in front of her. Her heart is free.

At the very least, she wishes she would not be a caged bird like them. She doesn’t just wish, though, she is willing, to take action. ……

"Ariel……I can understand why you might feel vulnerable when you are dealing with the Royal Family, but…… I know Ariel is not one to back down to His Royal Highness Adam. On the contrary. His Highness Adam is the one who would be a waste of Ariel."

"Hmmm. That’s disrespectful, Cecily."

"Ha-ha-ha. Keep this between us."

The flowers are breaking up. They have their own hidden problems, but at this moment in time, they are the same as when they were little.

Ariel is going to tie the knot with Daryl. It has already been decided. But if that happens, she probably won’t be able to laugh with Cecily like this anymore. She knows that future, and that is the only thing that pains her.

"…… Huh. I feel like I haven’t laughed in ages. So? What’s bothering Cecily in the end?"

"I know …… Ariel would laugh in my face if I told her, but …… I’ve been mingling and participating in training sessions because of the "white manna". However, I have a feeling that I’m being set up somehow. I feel like a puppet in a puppet show, and I’m a bit fed up. Before we knew it, the Yoel became like our attendants. ……"

Cecily rants. Cecily is a country girl who has only been fighting with demons on the frontier, although it may be a really trivial problem from Ariel’s point of view. The fact that such a person is meeting with the bigwigs on a daily basis is hard to keep up with.

And she certainly feels uncomfortable. She feels uncomfortable about this situation. It is no longer a misunderstanding. It’s obvious. I wouldn’t go so far as to say that to Ariel, but ……

"…… I heard about it. "White manna. It is like the power of the sacred arts, but also like ordinary magic. It’s a miraculous power, as if the two characteristics were fused and sublimated. …… If it really is that powerful, then in a way, maybe the current situation is inevitable. ……"

"Haha. Ariel. That’s an exaggerated rumour. Well, Daryl’s is quite powerful, but mine is not so much. It’s just that normal magic turns white. …… Well, it’s going to make the annulment of the succession of the Viceroy go a lot smoother."

"The Church’s announcement …… still treats it the same as the ‘sacred arts’?"

Cecily has been welcomed as the eldest child of the Viscounts of Olcott, albeit as an adopted child. The eldest child…… Otouto, he is the heir to the family. Cecily herself feels a bit of a drawback to this, and has repeatedly appealed that succession should be passed on to her brother Ototo, who is Viscount Olcott’s own son.

At the Viscounts of Olcott, Cecily is welcomed and loved as a true family member. At first, Viscount and Viscountess Olcott, also had a glimmer of the "Divine Child" in their minds, but …… That is no longer the case. On the contrary, they were pained by Cecily’s leaving the family, and have kept the succession to the family’s governorship in Cecily’s hands, gently defying the wishes of the kingdom and the church. This is the least the Orcotts can do to resist.

However, those who have awakened to the ‘sacred arts’ are detached from noble families. Of course, the situation would be slightly different in cases where there is only one successor to the family head. …… Basically, they become truly devoted to the Goddess and come under the protection of the Church as an individual and one of the users of the ‘sacred arts’ from those who are associated with a noble family. At least in the Kingdom of McBrine, that is how the Church and the Kingdom of McBrine have such a holding relationship.

This time, the Church has indicated that the "white manna" of Daryl and Cecily will be treated as the same as the "sacred art".

"Oh. As for me, I am grateful for and love my father and mother, but I still think that the family line should be inherited by blood. …… I can’t bear the thought of me breaking the bloodline of generations. I thought about marrying my brother and having a child, but …… It is impossible. Both my father and mother are stubborn about the succession of the family, but they will back down if it is recognised by the church. My white manna, for example, is like a bonus for Daryl, so …… I’m a little sorry for the church side. ……"

Cecily exposes her thoughts with a sigh. Ariel responds with a sigh.

(Cecily, I know you. I remember when I was a little girl. Your mana is not just a ‘whitening’ and it’s not a bonus for Daryl. It was like a torrent of light, that made me determined to live for the Divine Child.)

Ariel smiles at her discourse with Cecily. Hiding her determination behind that smile.

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