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Chapter: 30

A Misunderstood Mentor 30 – Love Letter or Threat

The fight is excessively one sided.

Guild ranking fifth place, Half Machine Machina.

She would usually be considered as strong.

The countless attacks she shoots out each each hold terrifying power, enough to pulverise a normal human.

However, those attacks have absolutely no effect on Dark King Azathoth.

The darkness shrouding Azathoth absorbs all the attacks, rendering them powerless.

Furthermore, the darkness then fires those attacks back at Machina at the same strength.

"……Damage 70%. Unable to maintain slaughter mode"

Machina’s right side covered in machine.

Half of it is destroyed.

The cloth covering her left side is less damaged in comparison but, perhaps because her energy’s been exhausted, she’s breathing heavily.

The mechanical portions light up in sync, and the sound of air leaking can be heard.

"Don’t worry nya. Even without the Four God Pillars, Azathoth’s dark cloak will absorb any attack nya. It’s impossible for the likes of a human to damage them nya"

With her match over, Miacis returned to the seat behind me.

Why do I feel like I’ve heard that line before.

Isn’t that a defeat flag?

"Impossible to damage? I wouldn’t give up on Machina yet. It may appear one sided but she’s avoiding fatal wounds and analysing her enemy. The fight isn’t over yet"

Next to Miacis, where Azathoth was seated, is an old man with a bandaged neck.

It’s Dagan whose throat was ripped out in his crushing defeat against Miacis. The healing powers of Genbu(Black Tortoise) and Seiryuu(Azure Dragon) of Four God Pillars are quite something considering all the damage he took.

"Why are you just sitting next to me nonchalantly nya?"

"I figured I’d give you a greeting before I left. Do you remember what I said? That my prey never escapes"

"I forgot nya. Besides I’m busy with someone else looking for revenge nya"

Miacis looks at a person behind the spectators seats.

Dagan and I both follow her gaze to see a giant man covered head to toe in bandages standing there.

Even the face is covered but with his height of over two meters and the giant sword on his back, I immediately know who it is.

In his arms is a giant shield.

Demon Shield Kingbomb.Even though it exploded for some reason he really likes it.

"Has he not given up yet"

"Unya. Apparently he’s still far from being serious nya"

"…..You believe those words?"

"Is there any need to doubt nya? Once we fight I’ll know nya. It’s just that he still hasn’t shown all his power nya"

"I see, so you see it too"

It seems that Miacis and Dagan recognise Sacher’s strength.

"It seems I’ll have to wait my turn"

Dagan stands up looking somewhat amused.

Hearing his words, Miacis also looks cheerful.

"One day let’s face each other again"

Miacis doesn’t turn back to see the leaving Dagan, her tail fluttering.


I hear Demon Sword Karna’s voice, returning my attention to the arena.

The mechanical portion of Machina, who was one sidedly taking damage, has transformed.

From the mechanical right side, tubelike objects appear and encroach on Machina, covering her physical left side.

In addition parts appear one after another from her right side, transforming Machina’s whole body into machine.


Mixed with the mechanical sounds, Machina lets out a war cry that pierces my ears.

"Final Battle Mode activated. One minute of operation time left"

She’s brought out her last resort.

Machina gives off power that’s a magnitude greater than I’ve felt from her before.

She puts her arms in front of her with her palms open.

There’s a small hole in her palms that particles of light begin to gather into.

"Machine Flash – Longinus"

At Machina’s murmur, the particles of light turn into a line and fire out towards Azathoth like a beam.

"It’s no use. No matter what attack it is, it won’t affect Azathoth….. nya! That’s!?"

Miacis, who has been unperturbed this whole time, makes a shocked sound.

The thin beam of light lands a direct hit onto Azathoth’s darkness shrouded face.

Azathoth’s darkness, that absorbed all attacks up until now, is repelled for the first time by a beam of light.


As if summoning all her strength, Machina’s output rises even further.

The light peels off the darkness covering Azathoth’s face.

As light and darkness clash, the darkness parts, putting the blue bruise near Azathoth’s left eye in full view.

"Genocide – Full Ammunition Bombing"

Machina doesn’t let that opening go to waste.

Holes open all over the machine covering her body. All of them equipped with small size missiles.

Dozens of missiles all simultaneously fly towards Azathoth’s face.


Alongside Miacis’ scream is a great explosion.

Every missile hits Azathoth directly in the face.

The darkness covering him is blown around and disperses about the arena.

Amongst the remnants of the darkness and gunpowder smoke, Azathoth figure cannot be seen.

Having used all her power, the machine covering Machina retracts, returning to only the left side and she collapses onto the ground.

"That was a splendid attack"

Hearing Azathoth’s voice, Machina’s thin eye opens wide for the first time.

Azathoth, who should have been blown away in that explosion, is standing behind her.

Machina doesn’t turn around.

"…..That darkness, how deep does it go"

"The afternoon light will not understand the depths of night’s darkness…… Do you wish to continue?"

"No, it’s all over(Complete Termination)"1

"Machina-sama has surrendered. The victor is Azathoth!"

Just like Miacis’ fight, the spectators are silent.

Are they feeling overwhelmed by the threat of the demon race after seeing two high ranking adventurers defeated so easily.

"S- Simple as I expected nya. I was just a bit surprised as that was the spot that Alice hit him before nya"

The spot Alice hit before. It’s true that there was a bruise near his left eye.。

Just as Dagan said, Machina analysed the part of the darkness that was weaker and focused all her attacks onto it but it wasn’t enough.

The difference in strength between demons and humans. The overwhelming strength of the Four Heavenly Kings is displayed to me back to back (excluding Dogma).

"Then let’s continue onto the fifth match! Reia-sama, Yor-sama, please make your way onto the stage!"

After the healing from the Four God Pillars has finished, Machina and Azathoth descend from the stage and the next match begins.

"Please watch me, Takumi-san"

Reia stands up and bows before me.

Her expression more serious than anything I’ve seen before.

As expected, her opponent Yor is someone she has an extraordinary connection to.

"Do your best. I’ll be watching from here"


With an energetic reply, Reia makes her way to the stage.

However, I won’t be able to keep that promise.

At that moment I feel a disturbance in my left hand.

Even though I wasn’t holding anything before, without me realising, there is something there.

"A letter?"

The only person capable of doing this would be her.

A blue envelope without a name or recipient on it.

Without Chloe or Chiharu noticing, I gently open the seal and look inside.

It reads like both a love letter and threat.

[I haven’t forgotten about you. I’ll be waiting at the large tree behind the arena]

Making her move at this time is it.

Should I say everything is going according to plan.

The one who lead Chairman Barbaroy into mistaking me as the Demon Lord.

I can’t think it’s anyone besides her.

"I’m going to the bathroom"

I leave Karna at my seat as I say so.


"Don’t worry, I’ll be back soon"

I restrain Chiharu who was trying to follow me and head out alone.

That’s right. This is something I have to do by myself.

Amidst the gong signalling the start of the fifth match and the cheers of the crowd, I slowly make my way to that place.

In the shade of the large tree behind the arena, she is waiting for me with a small grin.

"You’re the Demon Lord after all"

No doubts about it.

She looks at me silently and smiles.

Her smiling face the exact same as the one I saw on Nuruhachi long ago.

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