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Chapter: 2060

The Young Lady Accidentally Dropped Her Rod

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Exchange center:

Coca Cola: 1 experience points (Click to exchange)

Lays Potato Chips: 1 experience points (Click to exchange)

Wei Long Spicy Gluten Strips: 1 experience points (Click to exchange)

Kizhiro Jelly: 1 experience points (Click to exchange)

Dove Chocolate: 3 experience points (Click to exchange)


Special grade steel chef’s knife: 100 experience points (Click to exchange)


"Lwant this, this and this…" Amy was very satisfied with this brand-new version of the exchange center. She easily spent all of the over 100 experience points she had, and bought a bunch of snacks.

Amy tore open a bag of potato chips. As she munched on them, she said, "System, you make me very happy."

"I feel that I have turned into a snack exchange center. I’ma Life Experience System, but I have no experience as a system." There was a hint of helplessness and resignation in the system’s voice.

The other hosts sailed up to the peak of their lives and lived happily ever after receiving their systems.

Meanwhile, its host used her system to trade for snacks after receiving a system, and lived a slacker’s carefree life from now on.

Sometimes life was just like this. It was completely different from you imagined it to be.


‘Mag went out for marketing as usual.

On his way home, he saw a few adorable wooden puppets hanging on the shelf of the grocery shop diagonally across. Hence, he put his basket at his door, and walked over to the grocery shop.

‘The puppets were handmade by the shop’s owner in his free time. There were all kinds of animals and little dolls. They looked exquisite and cute. One could buy one for just 50 copper coins.

Mag bought 10 little animal puppets at once. The price was very reasonable for these toys that took a lot of time and effort to make.

‘The boss gave Mag another small monkey because Mag was generous and a neighbor.

Mag lowered his head to fiddle with the monkey, and was about to return home.

He suddenly sensed something falling onto his head after taking a few steps, and instinctively stepped to his side.


Ahalf-a-man-thick pillar landed right where he was standing.

"Hmm?" Mag looked at that pillar. Such a killer litter could even kill a cow.

Then, he looked up, and his gaze landed on a beautiful woman leaning against the window.

‘That woman looked coquettish. There was a hint of worry and a bit of expectation in her mannerism. Her beautiful eyes were blinking, and her clothes were slightly disheveled. A part of her collar bone was even revealed when she looked down.


Why did this scene feel so familiar?

Eiffie flicked her hair, showed her most charismatic profile, and apologetically said, "Boss Hades, a-are you alright? I was about to close my window, but the rod fell down."

‘As soon as she spoke, Mag recalled.

‘Was this the fricking scene whereby Pan Jinlian first met Ximen Qing!?!


However, if Ximen Qing had encountered such a gigantic rod, he most probably would have died right on the spot.

In that case, the over 100 chapters of the exciting story wouldn’t have taken place, and the Song Dynasty! wouldn’t have ended.

However, why did Eiffie suddenly decide to use this trick?

Was she really careless?

Or did she deliberately imitate the story?

Mag immediately felt a little guilty when he thought of "The Plum in the Golden Vase" that flew into someone’s window.




That would be a little problematic.

Mag nodded, and replied, "I’m fine, just a little taken aback." He was about to go off. It was best not to have any special encounter with this beautiful lady boss.

He didn’t know if this lady boss had a former husband that sold pancakes and a brother-in-law that could kill a tiger with his bare hands.

"Wait a sec!" Eiffie quickly stopped him and ran downstairs. She opened the door, and stopped Mag who was about to go home. With self-reproach, she said, "Boss Hades, don’t be in a hurry to go. I almost hurt you, so I have to apologize first."

"It’s fine. Just be careful in the future. Don’t use such a thick log to support the window. Normal people can’t withstand it." Mag pulled his hand back discreetly.

Eiffie blushed. She had simply suddenly realized that Hades was passing by her house. She had then thought of a scene in the book, and got overly excited. Then, she had accidentally tossed the pillar down; fortunately, it hadn’t hit Hades.

However, it didn’t go as the book described. Why was Mr. Hades still ignoring her?

Perhaps it was because the pillar didn’t hit him.

"If Miss Eiffie is fine, I will go back first." Mag thought that it wasn’t nice to let Eiffie hold onto him on the street. Gossips might arise if the neighbors saw them. If the gossip got to Irina, both taverns would be razed to the ground.

"Don’t be in a hurry to go, Boss Hades. In fact, I have something to tell you. It’s regarding your tavern’s future. Are you really not considering coming in?" Eiffie said to Mag smilingly.

"I think the future of my tavern is great. Yesterday’s sales even broke past 100,000." Mag smiled.

Eiffie’s expression froze immediately.

100,000 copper coins in a night!

That only happened at Titan Tavern during the time that her parents ran it.

However, how long has the Saipan Tavern been open?

It was a tavern that had only been open for less than 10 days, and its sales figure had already broken through 100,000 copper coins!

"That is really an awesome result." Eiffie chuckled politely, albeit embarrassingly.

"Yes. It’s really slow progress." Mag nodded.

"222" Eiffie.

How could he say that?

Only Saipan Tavern’s sales could break 100,000 on the entire Romo Street now.

Titan Tavern, whose sales figure could surpass 10,000, was already considered as a popular shop.

However, Mag used slow to describe such astonishing results.

"Does Miss Eiffie still have anything to tell me?" asked Mag.

Due to the great discrepancy in her expectations, Eiffie’s confidence was completely eroded. Depressed, she said, "It’s regarding Rodu’s liquor tasting. It’s the most prestigious liquor tasting event in Rodu’s tavern industry. It will bring great fame and customers to the tavern if you can get a good ranking in

this liquor tasting, but that shouldn’t be attractive to you at all."

"Liquor tasting!" Mag’s eyes lit up when he heard that.

To Mag, who was searching hard for a shortcut to expand the tavern’s influence, this was equivalent to an event that was custom-made for him.

Mag smilingly said to Eiffie, "I wonder if Miss Eiffie is free? Why don’t we go in and discuss it in detail?"

"Huh?" Eiffie was stunned. She stared at Mag with bewilderment.

"Is it not convenient?" Mag, too, felt that he was being too abrupt.

"Of course, it is convenient. Please come in." Eiffie quickly stepped to the side to let Mag come in.

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