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Chapter: 2061

The Wine Is A Good Wine

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Aman had to protect himself well when outside, and should not enter an unknown tavern.

Although they were neighbors, it was the first time Mag entered Titan Tavern.

Unlike its name, the internal decor of Titan Tavern was like a warm home.

That caught Mag by surprise.

After all, this was actually one of the most happening taverns on Romo Street.

"Take a seat here. Do you want a drink?" Eiffie arranged for Mag to sit near the bar counter, and looked at him with a smile.

"It’s early in the morning, I will not drink." Mag shook his head. He looked at Eiffie, and said, "I would like to ask you about the details of the liquor tasting event."

"Judging from the popularity of your tavern, I think you will be able to get a full house even if you don’t join this liquor tasting event." Eiffie sat opposite Mag, and looked at him with her beautiful eyes. "However, I think you also have the ambition of letting more people know about your wine."

"All men have ambitio!

" Mag nodded, finding it a good reason.

"Yes. Men are much more ambitious than women. They all want to have multiple wives," Eiffie said with a smile.

Err…" Mag raised his brow. That escalated quickly.

Eiffie continued, "The liquor tasting event is a big annual event for the liquor industry in Rodu. The taverns of Rodu, and even all over the Roth Empire, would take out their best wine at the liquor tasting event to compete.

"If they could emerge victorious in the liquor tasting event, or even win a gold medal, the popularity of that tavern would boom, and it would become the next star tavern in Rodu.

"Is there a limitation to the registration? Where and when exactly is it held?" Mag asked.

"You can qualify as long as you’re a tavern owner, but you have to use wine brewed specially in your tavern. It has already been a month since the preparation for this year’s event started, and the event itself will be officially launched three days later. Today is the last day for registration," Eiffie said.

"Tse. In that case, can I still make it for the registration?" Mag did not think that time was so tight and today was the last day.

Nodding, Eiffie said, "I know the organizer of the event. If you would like to take part, I can help you with the registration. All you need to do is to send the wine over today."

"Thank you so much. Saipan Tavern has just opened, and I hope that it could be more known through the liquor tasting event." Mag knew that this was an opportunity that was hard to come by.

Mag stood up and got ready to take the wine sample.

"There’s no rush, Mr. Hades." Eiffie pulled Mag’s sleeve gently.

Mag glanced at her hand, and then at the woman. Did she want him to sell himself over this little thing?

"Titan Tavern is also intending to take part in the liquor tasting event, but the wine that we are sending is rather lacking in texture. I hope you could help me taste it, and see if there’s anything I can improve on."

Miss saw the seriousness in Eiffie’s pleading eyes and hesitated. In the end, he nodded and said, "Actually, I’m not very knowledgeable about wine brewing, but if you trust me, I can give it a try."

"Please hold on." Eiffie was elated. She walked towards the wine cabinet, and took out a bottle of wine and a glass from the cabinet in the center.

"This is the signature wine of Titan Tavern. Have a try." Eiffie placed the glass of wine in front of Mag.

Mag picked up the coarse ceramic glass, and took a whiff of the wine.

It smelled like grape wine, and its fragrance was so light it could almost be neglected.

Just that faint fragrance made Mag’s anticipation of the wine go downhill.

Since it was named Titan, the smell of the wine should be as impactful as its name. That would live up to people’s expectations of the name.

Eiffie, who was full of anticipation, felt her heart stop for a while when she saw Mag’s expression.

Mag took a sip and closed his eyes to taste it.


Nothing much to taste.

‘The wine was like water. If it did not bum a little and have a little fragrance of wine, Mag would think Eiffie poured him a glass of cold water.

It was very difficult to imagine that a wine like this could actually become a signature wine of a tavern.

Of course, there was also something that took Mag by surprise.

This was actually a spirit—grape spirit—which reminded him of brandy.

However, this was not comparable to brandy.

Mag opened his eyes, and met Eiffie’s nervous gaze.

Eiffie could already guess from Mag’s expression, but she still asked, "Mr. Hades, what do you think?"

"Miss Eiffie, do you want to hear something nice or something real?" Mag asked her.

"T’ve heard nice things every day. I’d rather you tell me the truth," Eiffie said sincerely.

Mag placed the glass down, and said, "The wine was tasteless, and had a very distorted fragrance which disappeared quickly, and there was no lingering taste."

Eiffie opened her mouth and looked at Mag, defeated. "Is it… really that bad?"

Although she did not make it to the ranks for five consecutive years of the liquor tasting event, Eiffie had yet to hear such critique that made Titan’s wine sound worthless.

The servant-maid at the side looked at Mag angrily. How could someone bash up the wine that their young mistress made like that?

Mag looked at the hurt Eiffie, and realized he seemed to have accidentally revealed his true nature. He quickly comforted her, saying, "Of course, the wines from the other taverns on Romo Street might be even worse."

Eiffie felt as though she was shot in her heart once more.

"Tl get my wine." Mag could sense the atmosphere, and was ready to scoot.

"Hold on." Eiffie pressed Mag down again. "I have another bottle of wine. Please help me try it."

Mag saw her perseverance, hesitated for a while, and sat back down.

Eiffie walked to the wine cabinet, stepped on a chair, and took out an exquisite bottle from the top-most cabinet.

"Young Mistress, that is…" the servant maid said nervously when she saw the wine in Eiffie’s hand.

Eiffie ignored her, and brought the wine to the counter. She looked at Mag, and said, "Mr. Hades, try this."


Eiffie pulled the cork.

A light, refreshing scent wafted out.

"This is?!"

Mag’s eyes lit up. Such a mild and elegant fragrance might be incomparable to Maotai’s, but it was still shocking.

It did resemble an authentic brandy, the very old kind at that.

Its unique fragrance was one only present in a grape spirit that had been fermented long enough.

Aging like fine wine would probably be how this could be described.

Eiffie took a new glass, and poured the wine out.

The color was a beautiful gold, and the liquid swirled in the glass, sparkling like a gem..

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