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Chapter: 2063

Hidden Rich Woman

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

‘The Titan Liquor aged with time. The older it was, the more mesmerizing it got.

However, that didn’t apply to the brewing equipment.

A set of distilling equipment that had been used for 34 years should have been scraped even if it had been made using stainless steel.

This distillation equipment couldn’t form a sealed distillation space. This meant a lot of liquor escaped during the distillation process, and the excessive interaction with air caused the liquor’s purity to greatly decrease.

Furthermore, the design of this distillation equipment actually had a lot of defects. The conversion efficiency was low, and the operation was very complicated. If the user wasn’t this distillation equipment’s designer, or didn’t go through professional training, it would be very difficult to control it.

Frankly speaking, it was much worse than Hannah’s set.

Mag had designed the entire set of equipment for Hannah’s rum brewery, so naturally he could see the defects in this set of equipment.

"But that was how Father brewed the liquor back then…" Eiffie said with a frown. She had seen how her father was surrounded by steam during brewing when she entered the cellar as a young girl.

"This set of equipment is too old, and its productivity is already low to begin with. There is also something wrong with the way you use it. The essence of the distilled spirit is in that steam, and yet you let it escape. That’s why the liquor you brewed is tasteless like water." Mag looked at Eiffie, and said, "If I

have guessed correctly, your distillation output is extremely low, so you have to increase the water usage during the mixing, and that further decreases the liquor’s quality."

Eiffie stared at Mag with disbelief and an open mouth. Did this fellow observe her secretly?

"My Maotai’s brewing process is similar to your Titan Liquor’s, that’s why I can pinpoint the problems with your equipment. Of course, there might also be a problem with your brewing techniques, but I can’t say much, as I haven’t seen how you distill your liquor," Mag explained.

Eiffie finally understood. She reached out to caress that old distillation equipment. After a long time and seemingly setting her mind to it, she turned around, and sincerely said to Mag, "Mr. Hades, can I ask you to modify this equipment for me? I am willing to pay you an appropriate fee."

"There’s no need for a fee. Just take it as reciprocation for Miss Eiffie telling me about the liquor tasting," Mag shook his head smilingly. He took out the measuring tape to measure the dimensions of this brewery. After standing there and pondering for a while, he said to Eiffie, "May I see Miss Eiffie’s

brewing manual?"

"This…" Hesitation appeared on Eiffie’s face.

"Don’t be mistaken. I’m not after your brewing manual. I simply want to custom-make a set of distillation equipment for you according to your brewing methods. We will settle everything in one go and minimize any operational mistakes," Mag explained.

Eiffie stared at Mag, and hesitated for a moment before she nodded, and said, "Please give me a minute."

Shortly after, Eiffie returned with a yellowed booklet, and passed it to Mag solemnly.

The booklet looked old. Its kraft paper cover was already torn, but it was still very clean. It was obvious that Eiffie treasured it very much.

Flipping open the little booklet, Mag soon found the records of the Titan Liquor’s brewing method.

It was almost as Mag guessed: the Titan Liquor’s brewing method was similar to brandy’s brewing method. All the ingredients and formulae that were needed to brew this liquor were recorded in the manual, including all the procedures in detail. However, the details on how to operate the brewing

machine were minimal.

Eiffie’s father was at the prime of his life then, so he didn’t consider the issue of passing on his legacy. The operation which he knew very well naturally didn’t need to be recorded in detail.

And because of that, it made the path of becoming a brewer for Eiffie, who had no experience in brewing at all, very difficult.

Finally, there were two incomplete drawings of his modification of the distillation apparatus at the end.

Mag closed the booklet, and seriously said to Eiffie, "Your father was an outstanding brewer and a designer who was very imaginative."

"My father would’ve been very happy if he could’ve heard your praises." A smile appeared on Eiffie’s face, and she proudly said, "This brewery, the whole tavern, and this underground cellar were all designed by him."

"The steps of the brewing process were very well-documented. I believe Miss Eiffie is already familiar with them, but your brewery needs to be torn down and rebuilt." Mag looked into Eiffie’s eyes, and said, "You should start your own era, and not defend the glory that your father left behind."

Eiffie was quiet for a moment before nodding with a solemn expression.

Mag smilingly said, "I will draw the brewery’s design and the distillation equipment’s blueprints for you. You can get a few blacksmiths to build the spare parts, and I will come to assemble them for you."

Eiffie felt warmth in her heart. She had been supporting the tavern by herself. She flirted to sell the liquor, and had heard a lot of gossip about her, but she had never thought of relying on anybody.

However, in that fleeting moment, she seemed to see a glimpse of her father in Mag.

Perhaps they were both outstanding brewers, or perhaps they both had wisdom and capability that differed from those of ordinary people.

Eiffie looked at Mag, and an impulse suddenly arose in her heart. "Thank you very much. I don’t even know how to repay you. I can only mar—"

"It’s a pity that you’re a woman, otherwise I would definitely become sworn brothers with you." Mag sighed softly.

Eiffie swallowed the words that she almost spouted out. She stared at Mag for a while before forcing a smile. "That really is a pity…"

"Oh, yes, did your father have any liquor collection? If I am not wrong, the Titan Liquor should taste better as it ages?" Mag asked.

Eiffie said, "Father did keep some liquor in the cellars, but he had placed a seal on every cellar. I can only open it when it’s due. I have only opened one small cellar in all these years."

"Can you please bring me to take a look?" Mag’s interest was piqued. He was certain that the small cellar next to the brewery wasn’t used to store liquor for a long time.

"This way, please." Eiffie brought Mag to a corner of the brewery.

‘There was a heavy locked manhole cover at the corner. A magical screen appeared immediately when the manhole cover was opened.

Eiffie waved the jade tablet that she hung on her waist above the screen. The screen disappeared immediately, and a wooden ladder appeared in its place.

"L got a magic caster to add this screen a few years ago to prevent theft, and this cellar can act as a temporary refuge in case of emergency too," Eiffie explained.

"It’s not bad. It will be even better if only we can improve it a little." Mag nodded. This could only withstand a 3rd-tier attack. He could destroy it with just a poke of his finger.

A faint liquor’s fragrance came from below as soon as the screen was removed.

The two of them went down the ladder. They saw over 10 cellars with a seal on it on both sides of the long walkway. Mag’s eyes widened with disbelief.

Mag tilted his head, and asked Eiffie, "Did your father dig up everything under the tavern and fill it with liquor?"

Eiffie regretfully said, "The space was indeed as big as the tavern, but he had spent 10 years of his time, and two of the cellars were not filled."

Mag looked at Eiffie with a different expression.

This was a real hidden rich woman!

Cellars that were filled with aged liquor that was decades old. Who would need a bicycle in this case"?!

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