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Chapter: 2064

It s Not What You Think It Is

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Mag made an inventory of Eiffie’s cellars. There were a total of 12 cellars, and they were categorized by date. Every cellar held about 300 barrels.

Yes, they were humongous oak barrels.

No one could have guessed that such a valuable treasure was hidden underground.

Mag stared hard at Eiffie, and asked, "You have such precious liquor in your cellars, and yet you used that liquor to fool your customers?"

"But all these cellars are sealed," Eiffie replied with a frown.


Mag threw the seal onto the floor.

"I’s no longer sealed, and you now have 300 barrels of 30-year-old Titan Liquor," Mag said with a smile.

Eiffie stared at the seal on the floor with her mouth slightly agape before looking at the doors of the cellar.

"This is the wealth that your father left for you. He didn’t mean for you to keep them alll in the cellars to reminisce about him. Instead, you should continue to let them rule the world of liquor, just like what your father did before." Mag tore away the old lock on the door, and gently pushed open the cellar’s


The faint fragrance of the oak barrels greeted their nose. Even though they were underground, the ventilation system was very well-done. There was no rotting smell even after decades.

"Of course, I hope you can already fill this cellar with the Titan Liquor that you brewed after the Titan Liquor in this cellar is finished," Mag said to Eiffie, who was a little out of sorts.

Eiffie looked at Mag, and solemnly nodded, "I will."

Mag entered the cellar, and reached out to touch the oak barrels. He suggested, "I personally suggest that you use the liquor in this cellar to take part in this year’s liquor tasting, and then use this batch of Titan Liquor to replace the liquor that you are selling in your tavern now. Put it in small bottles, and

increase its individual price to put Titan Tavern back in the realm of high-end taverns."

"What price should I pick then?"

"At least 2000 copper coins. This is a real master’s legacy. It’s one less bottle left in the world for every single bottle consumed."

"But my father only sold them for 200 copper coins per bottle back then," Eiffie exclaimed.

"That was the price of commodities 20 years ago. You have to take inflation into consideration, Sister. The price of pork was only 5 copper coins per 500 grams back then, and if you can find pork that is priced at 20 copper coins per 500 grams now, you can be sure that it is problematic." Mag rolled his


Furthermore, how could high-end liquor that won the liquor tasting’s gold award only sell for 200 copper coins per bottle?

This boss was really cute.

"Oh, yes. You have to limit the number of bottles you sell daily, and they can only be consumed in the tavern."


"Because you only have 12 cellars of liquor, and the Titan Liquor needs to age to give it its soul. Without aging for 10 to 20 years, it cannot be considered as a good liquor.

"Therefore, you have to calculate how much liquor to sell per day to make sure that the liquor in these 12 cellars can support your tavern’s normal operation for 20 years.

"As for restricting the consumption in the tavern, it is to prevent the scalpers from bringing the liquor out and selling it outside, and to prevent the prevalence of fake liquor."

"Why would the yellow cows! do that? Are they some kind of magic beast with wits?" Eiffie exclaimed.

"That’s not important, alright!" Mag sighed.

‘The two of them came out of the cellar. Eiffie was blushing and slightly panting.

The little maid looked at Mag warily, and she also looked at her young mistress worriedly. She had no idea what happened to them in the cellar.

"Thank you so much, Mr. Hades," Eiffie said to Mag with gratitude.

"You’re being too polite, Miss Eiffie. I’ll go get the liquor now, and I’ll need you to help me to register for that liquor tasting." Mag shook his head slightly.

"Lbelieve the liquor that you brewed will wow everyone at the liquor tasting event."

"Actually, I expect the Titan Liquor to reclaim its glory at the liquor tasting event more."

"Oh, yes. I have some questions for Mr. Hades regarding the distillation equipment’s problems…"

30 minutes later, Mag came out of Titan Tavern with his hand on his back. It was really difficult to explain the principle of machinery to women.

"Father was pulled into Titan Tavern for one hour by a pretty big sister. He came out with his hand on his back." Amy, who was writing her diary by the window, saw that scene and added that into her diary.

Mag returned to the tavern, and sent a bottle of Maotai to Eiffie.

It wasn’t that the whiskey wasn’t good enough. It was because he felt that it was enough to show off once, and he should save some pride for his colleagues.

‘As for why he was helping Eiffie so enthusiastically, it was all business.

He had to leave Rodu sooner or later, and Saipan Tavern would most probably close down.

For the value of the over 100 houses on Romo Street, a significant tavern that would exist for a long time would ensure that he wouldn’t lose money.

If Maotai and Titan Liquor could both get the gold award at this year’s liquor tasting, these shiny twin stars would attract all the liquor lovers’ attention to Romo Street.

‘As long as they had their attention, the business would naturally revive when the people returned.

The value of the half of the street that he bought would naturally increase as well.

This was a business that wouldn’t lose money.

As for being interested in Eiffie?

Were you joking?!

How could that ever happen?

He had a beautiful wife at home.

"This is the reason why you came out of Titan Tavern with a hand on your back?" Irina crossed her arms, leaned against the wall, and looked at Mag judgingly.

"No… Amy might be mistaken about something. That wasn’t what happened." Mag had an aggrieved look. "My back, of course, would hurt after I work for a long time."

"Hoho." Irina sneered. "Of course, it would hurt after you ‘worked’ for a long time. Should I be considerate to you?"

Mag quickly explained, "No, no. I meant I was working hard at explaining the principles and usage of the distillation equipment in the cellar."

"In the cellar some more. You guys are really romantic." Irina’s gaze was getting increasingly dangerous. She was already holding a folding chair in her hand. "Why have I never discovered that you are so good at time management? You can even explain the equipment’s usage at the same time."

"It’s not what you think it is!"

Oh crap.

Mag felt it got worse as he tried to explain.

He looked at Amy, who was holding onto her diary at the side.

Amy shrugged with an innocent expression. "You said children have to be truthful."

Mag made a forced smile. It was an impeccable answer.

His gaze landed on Irina again. He regained his composure. As a man, he had to fight for his status in his family for himself. How could he just take this lying down? It was an insult to his masculinity.

"Wifey, calm down. Sit here and I’ll give you a massage. This folding chair is not bad. It’s perfect for me to sit on it.

"Why are you getting angry? It’s not worth it if you hurt your health. My heart will ache.

"Why did it never cross your mind that I wouldn’t dare to even if I had that intention?

"Come, drink some water. It’s hard for you to travel for such a long distance. I’ll boil some hot water for you to soak your feet later. It’ll be very comfortable for you."

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