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Chapter: 2176

This Young Man Is Outstanding

Underground City.

At the top of a 1000 meter tall building, an energetic old man with a head full of white hair was sitting behind his desk and reading his documents on a virtual screen with a frown.

"My lord!" A man in a suit came in urgently and said with a panicked expression, "The signal of the ‘Black Cat’ has appeared! But…"

"But what?" The man put away the virtual screen and stared at the chief secretary with a razor-sharp glare.

"But the ‘Black Cat’ self-detonated just as we located it." Cold sweat beaded all over the chief secretary’s forehead, but he still rapidly said, "This is the image that was relayed back before the ‘Black Cat’ self-detonated."

"Self-detonated…" The old man’s body swayed and he reached out to grab the table. He barely controlled his emotions as he watched the chief secretary turn on the virtual screen to show the image.

It was a gigantic mountain of flesh that was squirming and flapping its huge bat wings as it pounced onto the battleship. Then, there was a loud bang before the picture was engulfed by the flames and ended.

The short 10 second video still made people feel a huge sense of fear.

"Cthulhu!" Ferdinand clenched his fists tightly. His aura that burst out due to anger made the chief secretary’s legs tremble.

This was the second time that he saw Lord Ferdinand this angry. The previous time was when the third young master disappeared near R’lyeh and then reappeared in madness 200 years ago.

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He knew why the lord was so furious.

The ‘Black Cat’ was the lord’s favorite Miss Vicki’s spaceship. The young mistress left home on the spaceship secretly two years ago.

Lord Ferdinand had already given the orders to search for her for more than two years. They had been trying to trace the ‘Black Cat’s’ signal.

Nobody had expected that the image that was sent back after they finally tracked the signal today was such a regrettable image of self-detonation.

Cthulhu without a head, was still Cthulhu.

How desperate Miss Vicki must have been to press the self-detonation button.

That was her favorite battleship that she personally named ‘Black Cat’.

Ferdinand stood up and gravely ordered, "Assemble the First Fleet and go to the Norland Continent with me."

"Yes!" the chief secretary answered and turned to leave.

"My lord!"

Right then, a young man rushed in with an excited expression.

The chief secretary went white. The lord was feeling extremely frustrated right now. He was worried that his subordinate would antagonize the lord.

"Miss Vicki! Miss Vicki is on Captain Xi’s battleship right now!" the young man said to Ferdinand.


Ferdinand’s eyes lit up. "Do you mean that Xi saved Vicki?!"

"Is your information accurate?" The chief secretary was also shocked.

Xi was actually able to save Miss Vicki in the situation where Miss Vicki had to detonate the battleship at such close quarters with Cthulhu?

"Please take a look. This is the image that Captain Xi has sent back."

The young man turned on the virtual screen, tapped open a clip and played it.

The image started from a mushroom cloud that rose up on the ice sheets. It should be the image of the ‘Black Cat’ self-detonating that they had watched earlier.

Then, the image began to get closer to the ice sheets. The image of a small mech being chased by Cthulhu appeared.

"It’s Vicki." Ferdinand clenched his fists. He had gifted that mech to Vicki. The black paint was even sprayed on by Vicki herself.

The five meter tall mech looked like an ant that was going to be crushed at any time in front of Cthulhu.

Then, Xi joined in the battle in her battleship. She pushed back Cthulhu with four missiles.

Everyone heaved a breath of relief when they saw this scene. It seemed like Xi had successfully rescued Vicki with her outstanding piloting techniques.

However, right at that moment, a frost dragon appeared and blocked the battleship. The two of them then engaged in a heated combat.

"What a powerful frost dragon. I didn’t expect such a strong powerhouse to emerge on the Norland Continent within a short few hundred years. It’s a pity that it’s being controlled by Cthulhu," Ferdinand said gravely.

This frost dragon was obviously above the 10th-tier to be able to engage in a heated battle with a battleship at such a close range, but it still hadn’t crossed over the threshold.

The battle back then had hurt the Norland Continent’s foundation and it could no longer produce powerhouses.

And, the Elder Things left the Norland Continent and went into the Underground City to build a brand new world just because of it.

However, how did Xi manage to rescue Vicki with such a powerful opponent blocking her and engaging her in such a tight battle? Everyone couldn’t help being doubtful about that.

On the other side, Cthulhu had gotten closer to the mech again. It was in a dire situation.

Right then, purple lightning appeared in the faraway horizon and then appeared in front of them in the blink of an eye.

After stopping briefly, the purple lightning dashed towards that frost dragon.

Xi’s battleship was free and it dived towards the mech on ground as it launched the missiles.

The purple lightning crashed into the frost dragon with an astonishing speed. The powerful frost dragon was sent flying backwards.

Everyone only saw then what the purple lightning was, in fact, a purple-striped griffin, and a man with a heavy sword was standing on its back.

The frost dragon was sent flying back by a strike of his sword.

"S-so powerful!" The chief secretary couldn’t help lamenting. The young man’s mouth was wide open too.

"This man is already half a step into the god’s realm. It’s unbelievable." Ferdinand was as shocked as the two of them.

This young man’s talent was remarkable to be able to cross into the god’s realm on the Norland Continent.

Taking advantage of the opportunity while the frost dragon was being held back, Xi successfully docked with the mech and escaped with it.

The image ended there.

"Great! Great!"

Ferdinand paced around in his office with ill-concealed happiness on his face.

He almost couldn’t withstand the sudden change of his emotions.

Ferdinand returned to his seat and said with a chuckle, "This young man is outstanding! I want to meet him if there’s a chance."

"My lord, the First Fleet…" the chief secretary asked gingerly.

"There is no immediate hurry. I want to wait for Xi’s report first." Ferdinand raised his hand before saying to the chief secretary, "How’s the situation at R’lyeh?"

"The miasma has been spreading around R’lyeh in the past few days and we can’t get close to it within a 16 km range. We are not able to see the situation there, but observing from the outside, there is no other abnormal situation," the chief secretary quickly answered.

Ferdinand tapped on the table lightly before he suddenly stopped and gravely said, "Get the Second Artillery Regiment to go and stand by at R’lyeh."


Mag met up with Dexter and Gina soon afterwards.

Gina bowed to Mag slightly before retreating out of the room.

"Thank you for traveling all the way here," Mag said to Dexter.

The Lantisdean warriors had traveled from the southernmost part of the Norland Continent all the way up north. They were the first to arrive at the frontline among all the races.

"The battle’s matters are urgent, so we dare not delay," Dexter said with a smile.

Mag nodded before saying, "I have already gotten the dwarves to forge the peach wood weapons for the Lantisdeans. You may regroup yourselves at the frontline in the next few days. Right now you may join in with the building of reinforcements if you have the appropriate magic casters."

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