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Chapter: 2179

I Have Never Paid For My Food

"Lulu, come and see what this is." In the weapon factory under the Gus Mountains, Mobai went up to Lulu and took out a furry little animal that looked like it was dying, from behind his back.

Lulu looked at the little beast in Mobai’s hands and said with surprise, "A snow fox?"

"Yes. I saw an orc catch it out there and it was about to roast it. I used 10 peach wood arrows to exchange it." Mobai tossed the snow fox into Lulu’s arms and said with a chuckle, "The snow fox’s fur is great for keeping warm. You can skin it and bring it back to your wife. She can use it to make a small jacket."

Lulu caught the snow fox carefully. There was a hint of pity in his eyes when he saw the wound made by an arrow on the snow fox’s neck. He looked up at Mobai. "Master, Xixi will definitely not wear clothes made from animals’ fur. Can I keep this snow fox?"

Mobai was stunned. Seeing that Lulu had a sincere expression, he could only wave his hand and say, "Fine. It’s up to you. It’s yours as long as you can save it, but your wife is really a kind-hearted person."

"Thank you." Lulu smiled. He quickly crouched down to instill a little force of nature into the dying snow fox to give it a chance at life, before stopping the bleeding at its wound. He scattered some medicinal powder over it before bandaging it up with a piece of cloth.

Dryads were the children of the forest. Unless it was needed for their survival, they wouldn’t take the initiative to take anything from the forest, nor would they take the life from a living thing easily.

The snow fox that was treated regained its consciousness quickly. It looked up at Lulu warily before seemingly letting down its guard quickly. It surveyed its surroundings once and burrowed into Lulu’s clothes. Only its head was visible as it sized up its surroundings.

"Hey. This little guy actually recovered." Mobai was shocked. The little one looked like it was dying earlier. He didn’t expect it to recover after Lulu did something to it. Nature magic was indeed quite amazing.

Lulu reached out to touch the snow fox’s head with a smile. Nature magic came from nature. It naturally would have a greater effect when it was given back to nature.

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"Xixi will love it if I can bring it back." Lulu stroked the little one’s furry head. Its fur was exceptionally smooth.

Mobai picked up a water bottle and took a few big gulps of water before wiping his mouth and saying, "Alright, we’ve rested long enough. It’s time for us to go back to work."

Lulu followed Mobai back to the forging workshop after taking two gulps of water.


A knight who was polishing his sword, smilingly asked the knight who was feeding a black donkey, "Bro, are you bringing your own food?"

Conti patted the black donkey’s head and calmly said, "This is my steed and my partner, not food."

"Your steed is a donkey?"

Now, all the knights from the various races resting at the side were also looking at Conti and his donkey with astonished expressions, besides the knight who had asked the earlier question.

During this period of time, all the races in the allied forces were mixed up and trained together. They had seen all kinds of weird things, but this was their first time seeing someone using a donkey as his steed.

"Yes, it is." Conti nodded seriously as he continued to feed his black donkey leisurely.

Everyone looked at one another, but no one said anything to provoke him.

This seemingly old-fashioned knight had beaten a 7th-tier knight who had tried to provoke him yesterday.

The name Conti Nicolas was rather famous in this defensive zone.

Conti fed the black donkey with grass before untying its rope and letting it play with the war horses at the side.

He had followed the Chaos City’s troops to the frontline too and was deployed to the advanced position. Even though the hundreds of meters tall cliffs were natural city walls, this was still the most dangerous advanced position.

Once the skeleton men broke through the defense line, they would have to fight to their deaths to defend their position.


"Woah! What an exhilarating fight!"

Vicki jumped out from the mech with excitement.

The battleship bombed from the sky, while the mech attacked on the ground. This was her third coordinated attack with Xi and they were getting good at cooperating with each other.

The battleship took to the sky and swiftly left before the silver giant dragon at the horizon arrived.

"50,000." Xi reported a number concisely.

This was the result of their battle.

They had destroyed the 50,000 skeleton legion that had assembled again.

"Big Sister Xi, why don’t I pilot the battleship next time?" Vicki looked at Xi and pleaded.

She still wouldn’t give up on trying to control the battleship again to prove her piloting skills.

As the Elder Things’ youngest ever captain, Vicki had her pride.

"Only I can pilot my battleship." Xi’s tone was decisive without any room for hesitation.

Vicki stuck out her tongue. She was just asking. She didn’t have much hope for it either.

Just like no one was able to borrow the ‘Black Cat’ from her.

She couldn’t help feeling sad thinking about it. What a fantastic battleship and she had caused its destruction.

"Oh yes. When is our next attack? Didn’t the Underground City send us new supplies? Did they send us another spaceship? Where is the First Fleet?" Vicki asked.

Xi shook her head and said, "This is our last attack. The other skeleton legions are already assembled by Cthulhu. We will get into danger very easily if we launch another attack.

"The Elder Things are still executing the plan to keep the Underground City a secret. We don’t intend to let the Norland Continent know about the existence of the Underground City. Unless the war’s situation is out of control, we won’t be sending the First Fleet over."

"Doesn’t that man already know about us?"

"He’s tight-lipped."

"How do you know that his lips are tight, Big Sister Xi?"


After a moment of silence, Xi said, "We can provide support from the side at a safe distance when the two parties are engaged in battle, but we won’t appear on the battlefield."


Vicki was just a tool now. She couldn’t take part in the decision-making and she didn’t have too much personal freedom.

She couldn’t help feeling guilty when she thought about those troupe members who had lost their maestro and couldn’t perform, and had to depend on the remainder of the money to survive.

"Big Sister Xi, I would like to make a trip to Rodu," Vicki said.

Xi glanced at her. She had already heard the sad story that Vicki had told her about over the past few days and she knew what she was going to do in Rodu. After a brief ponder, she said, "Alright."

Vicki’s eyes lit up. She didn’t expect Xi to agree so readily. She hesitated for a moment before saying, "Do you have money on you?"

Xi took out a black card.

Vicki had black lines on her face. "I have that too. I mean the Norland Continent’s currency. The gold coins, silver coins and dragon coins."

"I don’t have them." Xi shook her head.

"As an Observer, how can you not have money… Don’t you eat on the ground?" Vicki glared at her.

Speaking about eating, Xi thought of that scrumptious red braised pork again. She shook her head and said, "I have never paid for my food."

Vicki raised her beautiful eyebrows. She made the dine-and-dash sound so reasonable. She was indeed the number one female soldier.

If she had Xi’s skills, she wouldn’t have been doing so badly during the past two years.

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