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Chapter: 2181

Full On Attack

Rankster was very powerful and his powers were way beyond that of an ordinary 10th-tier powerhouse.

However, the four old fogeys were also very powerful

Therefore, the situation became a chaotic gang fight.

Krassu used his magic caster’s staff to hit the Frost Dragon’s head.

Urien used his magic wand to gently tap in the air. The fast-freezing icicle circles tightened quickly and froze the frost dragon into an ice popsicle.

Golden Dragon Louis had a golden glow over him. His scales stood on end and flew everywhere during the melee.

Meanwhile, Douglas opened the Frost Domain, fighting with Rankster’s Frost Domain.

Rankster was bashed from all directions.

Mag glanced over and his eyelids twitched. Old people can be really scary when they are unreasonable.

Of course, young people should not be too arrogant either.

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After successfully infuriating Cthulhu and luring it away, Mag fought and retreated at the same time, making Ah Zi maintain a safe distance.

At the same time, Irina transformed into a laser beam, shooting Holy Light everywhere, wiping out large areas of dead souls.

"Don’t stay for the battle, retreat!" Mag told Krassu and the rest telepathically. He recalled the Tian Du sword and got Ah Zi to increase its speed in retreating.

"Leave!" Louis shouted loudly and turned back with Krassu on his back.

With the four of them joining hands, although they could successfully suppress Rankster, they were not confident to kill or trap him in a short time.

Urien raised his hand and made an ice wall. Douglas turned to leave with Urien on his back.

They had already achieved their goal for this trip and they would have successfully completed their mission once they could retreat successfully.

Cthulhu slowed down on its advance and howled indignantly as it watched the purple-striped griffin disappear on the horizon. However, it was not in a rush to give chase.

Rankster circled in the sky and also gave up the chase.

"What a pity."

Mag turned and glanced over feeling a little pity.

A powerful and careful opponent is the hardest to deal with.

The purple-striped griffin landed on Gus Mountains. The 20 groups of giant dragons had already returned and landed to rest.

The giant dragons achieved a great battle outcome with minimal losses. They had killed tens of thousands from the skeleton troop.

The two main cannons had finished their ammunition and were on pause.

However, there were still explosions coming from the ice sheets and the tremble coming over was very apparent.

"Get the cannon camp to get ready and act on the signal!"

"Giant dragons, take a rest and get ready for the next round of attack!"

As the commands were sent down, Mag squinted and looked out into the ice sheets with a grave expression.

Even the mighty giant dragon would still be very small in this grand battle and would also be killed.

He was unable to ensure zero losses for the allied forces but would still hope to minimize their losses to the greatest extent.

The giant dragons’ attacks slowed down the advancement of the Army of the Dead but they very quickly gathered together and continued moving forward.

In comparison to their previous dense formation, this time, there was an apparent gap between each soldier.

Very quickly, the red lights appeared once again from the horizon of the ice sheets spanning from east to west. Almost everyone on the battlefront could see the signal light up.

This was the signal for the Army of the Dead entering the cannons’ attacking range.


Thousands of cannons fired at the same time.

The thunderous roar shook the entire mountain range.

"Full-on attack!" Isaiah, the Tyranno Dragon Chief, roared furiously in the sky at the same time.

Eight thousand giant dragons swarmed out from their nests with explosives and rushed towards the ice sheets under the cover of the rapid cannon firing.

Very quickly, fire lit up everywhere on the ice sheets.

The rapid explosion sounded like fireworks in the ice sheets and the ground shook.

After the improvement, the cannons’ range reached 15 kilometers. Explosions erupted everywhere on the vast ice sheets.

Eight thousand giant dragons flew into the ice sheets and dropped explosive packs 2000 meters above ground. After that, they returned quickly.

The explosives were hundreds of kilograms heavy and were made very simply but had very shocking power.

The 8000 explosives erupted, reducing the skeleton soldiers to dust and powder.

The infuriated Cthulhu flapped its wings, causing hundreds of giant dragons who could not dodge in time to fall from the sky. They ended up being eaten by the enthusiastic ancient corpses.

However, most of the giant dragons still managed to make it back safely to Gus Mountains to get their refill.

This round of long-range cannon attacks took away another tens of thousands of the Army of the Dead.

Before the Army of the Dead even arrived at the Gus Mountains battlefront, they had already lost almost 300,000 men. This battle outcome boosted the allied forces’ morale.

"Alex is a genius indeed. He has completely overturned the conventional war format."

Louis could not help but praise Mag when he landed.

Douglas and Isaiah nodded in agreement.

Firstly, Mag made use of the advantage of the giant dragons’ powerhouses to coordinate an air attack and then used cannons to cover long-range attacks and to act as a cover so that they could use their air forces to drop explosives.

They maximized their killings with the least cost. Before the contact battle had even started, they had already wiped out 30% of the enemy’s forces.

Such a battle mode was unheard of even for those races that had been going through a long period of war.

The giant dragons ruled the skies However, during the racial war back then, the various tribes fought for themselves and won with their capabilities.

In today’s battle, every giant dragon was more like a part in an entire system. They worked together.

Just like in the second round of attacks, even the 10th-tier powerhouses only carried and dropped explosives at their designated spot.

However, this seemingly simple action achieved beautiful results.

Most importantly, other than the few hundred giant dragons that were unlucky to have met with Cthulhu, the giant dragons’ battle losses were kept to the minimum.

Dominic, who was sitting in the command room, nodded as he listened to the battle reports coming in. He felt an increased admiration for Alex.

He did not expect that after three years, Alex, who had left the army, could have an understanding of war, completely exceeding his expectations.

"A pity the opponent is the Army of the Dead…" Dominic sighed. The Army of the Dead, which was controlled by Cthulhu, was fearless.

If it was a regular army, no matter which race it was from, their morale would be dealt with a severe blow if they were to lose 30% of their soldiers even before contact.

One could even say that the opponent had already lost before the battle even started.


In the spaceship, Vicki’s jaw dropped, as she looked in disbelief, at the state of the ice sheets after the explosions.

The image of the 8000 giant dragons flying over and dropping explosives was still etched clearly in her mind.


That was an image that had overthrown her expectations.

There were no high-class bombers or battleships, nor were there powerful and small explosives.

However, the commander could use 8000 giant dragons to create a shocking explosion.

Even the First Fleet of the Elder Things did not have 8000 battleships.

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