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Chapter: 2183

Knight Without an Arm

The vanguard of the Army of the Dead had already arrived at the Defense line at Gus. The ancient corpses that had reached the furthest were only 500 meters away.

The spell formation set up at the frontline lit up, stopping the Army of the Dead from advancing.

Magic casters and archers started sniping at the ancient corpses that were above the 7th-tier.

At the same time, thousands of giant dragons took to the skies again. Under the cover of the raining arrows, they launched their attacks at the Army of the Dead again. This time, they consciously stayed tens of kilometers away from Cthulhu.

"How is this possible! How can their arrows be so powerful!" Josh watched the Army of the Dead fall under the raining arrows in disbelief.

The ancient corpses never decomposed and the cold on the ice sheets made them as strong as before.

The arrows made by the Roth Empire’s arm could never pierce through even the lower-tier ancient corpses from afar.

However, the raining arrows had already swept the numbers of the Army of the Dead clean. Even the 7th-tier ancient corpses fell. The attack of the arrows way exceeded that of the cannons.

The inhabitants of the Norland Continent were using the simplest way and the way they worked best to clear the Army of the Dead effectively.

From the start of their attack, the Army of the Dead had already lost half of their manpower within a short time.

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And right now, the Army of the Dead had not even exchanged blows with the Allied forces. The ancient corpses were best at close combat. Now, they could not even unleash half of their skills.

"What is that weapon?" Xi was also shocked when she saw the ancient corpses fall after the arrows rained down.

The standard of technology in the Norland Continent was very low. Having cannons on the frontline was already beyond her expectations. However, arrows had limited attack power. How could they do so much damage to the ancient corpses?

She had also done a very close study on these ancient corpses before. Compared to living things, these corpses had no sense of pain or fear. The ancient corpses also had even stronger defense capabilities and would continue advancing even if they were missing a limb or two. They were very difficult to deal with.

"Could a spell formation be carved on the arrows?" However, she quickly dismissed that thought.

Putting aside the fact that carving on an arrow was difficult, just the few rounds of shooting previously already used up tens of millions of arrows from the allied forces. Even if the magic casters on the Norland Continent were to carve without rest, they would never be able to carve so many within such a short period of time.

At the same time, the Army of the Dead started throwing out their ice javelins.

However, the cliff standing hundreds of meters tall formed a natural city wall for the allied forces. Together with the walls built previously, although the ice javelin did cause some damage to the allied forces, it was very limited.

However, this was also when the crazy part of the Army of the Dead was displayed. They started climbing up the cliff despite the raining arrows and falling rocks.

The hundred-meter deep trench was quickly filled by the fallen corpses.

However, at the bottom of the cliff, glutinous rice was scattered on the ground, 100 meters wide. The glutinous rice proved to be able to suppress the lower-tiered ancient corpses. The fearless ancient corpses actually appeared scared when they stepped on the glutinous rice.

At the same time, the Army of the Dead finally found a breakthrough through the defense at the three ravines, and the corpses flooded in.

They were just like floodwaters that were released by the floodgates.


This was not a flood-relief channel but a real meat grinder.

The ancient corpses rushed into the ravine and the slaughter spell formations set by the spell formation masters started mincing up the dense population of ancient corpses.

On both sides of the ravine stood the allied forces. Arrows, spells, giant rocks, and more started raining down, including some 10th-tier powerhouses that jumped down to kill the higher-tier ancient corpses.

"They’ve climbed up from here!" someone exclaimed.

An ancient corpse standing more than five meters tall jumped up with tens of peach wood arrows stuck in his body. He kicked a few cannons and artillerymen down the cliff and rushed into the group of archers to start his frenzied killing.

This was an 8th-tier ancient corpse and it was much more powerful than most of the soldiers in the allied forces. No one was his match.

However, the allied forces did not fall out of formation because of that. The archers switched targets and aimed their repeater crossbow at the ancient corpse. At the same time, soldiers started swarming over for reinforcement.

A knight holding a sapphire longsword rushed in front. His long square face was filled with resolution. His longsword, which was laced with cinnabar glowed. He took a leap forward to slash the ancient corpse.

The ancient corpse turned to dodge but the longsword still landed on his shoulder.

The cinnabar on the longsword glowed red and managed to cut the ancient corpse’s left arm down in one slash.

The frenzied ancient corpse flailed its right arm. His sharp knife-like claws grabbed onto the knight’s right arm and pulled it down.

Blood splattered all over and the fallen right arm was still holding on to the sapphire longsword.

At the same time, an elf soldier at the back stabbed a peach wood spear into the ancient corpse’s head.

The spear pierced through the ancient corpse’s head and pinned it to the ground.

The ancient corpse fell slowly to the ground and transformed into a black wisp of ash.

"Medic! Man down!"

Very quickly, the Medic arrived to help Conti stop the bleeding and bandage his wound.

Conti looked at his severed arm on the ground blankly. His face had gone pale.

"Let’s go to the back!" the Medic shouted as he helped Conti up.

"No, I can still fight." Conti flung the Medic’s hands away and bent down to pick his sword up with his left hand.

The Medic looked at him with a complicated expression but did not try to persuade him. Instead, he turned quickly and ran to the next injured person.

There were many ancient corpses that had broken through the defense and the battle at the walls had reached its climax.

The number of dead souls that had rushed up into the ravine decreased quickly under the attack of the allied forces from both sides

However, because there were really too many of them, there were some that managed to get through the attacks to the other side of the ravine.

"They’re here!"

On the other side of the ravine, countless allied forces powerhouses had been waiting.

Sargeras tore his clothes away and the red lava started flowing in his body.

The Burning Legion all copied him and the flames rising from their bodies caused heat waves in the cold air around them.

The Forest trolls had already climbed up the ravine. They plunged trees deeply through the stone walls to lock themselves on the cliff walls. Vines started spreading out, crossing around the ravine like a 100-meter-wide spider web.

Tens of ancient corpses appeared. They were all powerful ancient corpses standing at more than five meters tall. They were all injured but still had an imposing aura.

Behind them, were more and more ancient corpses rushing towards the other side of the ravine.

The slaughter spell formation that was set up the most densely on the other side of the ravine lit up. The ancient corpses that rushed into the spell formations were minced up immediately.

Vines sprouted from the ground and wrapped themselves around the ankles of the ancient corpses.

The best archers of the allied forces were almost all gathered at the two ends of the ravine. There were 8th-tier and 9th-tier archers with bows and peach wood arrows with spells and runes inscribed in them that could kill the higher-tier ancient corpses.

However, there were really too many ancient corpses.

They all rushed through the spell formation, broke free from the vines, and clashed with the soldiers from the allied forces waiting on the other side of the ravine.

This was the worst battlefield of the entire war and it was just about to begin.

They had no way back and behind them were comrades waiting to fill their spot.

The order they received was to fend the place till their last breath.

Anyone can die but no one must allow even one ancient corpse to leave the ravine.

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