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Chapter: 2184

Ice and Fire Lotus

The clash of the million-man army was still a sight more horrifying than one could imagine, no matter how much preparation was done.

Mag sat on the back of the griffin, watching Cthulhu that was standing kilometers away with a serious expression.

The Holy Light pierced through the ravine, causing the entire ravine to be swept clean instantly.

Irina raised her magic caster’s staff, her face a little pale, as she asked, "It’s not moving. What do we do?"

"We don’t move too," Mag said calmly.

The number of deaths and injuries from the allied forces increased rapidly. There were even spots where the defense line was in jeopardy but Mag still did not take any action.

He only had one target: Cthulhu.

This battle would only end when Cthulhu could be suppressed.

Otherwise, even if the Army of the Dead was wiped out, other horrifying things would appear in no time at all.

A loud dragon’s roar came from the horizon. A Frost Dragon rushed into the group of dragons, messing up the giant dragons’ formation. There were even more than 10 giant dragons frozen immediately by the Frost Dragon, dropping to the ground. A breath from the Frost Dragon even caused hundreds of allied forces soldiers along the defense line to freeze into an ice sculpture and with a gentle breeze, they shattered to the ground.

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"He’s here!"

Louis and Douglas rose to the sky at the same time with Krassu and Urien on their backs to face the Frost Dragon.

Louis and Douglas went up and the giant dragons all scattered away.

They started their battle once again and it was even fiercer than before.


Elizabeth, who was standing in the tent at the campsite, rushed a few steps forward. She looked at the Frost Dragon that was already full of injuries and tears rolled down her cheeks uncontrollably.

She had been missing her father for days and nights. After years, they had finally met again.

The father who taught her how to fly, the father who taught her to get up on her own after falling, was still awe-inspiring.


His eyes were blood-red and he was fervently attacking his own people. It was clear that he had lost himself.

Elizabeth was in deep sorrow. She would never believe that the father she was so proud of would become the puppet of the devil.

Mag looked down and glanced at Elizabeth. He sighed.

In Alex’s memories, Rankster was an admirable opponent.

He was strong, confident, and resilient.

He just did not expect that such a proud person would end up as a puppet of the devil and would lose control of his body.

Right now, Krassu, Urien, Louis, and Douglas had joined hands to trap Rankster, so that Mag could focus on dealing with Cthulhu.

Cthulhu, who had not moved for a very long time, finally moved.

It was not fast. It even seemed to be floating around, making it difficult for one to tell what it was actually planning to do.

Mag was patient. This time, he did not move.

"R’lyeh should have already surfaced. We have to pave a way to go down south to meet them," Cthulhu said in a soft voice. This was the first time there was a sense of urgency in its voice.

The Army of the Dead was like moths throwing themselves into a fire and they were still unable to break down the allied forces’ defense line. Cthulhu was unable to sit still anymore as it watched its army dwindle in numbers.

Josh’s expression also did not look good.

This was more like a trap set by Alex. They had already stepped in and now they had no way out.

The number of soldiers from the allied forces at Gus Mountains would probably be around a million. They had about 7000 to 8000 giant dragons alone.

An allied force of this scale was completely out of Josh’s expectations.

Rankster was unable to free himself out of the sticky situation. Now that things had come to such a state, only Josh and Cthulhu could turn things around.

"It seems Alex has already become their core strength. We have to kill him so that the army’s morale will go down," Josh said. After that, he frowned and said, "This fellow is sly and scheming. He probably has already set up a spell formation and is just waiting for us to take the bait."

"It’s just a spell formation, what’s there to be afraid of?!"

"They had mended the spell formations outside of Chaos City to trap me once again," Josh said coldly.

If Alex had not caused the thunderstrike, they would have already fused into one. Who, in this vast world, would be able to trap him?

"He set up a spell formation on these vast ice sheets? Could he even know that we would appear here? I think it’s just all an act. He wanted to scare us away by just standing there so that he could deal with us after getting rid of the Army of the Dead," Cthulhu said.

Josh thought for a while and was unable to make a decision.

If they did not do anything, when the Army of the Dead that they had spent so much effort to gather was wiped out, they would probably still be suppressed, even if R’lyeh had surfaced and the Star-Spawn of Cthulhu had all come out.

Looking at Alex, who was sitting on the griffin’s back, and Irina, who was beside him, a surge of anger rose in Josh. He said coldly, "Who cares about his schemes and plans?! Just kill him! We will rush over, the skeleton dragon in front and you behind. I want to see where his spell formation is hidden and when he is going to activate it!"

The kilometer-tall giant skeleton dragon started bolting towards Alex. With every step its giant dragon paws took, tens of ancient corpses would be flattened.

Josh appeared on Cthulhu’s head.

Cthulhu flapped its wings gently. Its body hovered a hundred meters above the ground. Its gigantic body of 3000 meters high was like a giant mountain flying towards Gus Mountains. The spread of its wings could easily cover the sky and the sun.

The allied forces in Gus Mountains saw this scene and their expressions all changed.

Although they had already heard of how horrifying the devil was, watching that mountain-like, horrifying, indescribable thing still made them feel extremely uncomfortable.

Even without that gigantic Cthulhu, just that bolting thousand-meter tall skeleton dragon was horrifying enough.

Size-wise, the dragon had already exceeded the height of most defense lines along the Gus Mountains. If such a large thing was to break through the defense line, it would probably create a large hole immediately.

Who could stop them?

Everyone all turned to look at the man sitting on the griffin’s back.

"Master, when do we activate the spell formation?" Babla watched the sprinting skeleton dragon and Cthulhu, excitedly and nervously while standing behind Jonas.

"Wait." Jonas only uttered one word and kept his gaze locked on the ice sheets.

As Cthulhu advanced towards Gus Mountains, the fierce skeleton army became even crazier.

It was already hell on the other side of the ravine. The pile of allied forces and ancient corpses’ bodies had already stacked up to a few meters tall.

The Forest trolls’ feet were still on the cliff but their bodies were gone.

The bodies of soldiers from the various races had piled up high and the Medics weren’t even able to bring the injured out of the battlefield.

A hysterical giant monitor lizard’s ancient corpse staggered over. It swung its half-severed tail and crushed a knight instantly. It opened its mouth and bit the head of a demon off.

A long spear came stabbing from behind it, pinning it to the cliff wall.

A demon ancient corpse with arrows stuck in him rushed over. An ice javelin formed in his hand and he threw it at a group of allied forces soldiers, towards Mond, who was on a killing spree with his saber.

"Watch out!" Sargeras, who was covered in blood, pounced over and knocked Mond away.

The ice javelin pierced through Sargeras’ chest, pinning him to the cliff wall.

"Chief!" Mond rolled on the ground, turned back to look, and was horrified.

"Dumbass, watch the front!" Kiel pulled Mond over to the side. Another ice javelin landed on the spot he was sitting at.

He did not have the time to look back. Kiel and Mond continued in the battle once again.

The ancient corpses increased in number, congesting the place.

Sargeras, who was drained of energy, could no longer break free from the ice javelin. He leaned against the cliff wall. Blood gushed out from his body and his vision started to blur.

Suddenly, something from his slit-open breast pocket fell onto his palm.

It was a tiny ring.

Sargeras smiled. It was as though he saw the Little Boss’ cute smile again.

It’s a pity he would not have the chance to enjoy Boss Mag’s roujiamo again.

Suddenly, there was a sudden glow of light and countless ice and fire lotuses started flying out from the ring. They rose to the sky and started flying towards the ancient corpses in the ravine…

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