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Chapter: 2186

The War Had Ended

In front of the command center, Dominic, Helena and the others were staring at that scene with open mouths and widened eyes.

They were prepared to attack when they saw Alex on the brink of death.

They didn’t expect the situation to reverse itself rapidly and the seal spell formation to light up 100 meters underneath the glacier to trap Cthulhu.

And, Alex even teleported himself back to the command center safely through the teleportation portal.

Looking at Cthulhu, who was crashing against the seal crazily, all of them realized belatedly that this war had always been in Alex’s calculations from the very beginning.

All of them looked at Alex with a gaze that was filled with admiration and fear.

He was a young man to be feared!

Even Cthulhu, who had lived for eons, was tricked by him.

The allied forces on the Gus Mountains seemed to have realized what had just happened too. Cheers erupted along the hundreds of kilometers long line of defense immediately. Their morale rose instantaneously and they attacked the ancient corpses that lost their leader with all their might.

"It’s caught… just like that?"

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In the battleship, Xi retracted her finger that was about to press on the launching button of the electromagnetic gun. Looking at Cthulhu who was trapped in the seal, she also couldn’t conceal the shock on her face.

Before the start of this war, she knew very well that Mag’s target was Cthulhu.

It could be said that the outcome of Mag and Cthulhu’s duel would directly decide the outcome of this war.

However, she had never expected Mag to lure Cthulhu into the spell formation so intricately and get himself out so easily.

"That fellow… seems to be a little stupid? It’s sealed up just like that?" Vicki also widened her eyes with disbelief.

She was even prepared to go help Mag on the ground in her mech.

She didn’t expect Cthulhu to be sealed in the spell formation before it could even attack.

"It’s not stupid. He’s simply too smart." Xi shook her head as she looked at the man smiling calmly on the screen.

The entire process looked easy, but was, in fact, very dangerous.

He needed to have power, courage and wits, all at the same time.

Perhaps, luck had played a huge part too.

However, luck was also part of his power.

She increasingly couldn’t understand this man.

However, Cthulhu being sealed up meant that this war had already ended.


"Let’s rein it in," Mag said to Jonas.

"Sure!" Jonas nodded. He sat on the floor with his legs crossed and his magic caster’s staff upright in front of him. He weaved out lines and lines of runes and sent them into the seal spell formation.

Numerous complicated inscriptions appeared on the sturdy seal spell formation. Golden light glowed brightly and the spell formation began to shrink rapidly.

The black evil aura quickly dissipated in the golden light and Cthulhu’s thousands of meters tall body rapidly shrunk under the contraction of the spell formation until it was less than 100 meters tall.

The contracted seal spell formation became even more sturdy. It covered Cthulhu like a golden church bell, rendering it completely unmovable.

Josh’s body exploded during the spell formation’s shrinking process. A whiff of black aura emerged from his body and went into Cthulhu’s body.

The golden runes on the spell formation continued to land on Cthulhu endlessly, dissolving the evil power that it released rapidly and eventually reducing the evil power to nothing.

Right at that instant, the red glow in the fanatic Army of the Dead disappeared.

As though they had broken down all at the same time, the ancient corpses that were charging and biting one moment before, suddenly collapsed. They rapidly darkened and disintegrated into black powder that was dispersed by the wind.

The battlefield quietened down suddenly.

The allied forces’ warriors only regained their wits after a while, and then cheers reverberated throughout the Gus Mountains.

"We won!"

"We’ve held them back!"

They hugged their comrades who had fought along with them in laughter and cries.

Elves hugged demons and orcs hugged the knights. They had overcome the alienation and hatred between the races at that moment.

The people who hadn’t faced the 1,000,000 strong Army of the Dead, could never imagine the fear that they had overcome. How they handed their lives over to one another as they fought together here.

"We won! We won!" Kiel, whose face was covered in blood and dirt, stumbled and yelled at the crowd in spite of the deep gash on his leg, "Chief! Chief, we won…"

He dug a lava demon out from the piles of corpses with all his might and then cried. "San’er! San’er, we won…"

At the end of the three ravines were the most brutal battlefield. After cheering, they started to look for their friends and family in the piles of bodies.

The skeleton legion dispersed after Cthulhu was sealed. All the dragons that lost their objectives began to land after flying one round in the sky.

However, there was still one battle going on in the sky.

The red glow in Rankster’s eyes began to diminish, but he was still in the state of a trance.

Urien looked at the sealed Cthulhu on the ground and said in a hoarse voice, "Cthulhu is already sealed, so we can hold back a little. Let’s catch him and see if there is any other way out."

"You’re right." Krassu nodded. He withdrew some of his strength from his magic caster’s staff and landed back on Louis.

Louis and Douglas held back their attacks too.

However, Rankster started to attack them crazily at that moment. He struggled out of the ambush set by the four of them and attempted to fly away.

"Rankster! Cthulhu is already sealed, so where are you going?!"

A purple figure appeared in front of Rankster with his sword stretched out, blocking Rankster’s way and he shouted fiercely and loudly.

Rankster let out an angry roar, as his path was blocked and he was surrounded. He tried to dash out from the sides, but failed. He had even more wounds added onto his body.


When Elizabeth saw this, she ignored her wounds, transformed into a frost dragon and took off into the sky shakily.

Mag looked at Rankster with a frown. Even though the redness in Rankster’s eyes were lighter, he was still stuck in a manic state.

At first, Mag thought Rankster would come to his senses after Cthulhu was sealed, but Rankster’s situation was worse than his initial anticipation.

"Seems like we have to seal him up first," Mag said gravely. Rankster was too crazy in this state. It would be hard to catch him again if he escaped.

Rankster seemed to sense a threat and began to attack crazily as he attempted to escape from the ambush.

"Father! Father!"

Right at that moment, a sad voice called out.

Elizabeth flew to the exterior and sadly cried at Rankster, "Father, I’m Elizabeth! I’m your daughter! Wake up! Please wake up!"

Rankster’s body froze suddenly and he turned to look at Elizabeth.

"E-li-za-beth…" A low voice emerged from his mouth and his reddened eyes became clearer.

Then, he tilted his head backwards and let out a shrill scream skywards as his huge body fell straight to the ground.


All of them were taken aback when they saw that.

Only Elizabeth followed Rankster down and tried to pull him back up with her injured wings before being crushed to the ground.

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