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Chapter: 2188

The Next 100 Years

Connie walked next to Cthulhu, who was sealed, and looked at the shredded flesh on the ground as she pursed her lips and said, "Master, he’s already reduced to shreds, so what shall we do now? We can’t piece him back together either."

After a moment of silence, Rex said, "Forget it. Everyone saw it anyway, so our vengeance is considered avenged."

"Although it’s true, he did have an easy way out by dying so cleanly and quickly." Connie was indignant.

The orc race had lost over 100,000 orcs because of this fellow and he simply died so easily. This was equivalent to an insult to them!

"However, the war has ended and all is peaceful again. Moreover, we even gained 100 years of peace. This does seem quite good too." A smile appeared on Connie’s face again.

"If the war today was a racial war, the casualties of the various races would be much worse." Rex nodded as he looked at an orc and a knight sharing a bottle of wine in celebration with a smile.

"Furthermore, this war seems to have changed this world."

"Yes. It does look a little like Chaos City." Connie nodded. She couldn’t pinpoint it, but it just felt like it.

It was a friendship that was built on the battlefield based on trust and had overcome death.

They believed even if the war ended and all the allied forces returned home, this seed that was sown in their heart wouldn’t disappear.

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It would grow and take root, and perhaps even grow different fruits.

Many things could happen in 100 years.

Chaos City came from nothing and Lantisde also appeared suddenly.

What about the next 100 years?

It actually made one look forward to it.

Helena came over to Irina and looked at her in a daze. "The Tree of Life gave you its heart?"

"So what if it did?" Irina looked at her without showing any inclinations.

Helena swayed and her face turned pale. Then, she turned to leave.

Irina watched Helena leave with a frown. She felt befuddled and a little lonely unexplainably.

The joy of winning the war spread across the Gus Mountains, even the weapon factories at the rear rejoiced.

"Our luck’s not bad. We blacksmiths don’t have to go to the frontline." Mobai picked his wine flask and took a few gulps before tossing it to Lulu.

Lulu also took two gulps bashfully, but his gaze was looking at the little white fox that was hiding in his arms. He thought Xixi was going to like this little one.


Mond nervously asked Sargeras, who was opening his eyes in befuddlement, with reddened eyes, "Chief! Chief! Are you alright?"


"Cough cough…" Sargeras coughed twice. The coughing pulled at his wounds and he frowned, but when he saw Mond and Kiel surrounding him as he opened his eyes, he angrily said, "Why are you all surrounding me?! Have you become deserters?!"

"No, Chief. The war has ended. We won!" Kiel quickly shook his head.

"We won?" Sargeras was a little dazed. He saw countless ancient corpses charging before he fainted. it didn’t look like it was going to end.

"Yes. I heard Alex sealed that devil and then all those ancient corpses turned into dust. We won." Kiel nodded.

"Fantastic!" Sargeras clenched his fists in excitement. The wounds on his chest pulled again and he sucked in a painful breath.

"You’d better lie down, Chief. An elf has just treated you and said that you have to recuperate for some time before you can recover," Mond said bashfully.

"Okay, good chap." Sargeras patted Mond’s head and smiled too.

It felt great to be alive.

They could eat Boss Mag’s roujiamos again when they got back.



Command center, in the meeting hall.

All the various races’ representatives and powerhouses gathered together.

All of them looked at Mag with gazes full of admiration.

If they had selected Mag as the commander only because of his powerful strength that day, then the crushing defeat today had showcased Alex’s incredible command over his troops.

The final report of the casualties hadn’t been sent up yet, but it should be under 30,000.

They were facing 1,000,000 soldiers from the Army of the Dead, who had no fear of death, and yet they had won the war with such a small number of casualties and no ancient corpses had crossed the line of defense.

Mag looked at all of them and sincerely said, "I feel very proud of all the allied forces’ soldiers on the Gus’ defense line and everyone present here."

Perhaps, the slashing of his sword had affected the battle outcome in this war, but without the 1,000,000 allied forces’ soldiers defending the line of defense heroically, the war wouldn’t have ended so rapidly.


All of them smiled with gratication.

"The war has ended and the threat brought by Cthulhu is temporarily resolved." Mag looked at all of them and solemnly said, "However, we don’t know how many devils that are as powerful as Cthulhu, are sealed on the Norland Continent, or when they will emerge to harm this world.

"I hope this 100 years of peace will be a new beginning and all of you here will let this precious peace continue on for a longer time.

"I hope all of you remember who fought alongside you today to seal this terrifying enemy.

"And I hope we can stand together next time and point our weapons at our common enemy."

The great hall was silent for a moment before loud applause erupted.

Michael nodded at Mag repeatedly and said with a chuckle, "I really would have wanted to marry my daughter to him if he wasn’t already married."

"Can you bear to do it?" Rolan said with a smile.

Michael thought about it briefly and then shook his head. "No, I can’t. My girl is still young and we’re not in a hurry."

Rolan laughed to show his ‘disdain’ towards his old partner for spoiling his daughter.

Dominic looked at Mag with complicated emotions.

He saw Alex’s extraordinaryness back then, so he had once tried to groom him to be the empire’s next marshal.

What a pity.

What happened later made Alex stand against the empire.

The wits and strategies that he had displayed today were already way above him and his outlook was far above his. He had really done what an allied forces’ commander should do.

Even he couldn’t help thinking how it would be if all the races got along peacefully and even lived together.

Chaos City seemed to have proven that this wasn’t an impossible task in the past 100 years. However, such a change would cause huge tears inside all the races and power would become its greatest obstacle.

Dominic didn’t harbor any illusions about it.

Be the current king, or Sean, who was going to be the next king, they were both not people who could let go of power.

Not everyone could do that. The majority of the people couldn’t do what Alex had done.


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