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Chapter: 2189


The war had ended. After the cheers and celebrations at the frontline, the allied forces started retreating in teams.

As the number of deaths and injuries weren’t high, the injured could all receive prompt and proper medical treatment.

The giant dragons even took the initiative to send the Night Elves and soldiers from Chaos City back. Of course, it was also because it was on the way.

Mag was not in a rush to leave. Although Cthulhu had been sealed, not all was completely well.

Jonas, together with some 10th-tier formation masters, set up additional spell formations outside of the seal. It was to prevent others from barging in and undoing the spell as well as reinforcing the spell formation.

Other than that, the other races deployed their 10th-tier powerhouses to stay back to guard the place on a rotational basis for a three-year period. The first round would be guarded by the 10th-tier powerhouses from the Roth Empire, giant dragons and orcs.

Other than that, the still unconscious Rankster was also a headache to Mag.

Elizabeth was still guarding by Rankster’s side, looking very worried.

After leaving Mamy Restaurant for more than a month, Elizabeth looked much skinnier.

Louis and Douglas stood far away. How to solve the Rankster issue was also bothering them.

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Irina had already used the Holy Light Technique to do a few rounds of deep cleansing for Rankster to force out the black magic aura out of his body.

However, Cthulhu was very sly so no one knew if Rankster could actually regain his consciousness.

Rankster was very powerful, so he was also very dangerous.

On top of that, no one was clear how he actually became like that. They had to trace all of it to the source.

After Irina had done several treatments for Rankster, the latter, who had been unconscious for hours, finally woke up.

His eyelids moved and he opened his eyes. It was a pair of clear, golden eyes.

He was stunned when he saw all the snow and ice around him. He attempted to stand up but was trapped by the seal and could not move.


Elizabeth could not hide her agitation as she started calling out to Rankster.

Rankster looked up and saw Elizabeth. He was silent for a moment before saying, "Elizabeth?"

"Yes, Father, it’s me! Elizabeth." Elizabeth quickly nodded. Her heart hurt when she looked at Rankster being sealed inside.

"What are you doing here? That devil…" Rankster seemed to have recalled something. He suddenly looked nervous and a golden glow covered his body as he attempted to break free from the seal.

"The devil had been resealed. Father, don’t worry. We are safe now," Elizabeth quickly said.

"I think he’s fine," Irina told Mag.

"We still have to observe him longer." Mag was not persuaded. Back then when Josh was controlled by the Devil, he did not appear strange and managed to deceive many people.


Douglas and Louis were elated. If Rankster could regain his consciousness, that would be a blessing to the giant dragons.

"Resealed?" Rankster was stunned. He looked around and saw Mag standing at the side. He asked in shock, "Alex? Why are you here?"

However, very quickly, he appeared to be in pain as some pieces of memories started flashing in his head.

"Father!" Elizabeth looked at him nervously.

After a very long time, Rankster digested all his memories. He sighed solemnly and said, "I am guilty."

Mag took a step forward and said to Rankster, "It seems that you’ve already recalled some things. You don’t have to be too guilty. However, we need to know what happened between you and Cthulhu. Why were you at the cave sealed under Dragon Island? Why did you follow Cthulhu over?"

Rankster thought for a while and said, "Three years ago, I found some traces of ancient civilization on Dragon Island. As there was a horrifying black devil aura leaking out, I stayed back to observe and guard the place.

"But I did not expect the devil aura to slowly corrode my mind and I ended up being consumed by it. When it was escaping, I attempted to kill it but was not its match at all and was totally under its control.

"I have no memory of what happened after that. However, I recalled some parts just now. It brought me to the ice sheets and started digging and beckoning ancient corpses. We even exchanged blows and I also killed a lot of people and my fellow men…"

Rankster’s voice dwindled with remorse.

As a proud dragon, he could not accept the fact that he had become the devil’s accomplice and had brought calamity upon this world.

On top of that, he had even killed tens of giant dragons and soldiers of different races from the allied forces. His hands were stained with the blood of many innocent men.


Mag nodded. It was pretty much what he expected.

Before that, almost no one knew what the Great Old Ones were and Rankster was controlled by Cthulhu in a defenseless state. After he failed to struggle free, he became its puppet.

However, he managed to retain his consciousness with his strong will as a powerhouse.

A person with a weak will like Josh would have his soul consumed very quickly and be reduced to a tool.

"How’s your body right now? Can Cthulhu exert any influence on you? Is there any of its residual aura left in your body?" Mag asked.


This was very important.

Elizabeth looked at Rankster nervously as well.

Douglas and Louis exchanged glances. That determined whether Rankster could be freed.

Rankster closed his eyes and his body glowed with a faint silver light.

Soon after, wisps of black smoke were forced out of his body through his scales. The black smoke disappeared when they touched the seal.

Rankster opened his eyes and said calmly, "I have already dispelled all the devil’s aura I can feel out of my body. I think it’s because Cthulhu has been sealed that I’m no longer affected by it."

Mag nodded.

He looked at Louis and Douglas.

These two highly-respected seniors from the dragon tribe went way back with Rankster.

Douglas went up, took a look at Rankster, and told Mag, "Alex, Rankster was under the Devil’s control previously, causing him to do cruel things. Now, he has regained his consciousness and the Dragon tribe hopes to have him back."

Louis nodded and said, "This is not his fault. We can see for ourselves how powerful Cthulhu is. It’s already very difficult to be able to hold on to his consciousness. If we kill one another again, we would be falling into Cthulhu’s trap."

"Yes. This is not Rankster’s fault. He has already broken out of Cthulhu’s control and it is best if he could start life anew." Mag nodded. He would not want to put Rankster in a difficult position even if it was on account of Yabemiya and Elizabeth.

Besides, it was just as Louis and Douglas said. Cthulhu’s power had exceeded what everyone in this world would have known. No one could reverse being under its control by will alone.

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