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Chapter: 2190

You re a Terrible Father

The seal was removed and Rankster shrunk into a middle-aged man in silver armor.

He had sharp features with a hint of vicissitudes in his gaze, but yet he still looked very handsome. He had a temperament that said: "I have a story", which was the kind of mature man that young ladies loved the most.


Elizabeth pounced into Rankster’s arms and continued to cry uncontrollably.

It had already been years since she last hugged her father like this previously. She had almost forgotten how it felt.

She was already very satisfied to be able to hug her father like this after going through all kinds of desperation.

"I’m sorry, Elizabeth," Rankster said as he patted Elizabeth’s back gently with apologetic tears in his eyes.

The father-and-daughter didn’t hug for too long. Rankster cupped his hands at Mag and said, "Thank you for your help."

Mag nodded his head and said, "What do you intend to do next?"

Rankster’s power was already beyond the 10th-tier. Although he was still far from becoming a god, it wasn’t impossible either.

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"I’ll go somewhere deserted and spend the rest of my life repenting my sins," Rankster replied calmly.

"Father." Elizabeth’s expression changed. She had just found Rankster, was he going to leave her again?

Louis and Douglas frowned too, but they could understand what Rankster was feeling right now. After pondering briefly, they chose to keep quiet.

Mag shook his head and said, "You don’t have to do that. You didn’t mean to do what happened today. Besides, your initial intention was to check out the situation and solve the problem.

"Moreover, the Norland Continent needs powerhouses to defend it if another devil breaks out of the seal again. Are you trying to evade that by going away? You know that there is more than one devil being sealed up on the Norland Continent."

Mag’s voice was soul-arousing and he looked at Rankster with a sharp gaze.

Rankster was slightly taken aback as he met Mag’s gaze. After being quiet for a long time, he said, "If another devil breaks out again, I will be the first to fight against it, even if it will cost me my life.

"But I can’t face everyone. I have let them down after I killed so many innocents while being enchanted."

"The allied forces’ warriors are worthy of respect and remembrance when they died at the frontline while defending the Norland Continent, but all these things are caused by the devil. They have no regrets fighting for their home and families.

"But, you have let your daughters down. They have suffered greatly because of you. They even ventured into the ice sheets alone to look for you and almost died after being surrounded by the ancient corpses. However, you don’t see any of that and you even want to hide from the problems like a coward by disappearing again.

"In terms of power, you’re a worthy and powerful opponent, but as a father, you’re really unworthy."

Mag looked at Rankster with ill-concealed disdain and mockery.

He had already deemed Rankster as a jerk when he found out that both Yabemiya and Elizabeth were Rankster’s daughters.

Elizabeth was the chief’s daughter but she was ostracized in her own tribe and even almost died in an unfair gladiator fight.

Yabemiya had a difficult life with her mother since she was young and almost starved to death in front of Mamy Restaurant.

Meanwhile, their father, the chief of the Frost Dragons, a 10th-tier powerhouse on par with Alex, knew nothing about them.

He was a terrible father and a terrible husband.

Mag was a new father, but he really had great disdain for Rankster from the bottom of his heart.

Rankster swayed as though he was struck by lightning. He looked at Elizabeth and moved his lips, but he only felt a dryness in his throat and couldn’t say a single word.

Elizabeth’s eyes were red again when she heard Mag’s words. Biting on her lips, she said, "Father, I’ve found my younger sister. She has never met you. Can you really bear not to go see her?"

"Younger sister?" Rankster looked at Elizabeth and his eyes suddenly widened. He took a step forward and grabbed her shoulders. "You are talking about… Yabemiya?"

"Yabemiya?" Louis, who was still wondering about how Rankster got another child, widened his eyes.

However, he soon straightened out his thoughts. No wonder… Rankster had half of the Golden Dragons’ blood. If Yabemiya was his daughter, then it made sense why a half-dragon could have such a powerful talent.

"Yes. I’ve found her and given her the dragon source, which allowed her to become a real giant dragon." Elizabeth nodded.

"H-how is she?" Rankster was agitated and worried at the same time.

"Her mother passed away many years ago. She…" Elizabeth halted before continuing speaking, "She’s doing quite well now. She’s a waitress in a restaurant and she’s very happy there."

"She’s a waitress in a restaurant! Who is the boss?!" Hostility emanated from Rankster.

His daughter was actually forced to become a waitress in a restaurant! This was an intolerable insult to giant dragons!

"It’s me…" Mag said inwardly as his eyelids twitched crazily.

He didn’t oppress his employees, okay. He even gave them quite a good salary and provided them with great accommodation and three meals a day.

Moreover, he picked up Miya with his ability. Rankster, as her father, had only provided one sperm, so what was he trying to do now by pretending to be a doting father?

"Father, it isn’t what you think it is. That boss is a good man. He took Miya in and helped her out of a dire situation. Furthermore, she’s very happy working there. She isn’t being forced." Elizabeth quickly explained.

Mag curved his lips slightly. Would Rankster faint out of anger if he found out that Elizabeth had also worked as a waitress in Mamy Restaurant for some time?

Although they were on par in fighting, Mag had won this round.

"Is that so?" Rankster was thoughtful. However, after hearing Elizabeth’s explanation, he felt even more guilty as his daughter, Miya, must have had a very tough life before.

He felt even more flustered when he thought that lovely and gentle woman had already left this world.

He had owed her too much. She could have had a much better life if she didn’t meet him.

"Where is she? I would like to meet her." Rankster clenched his fists and said with guilt, "I owe you two too much. I’m a lousy father. I’m not worthy at all. I hope I can make it up to you two in the future."

"No, Father. I’m already very happy to see you again." Elizabeth pounced into Rankster’s arms and sobbed softly.

This maiden who was always cold, finally cried like a child at this moment.

And Rankster, the tough guy, also couldn’t help but cry.

"Well, I guess I’ll see you again." Mag waved his hand and turned to leave.

He didn’t have to guess. He knew they would meet again soon.

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