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Chapter: 2191

Sichuan Spicy Chicken

The allied forces of various races began to return home and the task to clean up the battlefield had fallen onto the host, the Roth Empire.

However, the allied forces had given their all in the fight and didn’t let a single ancient corpse into the Roth Empire, so the task of cleaning up the battlefield wasn’t hard to accept.

Mag took all the cannons back. Even though he couldn’t reverse the fact that this technology had already appeared, he still didn’t want this technology to develop too rapidly.

Of course, Mag had ascertained one thing when they faced the Army of the Dead this time.

Even when this was a fantasy world, firearms were still a strong deterrent.

And, developing firearms appropriately could give the Norland Continent another trump card when it faced another powerful threat again.

It was a long and arduous task to guide the Norland Continent on its journey in developing its technology.

Let’s not talk about advancing to the Elder Things’ level of battleships and electromagnetic guns, even popularizing the railroads and trains could connect all the races easier and promote the racial integration.

Of course, Mag didn’t intend to do all that by himself.

Just take the steam engines and steam trains for example. He only provided the blueprints and suggestions and Scheer made the steam trains run among the mountains with her power of money and a group of geniuses.

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And, he received 10% of the shares even when he did nothing.

Selling knowledge was way easier than doing it himself.

He was just a chef after all and a man who wanted to become the God of Cookery.

He had veered way off his initial course by coming out to save the world.


He couldn’t really say that either.

After all, saving the world was to allow him to cook better. There was no contradiction there.

"System, I saved the world. Are there any rewards?" Mag asked inwardly.

He hadn’t talked to the system in the past few days and he actually missed it.

"Ding! Congratulations to the Host for sealing Cthulhu. You have completed the mission of saving the world and extending 100 years of peace in this world! Taking in the Host’s performance, you are given the following rewards:

1. The restaurant’s defense is raised to the highest level: 10th-tier. It can resist all 10th-tier attacks!

2. A recipe for Sichuan Spicy Chicken!

3. A recipe package of mousse cakes and desserts!"

The system’s voice spoke up happily.

Mag’s eyes lit up when he heard that.

A 10th-tier defense meant that Mamy Restaurant would be the safest place on the Norland Continent, even overtaking the Roth Empire’s palace.

The Sichuan Spicy Chicken was a famous Sichuan dish. It was crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. It was spicy and delicious, and even thinking about it made his mouth start watering.

As for the mousse cake, Amy and Annie would like it very much.

Mag was very pleased about the rewards.

"System, why don’t you give me a dozen industrial blueprints? It will be best if they are from the Electrification Age and then we can lead this world straight into the Electrification Age," Mag said inwardly.

"Host, you’re daydreaming," the system replied decisively.

"I am planning for the future. Think about it. Although Cthulhu is sealed now, an Arwassa or a Hastur might pop up again some day. A world without technology is on the losing end.

"Moreover, there’s the Elder Things and their technology level is tens of thousands of years ahead of the Norland Continent’s. They are living in the Underground City right now, but what if their rulers decide to come up to rule over us one day? Wouldn’t the Norland Continent be in a dire situation then?" Mag said seriously.

"This system doesn’t have the permission to make that decision!" Despite Mag trying to talk his way into a deal, the system still wasn’t convinced.

"Moreover, raising the world’s technological level abruptly will cause unknown risks to this world. It doesn’t adhere to the normal evolutionary principles. The Host shouldn’t interfere, otherwise you will attract Heaven’s Punishment!" The system warned Mag gravely.

"Heaven’s Punishment?"

Mag was reminded of the previous ordeal of lightning and he couldn’t help cocking his eyebrow.

It seemed like it was impossible to upgrade through the system directly.

"However, Lantisde has sunk into the Underground City and the connection between the worlds is already set up. Isn’t it worse if the Elder Things’ technology directly hedges against the Norland Continent’s?" Mag frowned.

"Furthermore, the Elder Things’ technology is way above Earth’s, so their food must be extremely sophisticated. This isn’t good for me in my journey to becoming the God of Cookery."

"Currently, the information is limited and we can’t evaluate the Elder Things’ food and beverage’s level. However, please feel more confident about yourself, Host. Their food might have evolutionalized into a simpler and more nutritious form, but the taste is decided by the heart. It won’t be elevated just because the technological level has improved," the system replied.

After thinking about it, Mag agreed with the system.

Food came from chefs, not engineers, just like the mesmerizing food on Earth, which mostly came from some small restaurants.

Mag ended his conversation with the system and conducted a short and concise conversation with Dominic before leaving with Irina.

"Back to Chaos City?" Irina asked him.

"I want to send you back first. I need to go to Lantisde." Mag explained, "The Elder Things blew up Cthulhu’s old nest and accidentally sank Lantisde."

"Isn’t Lantisde at the bottom of the sea?" Irina frowned, then she widened her eyes as though she suddenly remembered something.

"It fell into the Underground City." Mag voiced out what Irina was thinking directly.

"Then… does it still exist?"

"Apparently; nobody was hurt and the Elder Things are discussing how to handle this emergency."

This was what Xi said in the message that she sent him earlier. He was close to Lantisde and was one of the few people who knew about the Elder Things’ existence.

"I don’t know about the situation in the Underground City right now. To Lantisde, this can be dangerous or a great opportunity." Mag added on.

Mag liked the Elder Things a lot more after Xi took the initiative to assist in the war in the north and the Elder Things bombed R’lyeh City and solved the problem in the rear for the Norland Continent.

At least, it showed that they weren’t a race who thought they were above the others and there was a possibility for equal communication.

Of course, the other party had the power to flatten the Norland Continent at any time, so it was rather juvenile to think that they could sit at the same table for negotiation.

The best situation was for the Norland Continent to develop itself quietly on its own track, while the Elder Things maintained their independence and mystery.

However, Lantisde had fallen into the Underground City now. Tens of thousands of merfolk had migrated as a whole. He guessed the leader of the Elder Things should be having a headache right now.

Irina nodded and didn’t pursue it.

Ah Zi stopped just beyond Chaos City briefly, before continuing to fly southwards.

Very soon, Mag appeared in the sky above Lantisde. Looking into the blue sea from the griffin’s back, there was a giant vortex.

The sky of the Underground City had collapsed and the Norland Continent was leaking through.

Come to think about it, the people down there must be experiencing quite a downpour right now.

Oh, it should be an ocean instead…

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