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Chapter: 2192

Two Choices

Mag reached the Boundless Sea Realm and saw Xi, who had been waiting there for a long time.

She had set up a simple camouflaging spell formation to cover the strange happenings at the sea here.

On top of that, the Demon Island, which was the closest land to this region, was still a distance away. Ever since Lantisde claimed this sea region, the Demons had rarely entered this area.

"What’s the situation right now?" Mag asked directly upon boarding Xi’s battleship.

Xi had sent him a simple message previously and he was still unaware of what specifically happened.

"The hole can be filled up very quickly but before that, Lantisde needs to make a decision," Xi told Mag.


"Lantisde has fallen into the Underground World and has already safely landed. There were no deaths and injuries. However, they are currently being grounded. Although they have yet to get into contact with any living organism from the Underground City, they have seen another world.

"Therefore, we have decided to give them two choices. The first is to return to the Norland Continent. We would send the merfolks of Lantisde back to Norland Continent and at the same time, remove their memory of the Underground City. The second option is for them to stay in the Underground City. We would give them the area that was previously R’lyeh City, so that they can own a piece of land underground," Xi said.

This was the first time Mag heard her speak so much.

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There was much important information that she had divulged.

Lantisde had fallen into the Underground City. To send tens of thousands of merfolk back to Norland Continent and remove their memory related to the Underground City was no simple feat.

The method to remove their memory existed but there were still many imperfections to the technique.

It might cause the receiving person of the spell to die or become retarded, or the spell might just be ineffective.

The former scenario was unacceptable to the merfolk of Lantisde and the latter scenario was a worry to the Underground City.

Therefore, another choice was offered to allow the merfolk of Lantisde to stay in the Underground City. That way, the secret would remain and there would be no further worries.

Judging from how there were no records of the Underground City in the Norland Continent, the people in the Underground City had done very well in controlling their people going out.

Mag thought for a while. He looked at Xi seriously and asked, "What exactly is the Underground City like? What kind of status would Lantisde have there? Is there a possibility of them being oppressed or even wiped out?"

Lantisde had helped him a lot and Gina was also his employee and friend.

Mag asked for this key information to make a responsible decision.

"I cannot reveal too much about the Underground City to you but what I can promise you is that the Underground City is led by the Elder Things. It is a union where various races live together. There is a more stable system compared to the Norland Continent and there are also stricter laws to restrict the people.

"If Lantisde was to stay in the Underground World, it would join the Underground City as an independent state. The Elder Things would protect the security of the union and would aid them in developing to assimilate into the Underground World.

"As for the race being wiped out, the Underground World is similarly a dangerous world. However, as a whole right now, it is controllable and an enemy or force that could wipe out an entire state is yet to exist," Xi replied.

Such calmness was more believable.

Mag watched Xi for a while to make sure that she was not lying.

After all, she was an emotionless robot and lying was not within her capabilities.

In that case, joining the Underground City would be an opportunity hard to come by for Lantisde.

This was a chance for the entire race to upgrade from a closed-off underwater world into a high-tech world.

To most of the merfolk, the Norland Continent was equally foreign and dangerous with the upper limit of the 10th-tier.

However, in the Underground World, they would have better living conditions and the possibility of a better future.

On the one hand, there was returning to Norland Continent on the risk of becoming a retard, with the possibility of not having a land of their own, and on the other hand, it was the chance to join the Underground City with a glorious future ahead of them. Even a fool would know which to choose, right?!

"I will pass the message over to the decision-maker in Lantisde, so that they can make the call," Mag said.

This was not a decision that he could make on his own, since it had to do with the future and destiny of an entire race.

Xi nodded. She looked at Mag and said sincerely, "The battle that you fought before was well-done."

"Even so, I still hope that there will not be a next time." Mag shook his head with a smile. No war is well-done or not well-done. There were still countless corpses of soldiers laying on the ice sheets.

Dexter and Gina, who had set off beforehand, arrived at the sky above Lantisde only half an hour later.

They saw Mag, who was sitting on the griffin’s back, and quickly moved their flying steed closer.

"Master, look!" Gina exclaimed as she pointed below.

Dexter looked down and his expression changed as well.

What used to be the calm sea surface was now replaced with a giant vortex that appeared to be leading straight to the bottom of the ocean. Someone had set up an illusion on the surface of the sea.

"Mr. Mag, what’s going on?" Dexter quickly asked.

Mag only said that something strange had happened at Lantisde and told him to return quickly.

He did not expect Mr. Mag to reach even before them and the sight of the situation at the surface of the sea made his heart sink. He could not hide the worry on his face.

Mag looked at Dexter and Gina, sounding as gentle as he could. "Right now, what I am about to say might be difficult to believe but everything is the truth. Please be mentally prepared."

"Alright." Dexter nodded. Mag had helped Lantisde to stand back up again and was a very trustworthy friend.

"Lantisde had sunk once again," Mag said.



Dexter and Gina stared at Mag with their eyes wide open.

"Actually, another world exists under the Norland Continent. They call themselves the Underground City.

"There had been strange movements beneath Lantisde for the past two days. That was the nest of Cthulhu, which had been sealed. There were many mini Devils in the nest and the forces from the Underground City had bombed it. However, this had also caused Lantisde to fall into the Underground World," Mag explained.

Even Dexter, with his experience and composure, was lost after hearing Mag’s words.

The sky and ground exist in the Norland Continent. How can another world exist below? On top of that… Lantisde had fallen down from the Norland Continent into another world all of a sudden?

"In that case… where are our people?" Gina asked the question that had been weighing inside her.

"They are very safe right now. No need to worry." Mag assured them.

Gina heaved a sigh of relief and said, "Will they be able to come back?"

Dexter came back to his senses and looked at Mag nervously as well.

That so-called Underground City must be very powerful to be able to create a channel in between two worlds.

Lantisde’s elite troops had all gone to the frontline and those who had stayed back were people that were not very powerful. No one would know what to do in that situation when they suddenly fell into another world.

"Yes. That is the key question." Mag nodded. "Right now, the Underground City wants you to make a decision to either stay there or return to the Norland Continent."

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