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Chapter: 2194


Mag brought Gina back to Chaos City.

They alighted from the griffin outside the city and walked in.

Before reaching the restaurant, they saw a group of children crowding around the magic potion shop.

"What are you looking at?" Mag went over and asked with a smile.

Annie, Amy, Anna, and Jessica were there, squatting in a circle.

"Father!" Amy turned to look upon hearing his voice. When she saw Mag, her eyes lit up and she opened her arms wide to ask for a hug.

Mag picked the little girl up and gave her a peck on her chubby cheeks.


Amy held Mag’s face and returned him a sweet kiss. After that, she said happily, "Father, you’re finally back! Amy baby missed you so much that I couldn’t eat or sleep properly."

"I missed Amy baby too." Mag felt warm and fuzzy inside. However, he noticed that the little girls’ baby fat did not seem to have gone down. It seemed that Xixi had been taking very good care of them over the past few days.

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"So do you want me to cook you a good meal as compensation?" Mag asked with a smile.

"If it’s a meal… I don’t think it’s enough. At least… at least two meals." Amy stuck out two fingers.

Mag smiled even brighter. The little one had already learned how to bargain.

Annie and Anna were equally happy to see that Mag had returned.

"Uncle Mag, you’re back. Did Big Sister Shirley come back with you?" Anna asked.

"Mm. She should be back too." Mag nodded with a smile.

Shirley was slightly injured on the battlefield but it was not a big issue. She should be with the Night Elves currently. She might not have been dismissed yet.

"That’s great!" Anna’s eyes lit up as she smiled with assurance.

"You’re back. That’s great." Annie signed.

Mag stroked her head with a smile. This little one is still so obedient.

"Uncle Mag, welcome home," Jessica said as she looked at Mag.

"Mm. Hello Jessica, stay over for a meal later before you go home. I’ll let your mother know," Mag said.

"Mm, mm." Jessica nodded. Her eyes shone brightly. The thought of being able to enjoy Uncle Mag’s delicious cooking made her feel very blissful.

Mag finally saw the small white thing they were gathering around, now that the children had dispersed.

It was a snow fox, about the size of Ugly Duckling. It was white from head to toe and was laying on the ground sizing up its surroundings with its bright, black eyes. It looked smart and obedient.

"Lulu came back from the North and brought it back. This little one is rather obedient and the children love it. I let them play with it for a while," Xixi said with a smile as she walked out with her large pregnant belly.

"Yes. Whitie is super obedient and it’s so white and fluffy, way cuter than Ugly Duckling!" Amy slid down to the ground from Mag’s embrace and stroked the head of the white snow fox.

Ugly Duckling, who was arguing with Black Coal, turned around and squinted at the snow fox.

Someone had actually threatened Lord Orange’s position?

Ugly Duckling strutted over to the snow fox and pressed its paw on the snow fox’s head.

The snow fox’s eyes widened slowly and it looked askance at Ugly Duckling, shivering in fright and not daring to move.


Ugly Duckling turned back and meowed proudly at Amy.

"You’re such a bully. No dinner for you!" Amy pushed its fat paw away. "And another three rounds of jogging too."

"…?" Ugly Duckling tilted its head in confusion.

"There is a gathering at the restaurant tonight in celebration of the Norland Continent’s rebirth. Come over with Lulu too." Mag looked at Xixi and said, "Thank you for taking care of the children these past few days."

"The two children were very obedient. Besides, with Miya playing with them, I have nothing to do." Xixi smiled. "In that case, we’ll go over tonight to have a free meal."

"Sure." Mag nodded with a smile. He looked at Amy and said, "Amy baby, go and invite Teacher Urien over for dinner later."

"Alright." Amy nodded. She peeked into the magic potion shop and muttered softly, "After learning Gomoku, they are obsessed with it."


Mag returned to the restaurant. He pushed the doors wide open and looked at the tables and chairs sitting quietly in the hall as well as the still kitchen. At this moment, he felt his whole mind and body relax.

Although life as a superhero was very exhilarating, it was not the life he wanted.

Instead, he found peace in the restaurant.

Actually, the persona of the owner of Mamy Restaurant was his favorite.

There was a greater sense of achievement in creating delicacies, bringing freshness and bliss to the customers, compared to cutting the heads off of 100 ancient corpses with one swing of his sword.

"Mamy Restaurant, your king is back." Mag opened his arms wide and walked into the restaurant.

Light shone on him, casting a long shadow in the restaurant.

After a while, Mag put his arms down. He looked back to make sure that no one saw what he did, before quickly closing the door behind him.

He was being idiotic again…

How shameful.

Mag took a shower and came downstairs after changing into his chef’s uniform. He started preparing the dishes that he was going to make for the celebration.

Cthulhu’s saga had ended and the new peace accord had also been signed. Right now, the world did not need Mag to do anything else.

However, Mamy Restaurant’s customers needed him.

Mamy Restaurant, which had been closed for almost a month, had been part of the regulars’ resentment every day.

Thankfully, Mag had many delicacies in store for them. When Mamy Restaurant opens again tomorrow, he will launch two new main dishes in one go: Shaved Noodles and Hot Noodles with Sesame Paste, as well as one new breakfast dish: Soup Dumplings.

At the same time, he would launch the Maotai and the rum brewed by Hannah.

As for side dishes to go with the drinks, the Sichuan Spicy Chicken and Spicy Escargot were ready to be launched. However, Mag would take it slow and not spoil his customers too quickly.

Although he had stood everyone up for a month, he returned with full sincerity.

At night, the invited guests all came to Mamy Restaurant.

Other than the people from the restaurant, Mag also invited Xixi and Lulu, Amy’s teachers, Krassu and Urien, Luna and Vivian, Miss Gloria and Miss Scheer.

Yabemiya came but did not see Elizabeth. It seemed Rankster had still not seen her yet.

Shirley told Miya that she saw Elizabeth at the frontline and that she was currently safe and well. That assured Miya.

"Cheers to the Norland Continent’s victory." Mag raised a toast with a smile.

"We should thank Alex. He was the one who ended this war," Krassu said with a smile.

"To everyone."


~(゚▽゚)つ□ Cheers!

~(゚▽゚)つ□ Cheers!

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