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Chapter: 2196

You Will Eat Meat With Me In the Future

Fox widened his eyes with glee. He seemed to grab onto a glimpse of hope.

"I agree!" Fox quickly replied.

Even though he could sense that Elizabeth’s aura was more powerful than before and she should have advanced, he was still confident that he could beat Elizabeth who had just advanced to the 9th-tier.

However, if Rankster was to do it, he would definitely die without a doubt.

"Elizabeth, are you issuing a death match invitation to Fox?" Douglas’ cold voice reverberated throughout the hall.

"Yes!" Elizabeth nodded.

She had accepted that unfair challenge in this hall just a few months ago.

However, she was standing here again as the challenger.

She was stronger in her understanding of battle apart from her realm.

Perhaps because she was influenced by the two strongest men in this world, she began to have a different understanding towards battle.

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The Frost Battlefield was open and almost all the Frost Dragons came.

The news of Rankster’s return had already spread all over the Frost Dragon Island.

Deafening cheers erupted when Rankster appeared in the sky above the Frost Battlefield.

The giant dragons were naturally born powerhouses, so they respected and idolized powerhouses even more.

Although Rankster had been enchanted before, he was still the most powerful dragon.

He was still the owner of the Frost Throne without a doubt when he returned to the Frost Dragon Island now.

And, Elizabeth challenging Fox again excited the Frost Dragons too.

It was just like Rankster, who turned the tides around again and again hundreds of years ago, and the protagonist had become Elizabeth now.

History seemed to be repeating itself. Would Fox fade into history or would he turn the tide around? It made people look forward to it.

Rankster sat on the Frost Throne and Fox and Elizabeth appeared on the battlefield.

Fox obviously looked more relaxed after they signed the waiver of liability agreement and Rankster had agreed to it. He could leave after he won this challenge, so he looked at Elizabeth with a disdainful gaze.

This niece of his was always over-confident just like Rankster.

She could have crushed him easily with Rankster’s help, but instead she issued a challenge to him and even signed the waiver of liability agreement.

Elizabeth looked at him coldly and calmly.

"The death match begins!"

Douglas announced.

Although Fox looked relaxed, his actions weren’t slow at all. A silver spear appeared in his hands and he activated the Frost Domain at the same time.

As an experienced 9th-tier powerhouse, he could ward off Elizabeth’s attack with his stronger power and gain the final victory.

They were both Frost Dragons, so he knew whatever she knew. That was his source of confidence.

However, as soon as Fox set up the Frost Domain, Elizabeth disappeared and dashed towards him as a vague shadow.

"Ha. Stupid!"

Fox smirked. He stabbed his frost spear out hard and simultaneously contracted the Frost Domain and directed it forward.


The frost spear stabbed a vague shadow and made a crisp sound of ice shattering.

A humanoid ice statue crumbled and turned into ice shards that flew everywhere.


Fox was stunned.

"You lost." A cold voice spoke up from behind him.

A frost dragon with a 100 meter wingspan appeared behind him.

Fox only felt his back tighten briefly before he lost control.

Razor sharp dragon claws stabbed into his body and tore him into two straight away.

Dragon blood splashed skywards and the battlefield was pitch silent.

All the Frost Dragons were looking at Fox, who was torn into two, and Elizabeth, who was hovering in midair with shock.

She only used one strike and Fox lost. It was an utter defeat.

The clean and sleek fighting style made all the giant dragons unconsciously look at Rankster on the Frost Dragon throne.

That was his combat style.

"Elizabeth! Elizabeth! Elizabeth!"

Cheers echoed throughout the sky above the battlefield.

A proud smile appeared on Rankster’s face. That was his daughter.

Elizabeth transformed into her human form and walked off the battlefield with a calm expression. She didn’t look excited because she killed Fox.

"Rankster has an heir now." Douglas looked at Elizabeth and nodded his head in satisfaction.


"Josh is already dead, all the war criminals are hanged and we have received the compensation. From today on, our feud with the Roth Empire is considered over. If anyone violates the agreement between the parties, he or she will be charged with treason," Connie sat on the main seat and sternly said to all the chiefs in the tent.

An elderly chief said with a frown, "But, Chieftain, our feud with the humans has lasted for thousands of years. How can we end it just like this."

"Yes. They killed so many of our people. How can we let it go just like this?"

"Even if we agree, would our people who lost their lives innocently agree to it?"

Many chiefs chimed in too.

"Hatred has built up through the generations and it caused tragedies like this to happen again and again." Connie stood up and said to that old chief in a low voice, "100 years of peace will allow our people to rest and recuperate, and to herd and hunt. We don’t have to fret over a war that can happen at any time, but if we end the agreement and start the war, tens of thousands of our people are going to die.

"I believe all of you have seen on today’s battlefield how powerful the Roth Empire is. Do you think we orcs can go all the way to Rodu even if each and everyone of us go into the war?"

The great hall quietened down suddenly.

All of them were reminded of the rain of arrows that were shot out by millions of crossbows. Even the 1,000,000 strong Army of the Dead lost to them.

The orcs always had the illusion that they could win when they faced the Northwestern Legion.

However, the fact was… it was just one of the Roth Empire’s legions. They had five more legions of that size.

"As the chieftain, I hope you guys won’t gamble the lives of our people because of spite. It will only show that you are a lousy chief," Connie said sincerely.


"Maestro, where have you been?"

In the Black Cat Opera House, all the troupe members crowded around Vicki, who had just come in, with bright eyes.

Seeing everyone’s concerned gazes, Vicki felt a warmth in her heart. She said with a smile, "I went somewhere important for source materials. I’m fine. You guys don’t have to worry."

All of them saw that Vicki’s clothes were neat and proper and she didn’t look like she was kidnapped. Besides, their opera troupe was too poor for anyone to kidnap Vicki, so they were relieved.

"Our opera house has been closed for the few days that you were not around, Maestro. We’ve lost all the popularity that we built up and we are almost out of money to buy food now," Old Man Mi said worriedly.

The other actors looked forlorn too. They were back to square one after finally having some results.


Vicki threw a money bag onto the table and a pile of shiny gold coins rolled out.

"Don’t worry. You will eat meat with me in the future."

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