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Chapter: 2198

Super Satisfying

Early the next morning, the determined customers came over to take a look again as usual.

At first, they simply wanted to take a look before they went to find another place for breakfast, but they didn’t expect Mamy Restaurant, which was closed for a month, to be open for breakfast that morning!

Udyr took a look at the restaurant that had removed the little sign on the door and exclaimed in surprise, "It’s open! Father! Mamy Restaurant is open!"

"It’s really open." Dicus’ eyes lit up too. He missed Boss Mag’s breakfast after bringing his son. Be it the soybean milk and youtiao, or the congee with pork and century egg, he missed them sorely.

"Let’s go. We’ll eat at Boss Mag’s today." Dicus carried his son off the horse-drawn carriage and walked straight to Mamy Restaurant.

A little black board was set up at the door and it read:

Mamy Restaurant is open for business today!

New product released for breakfast today: soup dumpling!

Cooked wheaten food new product: shaved noodles!

"Woah! There are two new breakfast items today!" Dicus’ eyes glowed.

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His job at the city lord’s castle was very busy. Apart from his rest days, he could only bring his son to Mamy Restaurant in the morning.

Although he could never get tired of Mamy Restaurant’s breakfast, Dicus still looked forward to Boss Mag’s new products very much.

There was a saying in Chaos City’s culinary world: Boss Mag’s products are the best of the best!

This wasn’t boasting from his loyal fans, but actual facts.

Be it the unparalleled ‘Buddha Jumps Over the Wall’, or the stinky tofu that had both haters and lovers, they all proved Boss Mag’s unique creativity and impressive culinary skills.

"Father, what’s a soup dumpling?" Udyr looked up and asked.

"You’ll find out later." Dicus smiled mysteriously. Actually, he also wanted to know what it was.

As for shaved noodles, it made him even more curious. Weren’t the noodles made by pulling them? Could they be shaved by a knife too?


Dicus pushed the door open and entered.

Perhaps the restaurant had resumed its operation without any notice and the regular customers hadn’t received the news yet, so the father-and-son duo were the first customers.

"Welcome to Mamy Restaurant," Yabemiya said energetically with a smile.

"Hello, Big Sister Miya." Udyr greeted.

Udyr was the ice cream shop’s regular customer, so he knew Miya very well.

"Boss Mag, you suddenly opened for business and we didn’t receive any news at all," Dicus said smilingly to Mag who was standing at the kitchen’s door.

"The customers who come today must really love us," Mag also replied with a smile.

"That’s true. I came to take a look here every morning. Other than the time that I was pursuing my wife, I have never been so hardworking before." Dicus nodded in agreement and brought his son to a seat near to the kitchen.

"We have two new breakfast products today. You can try them." Mag recommended them to Dicus. Dicus and him could be considered to be old friends, as he liaised with him for the city lord’s castle’s matters.

Dicus flipped open the menu and quickly found the new products, the soup dumpling at the breakfast section, and the shaved noodles at the cooked wheaten food section.

The white and tender soup dumpling looked transparent and full. The thin dumpling skin seemed to be filled with soup. He already couldn’t help but gulp just looking at the pictures.

Meanwhile, that bowl of shaved noodles had thin noodles that looked like willow leaves in thick bone broth. Red braised beef covered the noodles fully and chopped green onions and cilantro were scattered all over, making it look extremely appetizing.

Dicus had already made his decision just by looking at the pictures.

"I want two servings of soup dumplings and a bowl of shaved noodles," Dicus said before looking at Udyr. "What would you like to have?"

"I also want to eat soup dumplings, youtiao and soybean milk." Udyr decided quickly, pretty much like the way that Dicus did his job.

"Then, we’ll have one helping of soup dumpling, one youtiao and one bowl of soybean milk for Udyr," Dicus said to Yabemiya.

"Sure, please give us some time." Miya nodded with a smile.

Mag had already gone into the kitchen. The soup dumplings were steaming in the steamer. He pulled off a piece of dough and pulled it into an elongated shape. He shook his wrist gently and twisted the dough together before placing it into the clear oil to deep fry.

Soon, the small dough grew into a big and long golden youtiao in the oil pot.

Mag took the youtiao out and placed it on a strainer to drain it of oil. He picked up another big piece of dough and walked to a pot of boiling water. He held the dough in his left hand and held a rectangular chef’s knife with his right. He turned the dough lightly as the knife slid across the dough’s surface and pieces of willow-leaf-shaped dough flew into the pot.

Chuck, chuck, chuck. One stroke after another. The sliced dough formed a line and jumped into the boiling pot, making a beautiful curve.

The water boiled and the dough tossed and turned in the water like little fishes swimming around. They looked beautiful.

Udyr kneeled on the chair and stretched his neck to look at Mag shave noodles in the kitchen with his mouth open, as though he was watching a master performing. He was bowled over.

Dicus was also mesmerized. Watching Boss Mag cook was just like watching an exciting performance. It was very entertaining.

Soon after, the father and son’s breakfasts were served.

"Please enjoy." Miya kept the tray and stepped back.

The crystal clear soup dumplings trembled in the small bamboo steamer. The soup inside the soup dumpling was so full that it looked as though it would explode any moment.

"There really is soup in it?!"

Dicus was filled with shock. How did such a thin skin engulf so much soup within it?

So amazing!

It was indeed made by Boss Mag. He always had amazing ideas.

Dicus also couldn’t move his gaze away from that bowl of piping hot shaved noodles that were covered with red braised beef.

The aroma of the red braised beef greeted his nose along with the steam of the bone broth. It made his empty stomach grumble as if he couldn’t withstand its call.

The chopped green onions and cilantro were scattered and the wide shaved noodles floated in the thick bone broth.

"These two new products are marvelous!"

Dicus already couldn’t wait to pick up his chopsticks. The instructions of how to eat the soup dumplings were already engraved on the steamer. He gingerly picked up the soup dumpling by its top and placed it onto a dish. He then placed it in front of Udyr before he attacked the shaved noodles first.

He popped a piece of beef into his mouth and the soft red braised beef melted in his mouth instantly. The rich aroma of meat blossomed in his mouth. Fireworks seemed to erupt in his brain and the taste buds of his tongue went into a revelry.

This satisfaction… gave the waiting a perfect repayment.

He chewed delicately as he tasted that mesmerizing taste. He soon swallowed the tenderized beef.

Then, he picked up a strand of the noodles. Although it was a noodle, it was different from the usual long and thin noodles. It was thick in the center and narrow at the ends. It looked like a willow leaf, which was very unique.

The noodle tasted smooth on the outside and chewy on the inside. It got tastier as he chewed. The bone broth had seeped into it, making it taste even more delicious.

After swallowing, he took a small sip of the piping hot bone broth.

"Ah– Satisfying!"

Dicus couldn’t help but sigh.

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