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Chapter: 2199

Are These Noodles Really That Smooth


Harrison and Gjerj who walked in happened to see Dicus try the shaved noodles and they both swallowed their saliva at the same time.

The fragrance of the red braised beef had dispelled all sleepiness from waking up early. The image of the shaved noodles sliding into Dicus’ mouth was enough for one to imagine just how smooth its texture was.

Is this the legendary shaved noodles?! I’m completely in love! Harrison’s thoughts were full of the noodles.

"Boss Mag, I want that!" the two said at almost the same time.

The two exchanged glances and smiled.

Harrison and Gjerj had heard of yesterday’s victory, so they met up today to have breakfast, lunch, and dinner together to celebrate the occasion.

There is a form of joy called having three meals a day together.

This was simply how a chowhound celebrates.

Their first choice was definitely Mamy Restaurant.

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They came over with the intention of trying their luck and didn’t expect the restaurant to really be open.

They were elated and tears of joy started welling up in their eyes. After going closer, they saw that there were even two new products launched.

The moment they entered, they were assailed by the image mentioned previously.

Nothing could be crueler than someone else having a bowl of red braised beef shaved noodles in front of two famished chowhounds.

If there was, it must be eating a piping hot soup dumpling in front of them.

"Slurp, slurp…"

Udyr inched towards his plate and bit a small hole into the soup dumpling. After that, he pouted and sucked the soup from the small opening.

The fragrant and fresh meat juice was still slightly scalding. However, upon tasting it, although his face was twisted with pain from the scald, he refused to spit it out. He opened his mouth wide and blew out the hot air before swallowing the soup.

In no time at all, the soup had gone down his stomach. After that, he bit into the deflated dumpling. Within the thin dumpling skin was a juicy meat filling. The little fellow smiled with satisfaction.

"The soup dumpling is delicious," Udyr told Dicus after eating a soup dumpling.

"Have another one then." Dicus placed another soup dumpling on his plate with a smile.

"Boss, I want this too." Harrison could not take it anymore.

"A set for me too," Gjerj said after sitting down.

"Sure, please hold on for a while," Miya said with a smile.

"You’re very early today." Mag greeted his two old friends.

"Boss Mag. I am this early every day. You’re just unaware of it. You’ve hurt my heart," Harrison said begrudgingly.

"Don’t listen to him. His entire heart has been focused on the little maiden." Gjerj exposed his lie.

"Do I hear wedding bells?" Mag asked with a smile.

"No, no, no. Such things can’t be rushed." Harrison quickly waved his hand as he smiled shyly. After that, he said, "Back to you, Boss Mag, what have you been busy with? Why did you close the restaurant for so long? It was such a torture for us, the regulars, who are used to your cooking."

"I was busy saving the world." Mag turned to walk into the kitchen with a smile.

"Or rather, busy saving the world’s chowhounds," Gjerj said.

"Forget it. On account of these two excellent new dishes, I shall not hold it against you," Harrison said with a smile.

Harrison and Gjerj greeted Dicus. They were all regulars of Mamy Restaurant. Although they were not close, they would occasionally share a table and the atmosphere was rather good.

"Bro, are the noodles really that smooth?" Harrison could not help but ask after staring at Dicus for a while.

"Mm. Very smooth, but it’s still chewy. A texture that is just nice where it’s chewy yet not tough." Dicus drank some soup. He smiled and nodded, then motioned at the kitchen. "Look, Boss Mag is starting his performance. Watching it before eating is quite an experience."

Harrison and Gjerj quickly turned to look towards the kitchen and saw Boss Mag, holding a knife in one hand, and a ball of dough in another hand. The knife in his hand danced in the air and thin, long slices of dough started flying into a pot of boiling water. The dough slices were like fishes leaping into a pond and it was as though they were watching an aquarium performance.

The knife was put away and the last slice of dough fell into the boiling pot. Boss Mag had already started making the noodle sauce but Harrison and Gjerj still did not have enough of the performance just now.

"Only Boss Mag can make cooking look so exciting and marvelous," Harrison exclaimed.

"Yeah. You can bring Christy over next time. She will definitely like it." Gjerj nodded.

"Christy, that little one can watch this for the entire day," Harrison said with a pampering smile.

"Mr. Gjerj, don’t you have three children too?" Miya asked. Gjerj brought his whole family along during the previous gathering.

"Ah, those three rascals can eat anything," Gjerj said unwillingly.

Miya smiled. A gluttonous daddy indeed.

"This place would usually be filled and there would be a long queue outside by now. Indeed, after closing for a month, many still do not know that Mamy Restaurant has suddenly gone back into business again." Harrison turned around to look at the empty restaurant.

"You said that it’s because everyone doesn’t know that Mamy Restaurant is open again, right? That’s easy to solve." Gjerj stood up and walked to the door. He half-squatted, readied his diaphragm, and shouted loudly, "Mamy Restaurant is open!"

After that…

He saw customers rushing out from various eateries, all dashing towards Mamy Restaurant.


Gjerj was shocked. He quickly turned to run into the restaurant.

"Seems like your wife didn’t really quarrel with you at night. That was one mighty roar," Harrison said with a chuckle.

"Hmph, but of course, I’ve been winning recently." Gjerj smiled proudly.

"But these fellows are really insane. When they heard the news, they all came rushing out with the other restaurants’ cutleries. I wonder if they have even settled their bill." Gjerj had a rather odd expression.

In no time at all, the sound of hurried footsteps arrived at the door.

The first wave of zombies… customers had already arrived at the battlefield.

"F*ck! It’s really open!"

"Wow! New dishes!"

"I once thought that in my entire lifetime, I would be the one standing men up. I can’t believe that I’ve been stood up by a man with children for a month."

"If it’s good, I’ll forgive Boss Mag for the time being."

Customers started flooding in, taking their seats and ordering.

Meanwhile, Harrison and Gjerj’s breakfast had been served.

The two old folks knew how to eat. With the piping hot red braised beef shaved noodles and soup dumplings placed in front of them, they brought out their best eating expressions.


Harrison’s head was already buried in his bowl. The red braised beef was generous in portion. The meat was soft and delicious. The shaved noodles were very different from the other noodles they had and the most amazing thing was that even though the noodles were shaved off a block of dough individually, they all looked identical. It was really stunning.

Meanwhile, Gjerj was indulging in the soup dumpling. The soup hidden within the thin dumpling skin was very rich. It revived his tastebuds back to life. After finishing the hot soup, Gjerj felt warm and fuzzy all over. At this moment, a bite of the meat-filled dumpling was a sense of satisfaction that made up for all the energy he expended in the quarrel last night.

A real man isn’t afraid of another battle!

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