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Chapter: 2200

The Love For a Father

Gjerj’s shout could be considered an advertisement for Mamy Restaurant’s reopening.

The customers started arriving successively and the restaurant was filled very quickly.

"Aye… They would still come back."

The breakfast shop owners at the southern corner of Aden Square all stood at their doors in jealousy as they watched the queue grow longer outside Mamy Restaurant.

"This is the return of the powerhouse. Even if it’s closed for a month, it’s still doing better than us when it’s back," one of the owners lamented.

The other owners were all vexed. However, the loyal customers of Mamy Restaurant were all in a joyous mood, as though they were celebrating the new year.

"We were too careless! These young people have no eating ethics. Today is the first day of its reopening but all of them are here earlier than me." Vivian looked at the long queue outside Mamy Restaurant in disbelief.

She was still thinking of bringing breakfast back for her father after eating. After returning back from the frontline yesterday, he had been busy with other miscellaneous things since early in the morning and would probably forget to have breakfast again.

Since she was already here, it would make no sense for Vivian not to queue.

Mamy Restaurant’s customers were all very aware. After having their meal, they settled the bill quickly so that the other customers queueing at the back could have their turn.

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The new dishes, the shaved noodles and the soup dumplings, were the hot favorites for today.

These two dishes did not let their audience down.

Just the technique of filling soup into a thin layer of dumpling skin was enough to win all the customers over.

On top of that, the making of the shaved noodles was like a peculiar performance.

Many children were so absorbed with watching that they had forgotten to eat.

"Daddy, I want to learn this," a little girl who just learned how to talk said as she pointed to the kitchen.

"Daddy wants to learn it too but this pair of hands disagrees," her father replied.

Seeing that so many regulars had returned, Mag would also greet them when he was free.

A one-armed knight sitting by the window, drinking soybean milk, caught his attention.

Conti was still a man of few words. The empty right sleeve looked very striking. However, the sapphire longsword at his waist still hung proudly.

Mag looked out. The black donkey was stealing the fresh leaves that had just sprouted overhead.

"Send this over to the one-armed knight by the window. Just say that this is the bonus for the investment back then." Mag passed a bamboo steamer to Miya.

"Alright." Miya brought the dumplings over.

Conti was stunned at first. However, after hearing Miya’s explanation, he smiled and waved towards the kitchen.

Mag responded with a smile.

Come to think of it, Conti was one of the restaurant’s earliest customers.

He might not have dragon-slaying as his goal anymore but he was still a proud knight.

Mag wondered how long he would stay in Chaos City this time. He might be riding off with his new partner very soon to carry on their journey and then return for a short break again.

He was an interesting customer.

"A helping of soup dumplings and Yangzhou fried rice to go." Vivian was settling her bill. After that, she promised seriously. "I will bring this back to the city lord’s castle in my embrace, using the shortest time possible and watch my father eat them to ensure that the soup dumplings were eaten in their best condition."

Miya smiled at Vivian but shook her head and said, "The soup dumpling can’t be taken away. Please order something else."

The soup dumpling had very thin and delicate skin, so if the journey was slightly bumpy, the soup dumpling would lose its essence.

Mag’s rules had always been strictly adhered to with no one as an exception.

In order to allow customers to enjoy the food in its best condition, he had strict requirements for food that can be taken away.

"What about the shaved noodles?" Vivian asked meekly.

"That can’t be taken away either." Miya shook her head.

The best time frame to eat the noodles was very short. Once the soup gets cold, the noodles would clump together and the texture would also become mushy from being soaked for too long.

"Alright, I guess my Dad has no luck. He’ll have to come over himself to try it." Vivian shrugged. She did not insist and changed her order to a set of congee with pork and century egg, and Yangzhou fried rice.


City lord’s castle, in the city lord’s office.

Michael had just finished going through a set of documents. There had been a lot of work piling up at the city lord’s castle, as he had gone to the frontline for the past few days.

On top of that, there were other details for the peace accord, which were signed previously, that he had to see to, which were delayed due to the war. In particular, he had to look into the plan to help the Elves and Dwarves both benefit from working together. That would also be his next point of focus at work.

"When the railway to the Dwarves’ empire has been opened, the three places would have a tighter relationship and business development would improve by leaps and bounds. This would be a sight to behold for thousands of years." The prospect of this made Michael excited.


A loud sound pulled Michael back from his thoughts.

He frowned. He had not eaten since waking up early in the morning. Right now, everyone was busy so it seemed he could only eat during lunch.

"Father, are you not going to have breakfast again?" The door was opened and Vivian walked in with her hands behind her.

"How’s that possible? I’ve already had breakfast," Michael said with a smile. He had to make sure that his daughter would not tell on him to her mother.

"Hmph, in that case, it would seem that the breakfast I brought would have to go cold. What a pity." Vivian brought out the food she had hid behind her back. She placed the Yangzhou fried rice and Congee with pork and century egg on the table, and opened the lid.

The fragrance of the rice and congee wafted over to Michael.


He wanted to save himself some face and say that he was not hungry but now, he could only smile awkwardly.

Oh well, his stomach had a mind of its own.

"Have it quickly. Don’t go hungry. Otherwise, I’m going to tell on you." Vivian pushed the breakfast over to him and passed him a spoon.

"There’s so much, why don’t you have some too?" Michael looked at Vivian and felt warm and fuzzy inside. His little darling had grown up now and she doted so much on him, her father.

"It’s alright. I’ve had breakfast." Vivian shook her head. After that, she said excitedly, "Boss Mag launched two new products today, the shaved noodles and soup dumplings. They were delicious! It’s too bad I can’t take them away. I wanted to let you try them, so why don’t we have it tomorrow?"

"Sure. let me arrange my schedule for tomorrow." Michael nodded and sipped on the congee. The thought that this was handmade by Alex made him feel a little strange.

After all, Alex was still fighting the skeleton dragon yesterday at the frontline, luring Cthulhu into the seal, and ending this battle that could endanger the entire Norland Continent.

After that…

He’s back at Mamy Restaurant today, opening his business and launching two new products.

On top of that, he made this old father here feel his daughter’s love

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