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Chapter: 2017

Two Years 3

Chapter 2017 "Two Years (3)"

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Every word from the man came down with a hammer, causing immense pain and damage to that soul of this old witch.

"Then Monarch, what am I to you?" Yun Ruo Xi asks, her eyes growing grimmer by the second.

"You?" Frost’s brought a finger up to the woman’s chin to raise her line of sight up to his own, "You are not even worth cleaning her shoes! If you obey and remain in the estate then I won’t mind giving you all the indulgences of the world! But you never should’ve come into the flower garden, I won’t let anyone insult my Willow!"

Due to the strength used by the man, the pain had started to grow on her, which in kind made the tears and emotions flow out.


Without indication, Frost flicked his raised hand and blew the woman off until she crashed and landed onto a path outside the garden. All of this never once damaged the flowers here, showing how much this place represented in the man’s heart.

"Monarch…" Raising her head, the old witch wanted to beg for mercy until she saw that threatening man drawing closer and closer. Out of panic, she squirmed backward out of reflex.

"Yun Ruo Xi, you deserve to die for your sins!"


Frost moved again, sending a force so strong this time that it made the old witch shoot out a stream of blood in her wake from the impact.

"I know my fault, I really know my fault! Please Monarch, please forgive me this one time, I won’t ever dare again."

There’s no illusion the man would kill her. Those murderous eyes are too real without a hint of fogginess in them.

Unfazed by the pleading, Frost grabbed the wretched woman off from the dirt by the collar and raised her up to eye level. "Yun Ruo Xi, everything you have today is given by me. If I can bestow upon the strength you have then I can take it away equally as easy. Do not test me. I won’t mind returning you to the past and personally handing you over to the Demon Realm. I’m sure they would love to get their hands on you!"

If it weren’t for the Celestial Heart, he never would’ve kept this woman alive! After all, anyone who dares to intrude upon his precious flower garden doesn’t deserve to exist!

Yun Ruo Xi bit her lip so tightly there that it started to bleed. She’s resentful but fearful at the same time, the latter being the dominant emotion. Returning to the past was something she could never afford.

"Also, don’t be delusional and compare yourself with my Willow." The man seemingly brought up the picture of that bright and delicate woman again in his mind, thus causing his stern expression to soften up. "She is different from you. Your kindness is a disguise, while her good is true and genuine…. I once saw her risk her own life to save a pup. In that moment, that smile was so bright and beautiful that I could never forget. I swore from that day forward I would safeguard that light."

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