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Chapter: 2018

Two Years 4

Chapter 2018 "Two Years (4)"

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Before encountering Willow, Frost never though he would fall in love with a woman at first sight.

Unfortunately, the woman he likes only has an eye for another man.

He wants to protect her smile and happiness, and he wants to help her get the man… Unexpectedly, their plan failed, and Willow ended up getting drunk and sleeping with him.

If Willow didn’t take the initiative then Frost wouldn’t have violated her, but as a normal man, how could he control that desire in the face of his love?

So that’s why things that shouldn’t have occurred happened….

Frost closed his eyes, and what came to his mind at this moment was the figure of Willow angrily departing. Back then, he tried to step forward and pull her into his arms to stop it, but in the end, he couldn’t do it and allowed that tragedy to transpire. It’s their last and final farewell….

When he opened his eyes again, Frost’s killing intent had now grown so intense that it’s manifested into a cold glint.

"Monarch, I really know I’m wrong, I won’t dare to do it again." Yun Ruo Xi’s little face had gone deathly white, the fear fully apparent in that trembling voice.

In the past two years, the old witch never truly got over Chu Yi God. After all, that man was someone she crushed on for a thousand years. There’s no way her emotions could just be wiped away like that. However, the heart was a mysterious thing. After repeated kind gestures and misunderstandings, Yun Ruo Xi had believed Monarch Frost truly liked her, thus slowly winning her heart over. But now, that swaying heart was once again crushed under those hurtful words, thus waking her up from that dream.

"Scram!" Frost coldly snaps, throwing the woman’s body out again for the third time with a flick of a finger.

Yun Ruo Xi couldn’t resist at all under that omnipotent strength. Crashing into a puddle of mud, she painfully coughs up more blood while scurrying away for safety.

Frost didn’t pity the woman in the slightest as he retracted his attention. He only has the flower garden in his mind.

"Willow, this piece of pure land was given to me by your own hands, so…. I won’t let anyone come pollute it."


After escaping the garden, Yun Ruo Xi eventually stopped behind a boulder to regain her breath. She’s resentful and felt her blood boiling while staring off into the distant flower field.

"Why? Why should I bend my back just to plead for a shred of power and status? Bai Yan never had to do anything for hers!" Yun Ruo Xi’s heart flared with jealousy, "She married the king of the Demon Realm, and the lord of the Celestial Realm loves her, she has everything that I don’t have! Why is it always like this? I do everything just to get a shred of dignity, yet others can have everything just because they were born with a golden spoon?"

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