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Chapter: 1999

Su Nan didn't think much, so she ran out.

At the gate of a large manor, there was a Tibetan mastiff with a huge body and two of them.

Su Nan was so stuffy that she took a step back.

I'm not afraid of her running because of this big dog!

The Tibetan mastiff shouted twice, and soon an aunt came and took him away.

She didn't even look at Su Nan.

Su Nan was stunned for a moment. Is there anyone else here?

Strange environment, strange place.

She felt a little flustered.

Angie has disappeared.

It seems that only the aunt and her and the dog are left in the whole manor.

Sunan really felt a burst of despair.

She went back to search for a while, but she couldn't find the phone.

At dinner time, the aunt appeared again.

"Miss Su, please go downstairs for dinner."

Su Nan paused. "Is angel there?"

The aunt didn't answer and turned directly down.

Although Su Nan has no appetite, she is eager to understand the environment. Knowing herself and the enemy is the best thing for her.

I heard someone talking downstairs.

More than one.

She quickened her pace.

As soon as I came downstairs, I was stunned when I saw the people downstairs.

"Angie, why is she here?"

Qu Qing is the one who eats with angel.

Su Nan's face changed and her mind was full of questions.

Why is Qu Qing here?

Angie glanced at her and took back her eyes

"I invited Miss Su."

Su Nan walked over to the other side.

The food is not Chinese. It looks like the local food of country E.

Her heart sank. It seemed that this was not country Z, but country E.

Qu Qing sneered across the room:

"It's bad luck to see you everywhere."

Su Nan raised her eyes and her voice was cold:

"Madam Fu, should I say that?"

She retorted without politeness, and let angel's eyes flash at her.

It seems meaningful.

Su Nan didn't pay attention to Qu Qing at all. She still felt unlucky. Did she get an old woman who didn't like her to speak?

Qu Qing angrily threw down her knife and fork in a bad tone:

"I'm not in the mood. I won't eat. I'll be full when I see her!"

Su Nan smiled and took a piece of bread and bit.

Her leisurely manner is even more irritating.

Angie paused and glanced at Su Nan. She was not a fool. She could feel that the two people were not dealing with each other.

She lowered her eyes and smiled at Qu Qing:

"Mom, don't be unhappy. I'll ask my aunt to prepare it for you and send it to your room."

Su Nan's eyebrows jumped at the sound of "Mom".

Very confused.

Qu Qing gives Su Nan a provocative look and stands up:

"Well, I'll wait. I don't want to have dinner with this woman."

Su Nan completely ignored it.

Qu Qing went upstairs on her own.

Angie's respect for her was not forced.

Su Nan's eyes flickered, and a thousand thoughts crossed her mind:

"Is Miss Fu here, too?"

She was not sure if Angie would answer, but she asked directly.

Angel glanced at her and lowered her eyes:

"Not here. She will follow my brother."

Su Nan paused, which means that Fu Yingying went to find Chen Li and Qu Qing was here with angel.

Does Fu YeChuan know all this?

The situation was so mysterious that she could not understand it.

What role does angel play in this?

Until the next day, Su Nan woke up. She didn't sleep well at night. From time to time, she could hear the sound of the waves beating the rocks.

Because Angie didn't stop her, Su Nan went to the third floor.

Standing on the balcony on the third floor, she looked into the distance and found that it was surrounded by the sea.

This is an island.

The area is not large. The manor is in the middle.

Su Nan stood there in surprise. No wonder Angie didn't have to shut her up at all.

Even if she let Su Nan run out by herself, she couldn't run out.

Because she can't swim in the sea for three days and three nights.

The most important thing now is to find a way to contact Shang Qian.


Her mind flashed and she immediately remembered that there was another person here.

She ran out and watched Qu Qing sitting leisurely in the sun on the porch.

A look of enjoyment.

Angie is not here.

Su Nan walked over and thought about how to speak.

Qu Qing feels someone approaching, opens her eyes, glances at Su Nan with disgust, and walks away without saying anything.

Su Nan pursed her lips and suddenly said:

"Fuyechuan is looking for you everywhere. I dare to enjoy each other!

You are here to provide for the aged, and Fu Yingying is there to talk about love. Do you really think you are in heaven? "

Qu Qing's face suddenly became ugly after her footsteps:

"What do you know? If it weren't for you, yingying and I would be here today?

You still have the face to say?

Why didn't that Falcon kill you last time? "

Su Nan raised her eyebrows in surprise and smiled:

"So you are also locked up here? I thought Angie shouted 'mother' one by one. She really treated you as a mother-in-law"

Qu Qing's face turned red and white, and her pride was infuriated:

"That's better than you. At least they didn't hurt me and gave me a grandson!"

Su Nan paused. Her eyes flashed a little surprised.

Angie knew about her pregnancy.

But no one ever mentioned the child again.

Fuyechuan also said that the child was not his, and then it was over.

She chuckled and looked at Qu Qing:

"Oh, so you like Angie so much. No wonder you can watch your son being threatened and remain indifferent."

Qu Qing's face was a little complicated and hesitant:

"It's not what I want. Angel said that this is a special time. If I show up, I will be the handle of others threatening YeChuan."

With a dark face, she was very sensitive and suspicious about Su Nan's topic.

She looked at Su Nan and looked at her:

"But how did you get caught? You have offended many people. You deserve it!"

Su Nan lowered her eyes and sighed calmly:

"Madam Fu, they are all hostages. Why do you look down on me so much?"

Qu Qing feels shameless for her cheeky attitude.

She rolled her eyes angrily.

Su Nan raised her eyes: "can't you contact the outside world?"

Qu Qing took a deep breath and finally understood her intention.

She chuckled and said:

"No, just give up. There is no telephone for the nanny here. I have looked for all the things you want. Don't waste your energy. You might as well talk to the dog if you have time!"

Qu Qing could not bear to see Su Nan. In those three years, she pretended to be obedient and deceiving. In a blink of an eye, she turned her face and didn't recognize anyone.

What's wrong with her daughter-in-law?

It is wrong for her to conceal her identity and become the eldest daughter of the Su group!

I didn't have a good impression of Su Nan. She didn't have money and she didn't think she could compare with her.

So Qu Qing is disgusted with Su Nan.

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