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Chapter: 2000

The whole day passed.

All the people who got off the boat were checked one by one by Shang Qian.

No Su Nan.

Their background has nothing to do with Chen Li.

Su Nan seems to have disappeared from the world. The captain's men are constantly looking for people, but they have nothing.

In the past, Shang Qian was gentle and polite. Even if he was angry, he would not get angry in front of his face.

But in just one day, he was like a different person.

The eyes are full of red blood, and the whole person is highly nervous in a hair trigger state.

The captain saw that he had stopped eating and drinking all day and night, and went to him to persuade him:

"Mr. Shang, please eat something. If you can't find it, you may have disappeared into the sea..."

Shang Qian slammed the object in front of him to the ground:


Su Nan was so obedient that he told her not to leave the room before he left. She would never go out by herself.

It was someone who deliberately blew up the bottom of the boat, distracted him and his bodyguards, and took Su Nan away.

He was careless. He didn't expect the other party to be so quick.

But before he came, he had clearly investigated. He was still in Southeast Asia and fuyechuan was also in China. It was impossible to know his whereabouts.

Who took Su Nan?

Just thinking, a weak man pushed the door in and coughed twice:

"General manager."

"Mr. Li." The captain nodded to make way for him.

Shang Qian frowned and glanced at him. He was not in the mood to think about anything else. He didn't care about the life or death of Li Suizhou at all.

He just made an excuse, took advantage of the boat from Li Suizhou, got what he wanted, and took Su Nan out to relax.

But the other side was clearly prepared.

He knows nothing.

Li Suizhou walked over and coughed with a pale face. "Is Miss Su missing?"

Shang Qian suddenly looked up.

Li Suizhou seemed not surprised at all.

The captain frowned, "what does Mr. Li know?"

Li Suizhou pursed his lips and his eyes sank. Looking at a fruit knife on the table, he walked over and picked it up.

The captain immediately felt the position of the back waist with vigilance.

Shang Qian narrowed his eyes and watched Li Suizhou pick up the knife and draw a line to his forearm.

Blood surged in an instant.

Tragic and bloody.

Shang Qian watched indifferently, but Li Suizhou took out a black positioning device the size of a grain of rice from his wound.


Feel the atmosphere slowly condensing.

Shang Qian's face turned from shock to fury. His eyes looked at Li Suizhou coldly.

At that moment, the killing intention gathered in the eyes made no secret.

The captain walked over. "What is this? A locator?"

Li Suizhou nodded: "I guess so."

"Why didn't you say it earlier?"

The captain threw it on the ground and stepped on it.

The rice grain sized device became red for a moment, then disappeared and became powder.

Shang Qian looked up at Li Suizhou in the lunar calendar:

"Whose is it?"

"To be honest." When Li Suizhou said the name, Shang Qian's face flashed a little dark.

He stood up abruptly, feeling very oppressive, and his eyes were scarlet and cold:

"Why did you keep it from me? Why didn't you tell me earlier?"

He lost his gentle modesty and became as cruel as a jackal. With his mouth open, he could tear flesh and blood from each other.

Li Suizhou's mouth moved, and with some guilt in his eyes, he bit his teeth and said:

"I'm not sure it's a good man who came to pick me up. I want to leave a way for myself. Even if it's a positioning device, at least my family can know where I died."

As soon as Li Suizhou's words fell, Shang Qian kicked them hard.

He showed no mercy at all. Li Suizhou was kicked on the ground and covered his chest.

The weak body has no strength to fight back.

He had no face to fight back.

Li Suizhou painfully covered his lower abdomen and coughed constantly, even coughing blood.

The captain was silent.

He looked at Shang Qian, who was out of control like a leopard, and said:

"Mr. Shang, since she knows that it's Chen Li, it means Miss Su is still alive.

The most important thing now is to find a way. "

Shang Qian looked at Li Suizhou with dark eyes. His bloodthirsty eyes were somewhat dangerous and sharp, pointing to Li Suizhou on the ground:

"Watch him. If you can't find Su Nan, throw him into the sea to feed the fish."

The captain answered and watched Shang Qian turn and leave.

He glanced sideways at Li Suizhou, shook his head and followed.

Li Suizhou coughed bitterly and his face was very ugly.

Shang Qian made a phone call and his voice was cold and indifferent:

"Go and check the location of Chen Li. And, no matter whether he is here or not, if he digs three feet in his territory, he will dig it out for me."

When the captain heard this, his face changed and he stepped forward:

"Mr. Shang, will this irritate him?"

Shang Qian sneered:

"I'm afraid he isn't angry enough and doesn't do it hard enough!"

His eyes sank. Now he didn't want to go according to any plan. He had to go his own way.


He suddenly took out his mobile phone and made a call:

"Is fuyechuan in China?"


On the manor of the island.

Su Nan was really afraid of the Tibetan mastiff that could eat half a pot of bones, and refused to pass by it for half a step.

She wore a fisherman's hat and sat on the balcony on the third floor.

Watching the waves crashing on the shore, the sound is loud and broad.

This is the highest place in the whole manor. The railings are log colored, and become somewhat soft because of the wet environment.

There was also a bush in the distance. The natural garden weeds and wild flowers in the back were blooming at will, but she didn't know them.

She took a deep breath and wanted to feel the natural scenery, but she couldn't get into the state.

He sighed impatiently again.

Listen to the quiet footsteps coming from behind.

Needless to think, it must not be Qu Qing.

Qu Qing's style is that the curse comes before the person arrives.

"Isn't it a good place? This used to be my father's manor. Only he and I knew it.

Every time I come here, I feel better. "

Angie stood in front of the railing and took a deep breath.

Looks better than before.

Su Nan closed her eyes. "Island owner, I also have an island. I haven't been there yet. When I go back, I will build it into a tourist resort. I can't waste money!"

Angie paused and smiled, then looked at her with heavy and complicated eyes.

"You are so funny. Last time I said goodbye, I thought I had no chance to see you."

Su Nan didn't know where she was interested in chatting with herself, but she soon picked up her spirits.

It's better to talk than not to talk!

She raised her eyes, walked over, put her long hair in her hands, and smiled:

"It's not fate, so why did you put me here so hard?"

Angie's eyes flickered and dropped:

"He will come soon, and then you can go."

Su Nan frowned, "who is he? Shang Qian?"

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