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Chapter: 2001

Is it Shang Qian?

Angie shook her head.

Su Nan's eyes said: "Fu YeChuan?"

Angie smiled and didn't answer directly. She just looked at her quietly:

"I really envy you. Why does he always like you?

Even if you have married someone and had a child, he will not forget you. "

Su Nan paused. For a moment, her voice was like a ball of cotton. She couldn't speak.

"Are you mistaken? I have nothing to do with him. You arrested me for him?"

Angie was silent for a moment:

"Not all of them."

Su Nan didn't understand any more.

Angel didn't hesitate and immediately changed the subject:

"I heard that you had a daughter. Should Shang Qian be very happy?"

Su Nan glanced at her, but she didn't think too much. She really felt puzzled.

They are not familiar with each other. Why do they greet Shang Qian?

Angel smiled: "they are all fathers, but my son is not liked by his father."

Su Nan paused, looked up at her, and realized that it was Fu YeChuan.

Angie's voice was somewhat hoarse and depressed:

"Only in this way can I make him recognize my son.

My son can't be like me. He has to live in the sun with his father and grow up healthily.

Annie, I don't want to hurt you. Don't hate me. When you go back, say sorry to Shang Qian for me. "

Su Nan frowned.

She doesn't want to forgive herself, let alone Shang Qian?

Angel blinked and smiled:

"But I would like to know another answer."

Her eyes were on Su Nan and she smiled strangely.

Su Nan felt a thump in her heart. She always had a bad feeling.

She was never grateful because Angie didn't beat her or scold her.

Until now, Su Nan had a lot of defences in her heart.

"What answer?"

Angel did not answer, but looked up at the distance, the sea was surging and sparkling.

Su Nan always feels that angel is different. Compared with the last time we met, she seems more and more incomprehensible.

She didn't say, and Su Nan didn't continue to ask.

It's better to fall into her hands than to fall into her hands.

Another day passed.

Angel and Qu Qing are still seemingly harmonious. Su Nan wants to laugh.

She found that only Angie was free to go in and out here. She had a speedboat and would go out and come back every few days.

But others can't get close to the gate, because the fierce Tibetan mastiff will only wag its tail at Angie, and others will scream as soon as they get close.

Su Nan has no chance to connect.

In the evening, angel left as usual.

Su Nan squinted.

In this kind of sea, the distance a speedboat can travel is limited, unless her next destination is not far away, or there is someone to meet her.

Otherwise, it's really hard to think of the port of country E.

Thinking, a voice came from behind.

It's the servant.

She glanced at Su Nan and her voice was calm:

"Miss angel said, please don't sleep tonight. Someone will come."

Su Nan was shocked.

In a moment, I was a little excited. I grasped the railing tightly with both hands. After three days, I finally started to do it?

I can finally leave.

The servant said that and left.

Qu Qing hears the news and runs up excitedly:

"Someone is coming to pick you up?"

Su Nan raised her eyebrows.

Qu Qing looked at her excitedly and even imploringly as she changed her previous coldness:

"Take me with you, or you can go out and tell my son to pick me up."

Su Nan pursed her lips. She thought Qu Qing was enjoying herself here.

Dare you exercise all the time?

But she didn't fall into the trap, so she simply nodded:

"I don't know if I can take you out, but if I go, I will tell fuyechuan that you are here."

Qu Qing breathed a sigh of relief and stood there, excited.

"That's great. When we find YeChuan, I'll let him find Yingying, and we can have a family reunion."

Su Nan pulled a corner of her mouth and looked at the direction on the balcony.

Finally I saw hope.

Su Nan just waited and waited.

Until midnight.

Just heard the roar from the sea.

Angie is back.

Su Nan was awake all the time. Just as she was about to run downstairs, she looked at the servant at the door.

She had a good meal.

In these few minutes, it seems that there are a lot of footsteps.

Rushed into the place.

Don't know if it's an enemy or a friend?


There were many people in front of him, bodyguards in black. Su Nan was a little stunned.

"Miss Su, please."

Su Nan knew when the bodyguard in front took out a rope.

The enemy.

But without much hesitation, she held out her hand.

The bodyguard tied her hand in the opposite direction. It was very close. The binding method on the road could not be loosened easily.

She sighed softly, hoping everything would go well tonight.

She followed her downstairs.

Downstairs, Qu Qing and angel were there.

Qu Qing's treatment was much better than her. She was neatly dressed and specially changed into a new dress.

When she saw Su Nan, Qu Qing looked away expressionless.

It doesn't seem like the person who asked her for help before.

Angel glanced at Su Nan and smiled:

"Let's go."

In the evening, the sea breeze roared, and the fishy and salty sea breeze blew over, with a gloomy sense of falling.

Su Nan hated this feeling. When she fell into the savage island before, it was the situation called Tiantian shouldn't.

What she didn't expect was that Qu Qing went with her.

The first time I left the gate of the villa, the Tibetan mastiff disappeared.

After a long walk, we arrived at the seaside.

There is not only a yacht, but also a medium-sized fishing boat.

Quietly, I can only hear the roar of the wind.

Su Nan was pushed into the boat, and Qu Qing was sitting there, very safe.

As if not nervous at all.

Angie stood on the deck and looked into the distance.


Looking at the direction in the distance, a yacht came quickly.

Qu Qing stood up excitedly, as if aware of something.

"Here comes my son!"

Su Nan glanced at Qu Qing.

No words.

Angie can't turn them over so easily.

In other words, it's impossible to hand yourself over like this.

Not for a while.

The other side is getting closer and closer.

When fuyechuan's yacht approached, it was obvious that angel's people were more alert.

But angel was not nervous. She looked at Fu YeChuan with sparkling eyes and smiled. She jumped at him happily and hugged him.

Fuyechuan's face was somewhat tired, and his cold facial features were shrouded in an obvious chill.

At the moment of seeing Qu Qing, Fu YeChuan's eyes were stunned, and the joy was suppressed before it could be expressed.

Because I saw Su Nan sitting not far from Qu Qing.

For a moment, his face was heavy and ugly.

He stretched out his hand and suddenly pushed away angel, his face cold:

"What do you want to do? Did you catch my mother and my sister? Did you catch Su Nan?"

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