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Chapter: 2002

Angie's happy expression disappeared on her face with the naked eye.

Fuyechuan's attitude was as cold and indifferent as ever.

It seems that fire and water cannot enter.

Angie stood opposite, smiling slowly again, with some reluctance in her smile:

"YeChuan, I saved them. You can't blame me like that."

Fuyechuan snorted coldly.

Qu Qing paused, stood up and said:

"YeChuan, what Angela said is true. Your sister and I were almost killed by that Falcon in country M. if it weren't for Angela, how could I be so safe?"

Fuyechuan's eyes were cold and hard: "the people I sent to find you rushed into the air. If you were really safe, why didn't you contact me?"

A thin layer of anger hung over his brow.

Qu Qing was speechless for a moment.

Angel explained in a gentle voice: "because it's inconvenient for her. If she contacts you, she will be noticed by my brother. How can she see you smoothly at that time?"

"Is it going well now?"

Fuyechuan questioned angel, his face as heavy as ink:

"Where's my sister?"

Angel's eyes twinkled, and she looked at Qu Qing.

Fuyechuan glanced at Qu Qing: "where is fuyingying?"

He asked again.

Qu Qing took a deep breath:

"Yingying insisted that she go to find Chen Li. I tried to persuade her, but she wouldn't listen. She wouldn't go with us. She had to go to find Chen Li."

Fuyechuan's face turned livid.

Angel smiled: "don't worry, my brother will take care of her."

Fuyechuan obviously didn't believe it, but he was too angry to speak for a moment.

He glanced back, and the people on Fu YeChuan's boat jumped directly onto angel's boat.

Ready to take people away.

But Angie's men took a step forward and firmly blocked both of them.

"Angie, what are you doing?"

Fuyechuan almost clenched his teeth.

Angel smiled and looked at him askew:

"Although I have no malice, I can't be a good man for nothing. I said before I came here that I have my conditions."

Fuyechuan stared at her for a few seconds. Her eyes were deep and dark:


Angie lowered her eyes, sorted out her mood and said:

"I want you to announce that Achel is your son, and then take him back to the Fu's house and give him good care and support!"


Fuyechuan refused coldly.

He swept his eyes, and there was something cold in his eyes:

"I can't recognize someone else's son. I don't care who the father of your child is. Don't try to fall on me! I won't take the blame!"

Angie endured the emotion on her face, wronged and angry:

"He is your son. Why don't you believe him?"

Fuyechuan's eyes brushed her coldly and cynically. In his eyes, angel was not a simple and kind woman.

Fu YeChuan was not surprised that she was able to conceive a child with others and fall on him.

This humiliation, how can Angie be at ease?

Her eyes were flushed. She had accumulated so much emotion that she let it out all at once.

She pointed to Sunan sitting there:

"I know that you don't care whether my child is yours or not. Do you care who gives birth to your child?

If it were her, you wouldn't doubt it!

Or if you knew it wasn't yours, you would happily recognize it, wouldn't you? "

Su Nan sat up straight and was very nervous.

She was very worried that the two of them had broken down. Could she go back?

This angel is a love brain. What is the importance of what fuyechuan likes or dislikes?

Why does she have to hang from a tree?

Fuyechuan was silent for a few seconds. His eyes sank like ink, staring at Angel:

"Not you anyway."

Angie was frozen and knew the answer, but when he said it himself, she still felt as bad as breaking.

Qu Qing sees something wrong with the two of them. She thinks the same as Su Nan.

She couldn't wait to stand up:

"YeChuan, angel is sincere to you. I have seen that child. He looks like you. You have seen him before. He is black because he is too young. In fact, he is much whiter now..."

Fuyechuan obviously didn't listen to Xu.

Angie took a deep breath and calmed herself down for a long time.

"Well, believe it or not, you have to recognize Achel if you want to do a paternity test or endure Acting!"

Fuyechuan's eyebrows were slightly agitated.

His dark eyes flashed cold and fierce.

"What if I don't?"

Angie smiled, a little cruel in her smile:

"Do you think you can take them away with you?

Or, once I tell my brother, will he let you take it away? "

Fuyechuan was silent.

Angel smiled: "the news of my disappearance has delayed my brother. That's the chance I left for you."

Her last words were meaningful.

Fuyechuan's eyebrows and eyes trembled slightly, and he suddenly raised his eyes to see her. The sharp in his eyes flashed past.

Then it becomes nothingness.

He squinted, measuring how much Angel knew.

She looked at him, too.

Four eyes are relative.

Silent contest.

Fuyechuan bit his teeth, his eyes trembled and his voice was steady:

"OK, I promise you."

He loosened his collar, and his eyes and eyebrows were very light: "let people go."

He didn't care if the child was his, but he knew it wasn't the child he expected. Even if it was, he wouldn't like it.

Angie pushed the child to his side. Who knows what abacus to play?

There was a moment of silence.

Angel smiled and pointed to the two people behind:

"Choose one."

The words fell.

The atmosphere was stagnant and cold.

Fu YeChuan's eyes looked at her fiercely: "what did you say?"

Angie was a little scared, but she couldn't wait to see his choice.

"You can only change one person for one child. Unless you have another child with me, I will release both.

But that will take a long time! "

There was something wrong with the atmosphere.

Quiet can only hear the roar of the wind.

Su Nan felt her blood was cold.

It never occurred to me that Angie had this idea!

She wanted to prove that Su Nan was not the most important person in fuyechuan's heart. She wanted to force fuyechuan to admit that he didn't love Su Nan that much.

But why this way?

Sunan's heart is sinking.

Is this still a choice?

A real mother, a divorced woman, which do you choose?

The unchanging topic really let them meet!

Fuyechuan looked at angel with his eyes blandly, and his face was tight and ugly.

Angel smiled and looked at fuyechuan:

"Don't worry. You have made a choice. No matter who it is, I will give it to my brother. I won't hurt them."

Su Nan glanced at her.

She didn't hurt herself, but what's the difference between giving it to Chen Li and dying?

Su Nan and Qu Qing's faces changed slightly.

Qu Qing couldn't help looking at fuyechuan eagerly:

"What are you hesitating about? Is it worth your hesitation when I gave birth to you?

Who is important between me and that woman?

She's dead when she's dead. She's a pest! "

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