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Chapter: 2003

Fuyechuan's face grew colder and colder.

Everyone is waiting for fuyechuan to make a choice.

In fact, what I want to see more is the expression of his choice.

Because everyone knows who he will choose.

It's just that fuyechuan, who is so strong that he has no weakness, gives up his beloved woman again and again. That kind of injury can make people feel happy.

What he said about love is not worth saying.

He gave up Su Nan again and again. Isn't it a kind of self torture?

But every time, he had to force himself to choose a correct answer.

Every time he hesitated, Angie's face became more ugly.

"Do you still want to choose her? Since you have given up, why are you still hesitating this time?

I'm much better than Xing Zhi. He let her die, but I didn't. "

"Is there any difference?"

Fuyechuan asked coldly.

"What is the difference between Xing Zhi and Chen Li and you?"

His eyes are cold, and the gloom in his eyebrows can freeze the dead.

Angel pursed her lips and her eyes twinkled.

That sentence obviously hurt her.

No difference.

But Su Nan can live in her hands. Even this difference, is he hesitating?

Is Sunan really that important?

Angie smiled, a little twisted:

"There's no difference, so you'd better make a decision quickly. It's dark and the boat can't get out."

Fuyechuan's gas field is extremely cold.

The wind blew the sails hunting.

He stood there, with an endless sea behind him, dark and cold.

Su Nan looked at him, and those struggles and fears in her heart slowly disappeared.

He can't help it.

She can't hate fuyechuan.

It was as if he had brought people to save her on an uninhabited island. He tried his best.

The result doesn't seem to matter.

He hesitated and struggled, and she should be grateful.

Just when Qu Qing was so anxious that she began to scold him for having no conscience.

Su Nan suddenly spoke, and her voice was steady and calm:

"Fuyechuan, it doesn't matter. You should choose your family.

If it were me, I would do the same. You don't owe me. Even if I have an accident here, you don't have to blame yourself, because it has nothing to do with you. "

Su Nan knew that it was really bad luck to be caught.

But I'm glad.

In the room on the ship, if Fu YeChuan didn't deliberately hide her, she would be in Chen Li's hands at this time.

Chen Li hated her and would not make her feel better.

A sudden accident has nothing to do with fuyechuan.

Their entanglement is very deep, but also very shallow.

So shallow that he shouldn't hesitate.

Angel took a look at Su Nan, and her eyes were full of complicated examination.

Su Nan stood there, her hands tied behind her, but her eyes looked at fuyechuan frankly and purely:

"There is a saying that you must bring it to me and let my husband Shang Qian take good care of himself... And our daughter."

They were the only ones on her mind.

Fuyechuan looked at Su Nan with gloomy eyes. He could not see any expression, but his eyes were complex and dark. They were colder than the sea behind him.

He clenched his fist.

There was always a bad feeling. He looked at such a calm Su Nan as if he would disappear in front of his eyes in the next second.

Can the past pain be repeated again?

There seemed to be two forces in his body tearing at each other, letting him choose.

He didn't want to leave her.

This is a good opportunity to make up.

But isn't it natural to choose your own mother?

long time.

Fuyechuan looked at Su Nan with dark eyes and said in a dry, low voice:


He owes her too much in his life. I'm sorry.

It seems that I am only sorry.

A word of sorry relieved Angie.

Qu Qing also stopped scolding. She couldn't wait to come out from behind angel and run to fuyechuan's boat.

Angel breathed a sigh of relief and looked at fuyechuan with a smile:

"You did a good job. I just want you to know that even if you don't love me, you can't be with her again.

I will let someone send Achel over and keep your promise.

By the way, you'd better not tell about this place. Otherwise, you might be invited to be a guest next time! "

Qu Qing nodded as soon as she heard this.

"Don't worry, I'll never say anything. I'll take it as if I didn't see anything. You can deal with that woman yourself!"

Wen Yan.

Angie smiled.

With that, she glanced at the bodyguard behind her.

The bodyguard, knowing this, immediately dragged Su Nan away and sent her to the cabin.

Fuyechuan held back his emotion:

"Where are you taking her?"

Angie raised her eyebrows:

"For my brother, of course."

As he was saying this, he suddenly heard a cry of surprise from behind the cabin.

"She jumped into the sea..."

In shock.

Fuyechuan rushed over regardless.

Angel didn't expect this, and her face changed slightly.


"Su Nan -"

The man roared.

The sea was very restless, and the waves rolled, easily devouring a living life.

The sea breeze blew, and everyone's heart was cold.

Where is Su Nan's shadow!

Angie followed in shock, looked at the bodyguard and asked:

"Is the rope untied?"

If it had been untied, perhaps she would have been ready.

There is still a glimmer of life.

If not

Fuyechuan's heart sank completely.

Seeing that she was about to jump off after taking off her clothes, angel held him in her arms:

"Don't jump, YeChuan. This is the sea. No one can come up alive!"

Fuyechuan pushed her away.

Angie stumbled and almost fell. Fortunately, her bodyguard caught her in time:

"Get out!"

He stared at her with scarlet eyes, and his face was cold and terrible:

"I can stay away from her. I can watch her marry someone else, but I can't watch her die!"

For the rest of his life, apart from giving up his beloved woman again and again, what else is worth remembering?

All these will be his disgrace!

Just to prove to the world that he doesn't deserve to love her?

But what did he do wrong?

Time and time again, the injury is not from the heart!

Why can Shang Qian, a latecomer, stand beside her?

How much less is his love than Shang Qian?

But he unknowingly became a joke!

Angel looked at fuyechuan pale.

It seems that I have never seen fuyechuan lose control.

Heartbreak, despair.

For another woman!

After fuyechuan shouted, he turned to jump.

Angel stopped him again, with a cry and trembling in her voice:

"I'm wrong. I shouldn't have forced you. I don't want to kill her, but don't jump. You'll really die!"

Both of them tried their best to resist, and the bodyguards around Angel stopped them.

We all know how important this man is to Angie.

Angie cried:

"I'm wrong. I can do whatever you want. Don't jump down. Please..."

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