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Chapter: 981

But the footsteps stopped behind, but there was no sound.

Sunan just felt something was wrong, and a familiar low and bright voice broke the silence.

"What are you looking at when you are so focused?"

Su Nan was stunned. She turned and looked at Shang Qian standing there, stunned.

"Why are you here?"

Shang Qian smiled mildly, his eyebrows and eyes drooped slightly, with a light warmth in his eyes.

"Of course I miss you, my girlfriend."

He stood there with open arms and gave her a color.

Su Nan froze for a moment. He wanted to hold her?

This action is simply too obvious.

Shang Qian broke the boundaries one after another. She has already seen the strange.

Every time she came into contact with her, she had no aversion. He had a good smell of aloes, which was addictive.

Su Nan bit her teeth, walked over silently and leaned rigidly in his arms.

Hearing the laughter coming from his chest, Su Nan's face turned red.

boiling hot.

She wanted to escape in an instant, but her hands tightly hugged her waist and imprisoned her in her arms.

Gentle but powerful.

Shang Qian's hand rested on her back waist and looked at the direction she had just seen.

Her voice was dumb and heavy, and she whispered in her ear:

"So beautiful..."

As a feather brushed the tip of her heart, Su Nan's heart felt as if it had been electrified for a moment.

He secretly pointed out, but Su Nan couldn't take his seat according to the number.

She struggled, and Shang Qian relented.

He also knew not to go too far.

Today's sugar is enough.

Su Nan turned around as if nothing had happened and reached the cane chair in front of the French window.

"Why didn't you bring little Mike?"

Shang Qian's gentle face was momentarily wronged.

"I don't want him to disturb us. I will ask the maid and bodyguard to accompany him to study in the library until the evening.

I didn't think you missed him? "

Su Nan pursed her lips and motioned for the cane chair opposite her.

Shang Qian walked over and sat down. The sun spread on him, and the meaningful shadow was deeply carved out.

His long legs curled up, his side face was handsome, his facial features were not aggressive, gentle and quiet.

At this time, he looked at the opposite Su Nan with deep eyes and a smile on his lips.

Su Nan dodged his eyes and paused:

"You are so good at playing tricks on children!"

Shang Qian smiled. "Boys can't be spoiled."

Once used to him, he ran to Su Nan. He couldn't bear it.

Su Nan suddenly thought of Shang Yi. "Yes, I forgot to tell you that Shang also came."

Shang Qian was not surprised, as if he had expected it long ago.

"I know."

"You know?"

Shang Qian nodded, and a trace of coldness crossed his eyes.

"How could he give up so easily? He can't wait to persuade you to nod your head. In this way, he can completely step on me and watch my jokes."

Su Nan opened her mouth and looked a little tangled.

I want to ask, but I don't know whether to ask.

Shang Qian noticed her look and smiled.

"What else did he say?"

Su Nan shook her head. "I'm just talking about your father's illness. Do you really want to go back and have a look?"

After all, if it is true, you may regret it for a lifetime.

Shang Qian lowered his eyes to hide the cold that was coming from the bottom of his eyes.

"No, since I left the store, his life and death have nothing to do with me."

His tone was stiff, as if he were trying to suppress something.

Su Nan looked at him quietly for a few seconds, smiled and said nothing.

Forget it, don't ask.

It doesn't seem very happy.

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