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Chapter: 165

Chapter 165: Let me return your stuff

"Y-Y-You… What are you guys doing??"  With her mouth covered and her pupils constricted, Anna seemed to be somewhat at a loss.

As her complexion approached that of a burning-red pancake, that little brain of hers seemed to have overloaded. Seeing the duo undergoing an advanced state of body contact, she tried to say something but had difficulty organizing her thoughts, resulting in a series of incoherent words.

Ji Bai was perplexed as to why the silver-haired loli had arrived and also her reaction, while Lin only narrowed her eyes.

For a moment, the duo had forgotten to move their bodies away from each other.

In the eyes of the parties involved, this fiasco was perhaps just a mere incident. However, in the eyes of an outsider like Anna, it was a completely different matter.

‘God, this is totally crossing the red line! How could blood relatives d-…do such a thing?? This isn’t some anime, don’t tell me I really have to call a German doctor1 over to treat him afterwards?’

‘Also, it would be one thing if it had progressed to a shameful, clandestine affair, but why do those two seem so familiar with it?! From how wanton their position is, don’t tell me they have grown so close they don’t need to say even the most basic of words before initiating the deed?!’   

‘So, how exactly did the two of you begin?? I’ve clearly done a good job in raising Little Lin-Lin…’

But how did things become this way? Whether it be my daughter or niece, it should be a really happy matter that the two joy buns have been reunited. Why did things turn out this way…’  

For a moment, Anna instantly imagined countless situations happening in various locations and incessantly populated them with mosaic images.


Due to various melodramatic events and Heaven’s will, the relationship of the pair gradually grew closer. In a situation where neither party had pierced through the thin sheet of a boundary separating them, a romantic encounter occurred between the two on a certain school rooftop.

"U-Uhm~~ Uuu, is this really okay? Isn’t it a bit too sudden…"

"…Don’t tell me that you don’t love me? Was everything until now just entertainment for you?"

"No, no! How could that… B-But we are blood relatives! I-If this were to get out… How would we be able to face the eyes of people in the future…"

"Is our love… so weak that it couldn’t transcend the public’s eyes? Blood relations don’t matter as long as love exists… Rather… It is precisely because of our blood ties that it is even more exciting."

"Uuu… B-But I am a girl…"

"What a coincidence, I am one as well."

And thus, the two had shared an embrace and kissed, as they helped strip each other of their clothing and tasted the forbidden fruit for the first time.


"Eeeeeh…" Anna’s face went bright red, with her eyes resembling a pair of mosquito coils as her brain seemingly crashed in that instant.

‘Mhm? Did she catch a fever?’

Ji Bai was puzzled.

"You, Y-Y-You… The two of you… You two achtually…" Anna’s frail shoulders slightly shook. Taking deep breaths to keep her emotions in check, she tried her best to ensure that her tone was sufficiently calm.

"How did the two of you g-getsh together… Sinsh when did it begin?"

"Are you alright? Don’t misunderstand, this is just a…" Only then did Ji Bai realize that the pair of white-haired girls before him seemingly shared a mother – daughter relationship. However, just when he was going to explain things further, he was interrupted by Lin.

"Who I am with is none of your business." Lin looked coldly at Anna.

"Mhm?" Narrowing his eyes, Ji Bai had the nagging feeling that subtle undercurrents were seemingly brewing in this mother-daughter relationship.

"Uuuu~ Lin-Lin-chan is grown up now. Uhuhu… Now that you’ve found someone you like, you don’t need your mother anymore… I’ve raised you up with milk and tears; I even remember how you’d shout for mommy with that baby voice of yours when you’re in your swaddles…" Anna’s tears fell like raindrops landing on a pear blossom that honestly made for quite the pitiful sight.

However, Lin was completely unmoved as she stood at the corner, with an expression suggesting that she was watching the start of a theatrical act.

‘I can’t put my finger on it, but there seems to be some deep, abstruse meaning behind this family drama."     

The realm between reality and fiction was too murky and dangerous for Ji Bai to wade in. After being silent for a moment, he decided it would be best for him to stealthily make his exit. He would leave the stage for the mother-daughter pair before him to have a heart-to-heart chat with each other.

"Uhuhu… Your mother is really, really upset, you know~" Anna didn’t bat an eyelid as she wiped her tears with one hand. Her other hand had quietly latched onto Ji Bai’s clothes as he had been trying to slip away.

"Say, I get that you’re upset, but why do you have to grab onto my clothes?" Ji Bai felt somewhat at a loss. If he remembered correctly, he wasn’t that close with the loli before him, wasn’t he? He had tried to clear the stage for them to discuss things undisturbed, but she refused and even held onto an outsider like himself. What was going on here?

"No, you can’t leave." Anna said with a steadfast complexion after wiping her tears.

If it weren’t for the traces on her face, it would be extremely hard for Ji Bai to believe she had just cried…

‘Unless these were just for show?’ 

Anna didn’t care about that. Taking advantage of Ji Bai’s daze, she went upwards to him and tightly hugged his arm.

It was at this moment that Lin’s relaxed brows imperceptibly furrowed.

"Please conduct yourself with dignity, Miss Anna. We obviously aren’t this close with each other." Ji Bai slightly knitted his brows. The combination of adorable attributes she held, such as her silver hair and her flat chested loli body, actually reminded him of the creature he loathed most.

Feeling a headache coming onto him, Ji Bai looked at Lin for help in getting her mother away. However, when he turned his gaze at her, he saw the incomparably chilly and scarlet red eyes of hers turned to the side, with a look that suggested it was none of her business.

"Hey, hey!— Hurry up and let go! I have stuff I really need to do.." Ji Bai felt completely helpless.

"No way, there’s no way you can escape this time. Ji Bai-chan… No, little student Ji Bai~ I’ve purposely made this trip here to see you." Anna’s silk-like hair incessantly rubbed against Ji Bai’s hand.

"That guy has never washed his hands after going to the toilet." Interjected Lin coldly from the side.

"Iya??" Chestnut instantly let go of Ji Bai’s hands, took out a handkerchief and incessantly wiped her hands.

"Can I sue you for slander?" The corners of Ji Bai’s mouth incessantly twitched several times.

"Bye, sorry for interrupting, you don’t need to send me off." Ji Bai decisively bade his intention to leave thrice.

"Eeeh?? Don’t leave, my little student Ji Bai~  I am actually here to return something back to you. Unless you don’t want it anymore?" Anna placed her hands behind her back and spoke with a completely innocent expression.

‘Return something? Did I leave anything behind?’ 

Ji Bai turned his head around in puzzlement.

"Hehe~ Follow me, alright~ I will sh-ouw you something good." After saying that, Anna grabbed Ji Bai’s hands and dragged him towards the entrance.

"Lin-Lin chan, gotta be obedient alright? Mommy will come by and see you later~ Don’t worry, little Student Ji Bai isn’t an outsider… I have some official matters I need to discuss with him." Leaving behind such ambiguous words, Anna pulled on Ji Bai’s hand with a face full of smiles and left.

With her brows slightly knitted, Lin’s gaze carried a bit of doubt as she looked at the pair that was engaged in a tug of war. Despite having a nagging feeling that something was amiss, she didn’t intend on pursuing it.

Eventually, she closed her eyes, picked up the books that had fallen to the ground and walked out the entrance.


"Ура, Ура~ This way, this way." Anna held onto Ji Bai. Like a locomotive hauling some cargo, she excitedly pulled him into the chivalry head’s office before closing the door with her backhand and locking it.

"Hey, what sort of item are you planning to return back to me?" Ji Bai knitted his brows slightly upon seeing Anna who was repeatedly and meticulously checking if the door lock was working properly.

"…Ehe~" Anna turned her body around and giggled as she walked towards Ji Bai step by step.

"It’s very rude to talk to your seniors like this, you know~ If you want to address me in the future, make sure to call me aunty, alright? ~My adorable Ji Bai-chan~" Anna stood on tiptoe and gave Ji Bai’s nose a tap.

"What do you mean? I don’t understand what you’re talking about…" Just as he was finishing his words, Ji Bai’s eyes slightly grew wider as he stared at Anna’s hands in a daze.

"What’s the matter~ Do you want your hair clips back? Oh dear~ It’s not like you can’t have them back if you call me ‘aunty’ once, you know? My little niece~?"

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