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Chapter: 166

Chapter 166: You still need to be educated

"…I don’t understand what you’re talking about." Ji Bai stared fixedly at the hair clips in Anna’s hands before turning his head away to express his ignorance.

"Uuu~ A little Ji Bai who’s feigning ignorance and trying to cover up her identity at all cost is just too cute, ehe~"

"You’re mistaken, I’m not doing anything, so may I request that you refrain yourself from spouting drivel1 and conduct yourself with dignity, Miss Chivalric Head. Repeatedly claiming ties to people you aren’t close with is exactly how wandering women strike up conversations on the streets." His complexion unchanged, Ji Bai silently took a step back.

As a knight who had experienced countless battles, Ji Bai could adapt to any sudden attacks, let alone verbal probes. Even when huge shock waves were churning in his heart, he was able to remain calm and put on an unchanged complexion.

At the same time, the sudden danger which arrived suddenly and without warning had raised his cautiousness towards this long expired white-haired loli to an unprecedented level.

‘Indeed, as long as it’s a brat with silver hair, I must definitely not underestimate them; It’s my oversight…’

‘Even though I’m unwilling to admit it, based on the way she addressed me… She must be that bitch Lilias’ sister??’ 

‘No one from that family is easy to deal with.’

But it’s fine. In the worst case scenario, I’ll just be shameless and stubbornly deny those claims.  Perhaps, it is all just a baseless suspicion.’ 


"Oh dear~ In order to conceal your identity, you’ve actually not eaten or drunk anything… This stubborn yet adorable personality had made me recall Little Lilias when she was young. That child must have taught you by her words and actions, right~? She loves her reputation and is rather competitive. You must definitely have had a really hard time there, haven’t you? It’s all fine now~ Your aunt is going to spoil you as much as you please in her embrace~" Anna stretched out her arms and threw her soft marshmallow-like body at him.

Expressionless, Ji Bai tilted his body to the side and evaded the cat-like pounce from the flat-chested loli.

"Uuu~…" Anna defiantly puffed up her cheeks as she continued to try and bury her small head in Ji Bai’s embrace.

"Please behave yourself, Miss Chivalry Head. I am completely unaware of what you’re talking about. Please stop your actions, they are causing me distress." It seemed as if Ji Bai was wrestling with a bull. A side dodge to evade her swoop placed him directly towards the sofa at the corner, which he then sat on top of it.

"Hmmm~ My little niece is being disobedient. I’ve already seen through your identity a long time ago. Come, be a good girl and throw yourself into aunt Anna’s embrace!"

After saying which, Anna revealed her sharp teeth and jumped up onto the sofa like a little kitten pouncing on her food.

Ji Bai got up with a roll, causing Anna to catch nothing but empty air again.

"Miss Anna, please refrain from performing these distressing actions. Not only are they rude, they’re also showing disrespect towards yourself and others." Ji Bai slightly knitted his brows.

"Oh~?" Anna laid belly-down on the sofa and tilted her head. A cunning smile flashed past before it was immediately replaced with a natural, OvO expression.

"Uuu~ Then what should I do in order to fit in, I am not really that adept in etiquette…"

"If you’re inapt, you can learn. There’s no way you couldn’t learn if you have the will to do so."

"But I don’t know how to apply makeup…"

"What do you take a lady for?"Ji Bai raised his brows, as a burst of inexplicable anger suddenly arose in his heart.

"A lady is not like those pretty and flirtatious women out there that are simply putting up a false front. There is absolutely no need for them to learn how to apply powder on their faces; Besides, why should vampires even deliberately apply make-up…"

"To start off, speak softly; In a way that someone can hear you, but not see you as a boorish individual. One’s level of upbringing is normally reflected through their intonation. When you walk, your pace as well as the range of movement shouldn’t be too exaggerated, nor should they be too excessively petty. By finding the right balance of attitude to handle matters and conducting yourself in a generous and composed manner, you can then finally incorporate these habits into your second nature. This is-…" Ji Bai suddenly went silent and raised his eyes.

"Eh? Continue. The experience that Lil’ Ji Bai is passing on is benefiting your aunt greatly~ She still wants to continue listening." Anna’s hands were placed on her cheeks, as she laid down on the sofa and swayed her feet back and forth while directing a face full of smiles at him.

Ji Bai was caught off-guard. He hadn’t expected for the detestable but subtle changes to bring all kinds of physiological reactions to him, and at the same time, pulled down his intelligence. How could he be so muddle-brained to bite such an amateur bait??

‘So, what on earth did I say earlier?’ 

"I was just talking about something I experienced, nothing more- Nothing important."

"Oh dear, talking about something you have experienced, is that it? Does cat-sucking belong in that category too?" Anna covered her mouth and smiled craftily.

"…I don’t really understand what you’re talking about. I feel very unwell today, so I’ll take my leave first." Saying which, Ji Bai scuttled towards the entrance in a hurry.

"Eh? You want to leave now? Here~ Let me give you a souvenir then. Catch!"

Just as Ji Bai was puzzled as to why Anna would relent so easily, he received the palm-sized rune stone she had tossed over.

‘This type of rune-stone seems somewhat familiar…’

"Di-Di-Di…" An eye-catching red light emerged from the incantations carved on the top of the rune stone. A dazzling flash appeared, following which, a transparent screen was playing a certain video clip like a projector.

‘This is…’

Ji Bai’s expression transitioned from one of doubt to shock; His pupils gradually grew larger as he tightly clutched the rune stone in his palm.

It was a clip he was familiar with, a memory that had taken place in the not-so-distant past. However, rather than display things from a first person perspective, it showed an outside perspective, allowing him to personally appreciate a show of erotic humiliation by himself…

"There, there~ Back then, Anna was shocked as well… That said, how is it~ Isn’t the vampire girl on the screen really adorable? I’ve actually found the best angle to record her. Even if you check her out in all 360 degrees, she’d still be super cute no matter what."

Even after the video playback had ended, Ji Bai was still staring fixedly at the runestone in his hands. It was unclear what was in his mind.

"Oh, that’s right~ I was planning to pass this recording over to Ke’er-chan for a look. I want to share that appreciation with her and let her know what sort of existence is living under the same roof as her."

"By the way, I generally replicate a-few-dozen copies when engraving such precious footage onto a rune stone to prevent myself from losing it." A trace of craftiness was suffused within Anna’s childlike and innocent smile.

"Tch." Ji Bai casually tossed the rune stone away. "You’re spying on me?"

"Well… I didn’t expect anything out of it. It was just a lucky catch at best, that’s all."

"…What do you want?"

"There, there… We’re finally getting straight to the exciting topic now, are we? What do I want you to do…" Anna’s naive smile carried a sense of charmingness as she licked her lips.

"Bump." She cut off Ji Bai’s path by pushing him against the door.

"Are you really this clueless? …Hurry up and turn back into a vampire. My beloved little niece~"

Ji Bai’s brows were tightly knitted, as he faintly gritted his teeth.

"Seems like there really is a need for Ke’er to look at this extremely interesting recording then~" Anna weighed the rune stone in her hands with mock suspicion as she turned around in an attempt to play hard to get.

"Hey, you, don’t leave… Tch, troublesome and naggy woman."

Behind Anna, a group of small vampire bats scattered and flew in all directions amidst a scarlet light. With her scheme coming to fruition at long last, she revealed a satisfied smile on her face.

Silver silk hair that extended all the way to the floor like a carpet, pure-white skin resembling white jade as well as a small delicate face similar to a porcelain doll, upon which its pouting lips were so defined one could hang a metal hook on it.

Bai Ji harrumphed once, as she wrapped her arms around her body and looked at Anna with a face full of revulsion. She was seemingly indignant about the other party’s threatening behavior that was both shameless and vile.

"Awooo! How cute!" Hearts radiated outwards from Anna’s eyes as she pounced on Bai Ji like a bunny.

"Go away! Get away from me, you shameless, despicable O-L-D H-A-G!"

"Oh my, oh my~ …You’re really a child without any filters. Your aunt is clearly just a little loli." The smile on Anna’s face suddenly became even more vibrant.

"Geh! Who’d believe that? A despicable, shameless old hag whose chest can be used as a chopping board is trying to act like a young girl! You’re so disgusting that I could die right now, bffftttt…"

"Lil’ Ji Bai~ It seems like you really need your aunt’s loving reeducation~" Anna’s little smile gradually darkened as she saw Bai Ji sticking her tongue out at her.

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