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Chapter: 457

The Arrival

When Ye Xuan had sent a dash of his consciousness to see how far the Tree of World could fly at one go after achieving the Starlight level, all of a sudden.

His energy went turbulent in his Spirit Ocean. He achieved the peak Monarch level a few days ago, but his energy started to soar again.

It broke a bottleneck in one second.

And he achieved the Starlight level from the peak Monarch level.

"The Starlight level…"

Feeling the change in his energy, Ye Xuan beamed.

He had not expected himself to achieve this level following the level-up of Lil Wan and the Tree of World.


At the same time, when Ye Xuan had achieved the Starlight level, a vortex that had formed earlier in his Spirit Ocean suddenly stopped spinning.

Then it merged with Ye Xuan’s second Talent Vortex, namely, his clone ability.

I can clone two every time?

Then he received a message in his Spirit Ocean.

He was informed that he would be able to clone two beasts every time he used the clone ability.

In addition to that, he could also use this ability to clone the combination of Lil Wan and the Tree of World first.

Then he could use it to clone the Tidal Treasure Snail or another beast combination.

Or he could make two clones of the combination of Lil Wan and the Tree of World.

"This ability…"

Ye Xuan did not know what to say.

In short, this ability was sick.

While he was thinking that, Ye Xuan shifted his consciousness to check out the attributes of the Tree of World.

"Thirty million miles!"

Ye Xuan identified the attributes of the Tree of World in a second.

After the level-up, the grades of Lil Wan and the Tree of World both dropped to three stars.

But even so, even though the Tree of World had just achieved the low Starlight level, it still could travel thirty million miles at one go!

"Ye Xuan, did you just level up again?"

At this moment, a pretty woman in a white blouse, a black short skirt, black stockings, and high heels pushed the door open and walked into Ye Xuan’s office. It was Lin Shiru.

She detected Ye Xuan’s level-up through the Love Mark as soon as he achieved the Starlight level.


Ye Xuan nodded with a smile. He told Lin Shiru since Lil Wan and the Tree of World had levelled up, he levelled up as well.

"That’s fast."

Lin Shiru’s eyes shone with surprise. She was rendered speechless.

Ye Xuan’s cultivation level had been enhancing too fast.

Thanks to the Love Mark, she had also been improving fast these days.

She achieved the peak Challenger level not long after her level-up to the Challenger level.

Since Ye Xuan had achieved the Starlight level, she supposed she probably would achieve the Legend level very soon.


Ye Xuan smiled. "Shall we celebrate for my level-up to the Starlight level?"

"Of course. What do you want to do?"

Lin Shiru said without thinking.


Seeing Lin Shiru’s silly cute expression, Ye Xuan moved to behind her and scooped her up onto the desk. Then he waved his hand to create a barrier to block the whole office.

"No. Not here… Ah…"

"We should go faster!"

Ten-odd people were travelling fast in the vast chaotic star river.

They suddenly noticed the opening resulted from the appearance of the Immortal Ancient Continent was slowly closing.

It seemed the channel full of risks was going back to what it had been.

Once the channel recovered, they probably would be stuck in that place forever.

"Damn it!"

"I only hope it will be open until we enter the Tianyuan Star Zone and finish our investigation there so that we can still go back. Otherwise, I’m afraid we would have to stay here forever and never be able to go back."

The ten-odd Starlight-level Beast Tamers from different forces were collaborating with each other to travel through the channel fast.

Many of them were from hostile forces.

But they had to collaborate with each other in such circumstances.

It was too dangerous in the chaotic star river.

Besides the mysterious creatures living here, they also had to watch out for space turbulences that could sweep over anytime.

Space turbulences usually would not hurt them because they were strong enough.

But it was different there.

All of the space turbulences there were full of chaotic energy.

They could even be called chaotic space turbulences.

"Gee, it seems we will be out of here very soon?"

One of them suddenly detected something while they were travelling at a high speed. He looked ahead all of a sudden.

The others also lifted their head.

They kept advancing for some time. Then all of them found something unusual all of a sudden.

They realized it would not take them long to leave the star river and enter the Tianyuan Star Zone, which was also called the Galaxy or the Milky Way, as long as they kept travelling.

Swish! Swish! Swish!

Then, about ten-odd minutes later, the group of ten-odd people finally passed the chaotic star river and arrived in the Galaxy despite all of the dangers on the way.

"We’ve finally arrived!"

The whole group felt relieved upon arrival.

As if they had survived a catastrophe.

According to the historical materials, the Galaxy was super undeveloped.

The number of strong people there was quite small.

Many Divine Sovereigns once came here to disclose its secrets.

Even stronger people came.

But they found the Spirit Auras in the Galaxy were very scarce. Cultivating here would only yield a very slow-paced improvement. Therefore, it was not an ideal place for the development of the Warrior Path.

Challenger-level Warriors were very few in the Galaxy, let alone Legend-level Warriors.

"Eh? The Spirit Auras here seem to be richer than what the historical materials say about them."

"It’s true. Cultivating in this environment, Warriors might have a chance of reaching the Legend level."

"According to the historical materials, the Spirit Auras at the edge of the chaotic star river are the richest in the whole Galaxy. There might be fewer Spirit Auras on the planets with life in the Galaxy. But due to the merge of that world, if they also have Beast Tamers here, some of them will surely achieve the Legend level, only not a lot."

The ten-odd Starlight-level Beast Tamers from various big forces talked to each other.

They were quite condescending since it was the Galaxy where they had come.

Especially when they had detected the amount of the Spirit Auras here.

While talking, the ten-odd people shifted their consciousnesses to take out a white bead. They looked like they were sensing something with it.

"No. As I thought, it won’t work, even though there is a channel in the chaotic star river."

But they took their beads back very soon with pity on their faces.

Those beads could tell them if they constructed a transmission formation here, whether their people could be transmitted to the Galaxy directly through the transmission formation.

However, apparently, the chaotic star river made it a mission impossible.

"Come on. Let’s find a planet with life and check it out."

A trace of shrewdness flashed across their eyes. They opened a space tunnel to go deeper into the Galaxy right away.

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