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Chapter: 458

World Transmission

On the Cerulean Planet.

In Ye Xuan’s office, Lin Shiru arranged her clothes with a flush. She threw Ye Xuan a stare as if she was annoyed.

However, she could not help but beam after the stare.

Because when Ye Xuan had injected his energy into her at the highest point, she achieved the Legend level from the peak Cultivation level.

In terms of the Beast Taming style, she was one of the Unification School.

The Unification School was different from other schools. A Beast Tamer of this school would be reverse nurtured abundantly by his or her beasts right after their level-up.

In this way, the Beast Tamer would also level up.

Ye Xuan grinned at her.

Feeling complacent, he pulled her over and let her sit on his laps.

"Ye Xuan."

Lin Shiru looked at Ye Xuan when she had adapted herself to the enhancement of her cultivation level. She asked concernedly, "You’ve already achieved the Starlight level. You are not thinking about leaving the Galaxy, are you?"

Ye Xuan had asked her to collect information about the world beyond the Galaxy from various planets these days, and she collected a lot of information for him.

"For now, no."

Ye Xuan comforted Lin Shiru, "I need to wait until the Tidal Treasure Snail reaches the Starlight level anyway. Besides, the chaotic star river is full of dangers and risks. I’m afraid that even the Starlight-level Tidal Treasure Snail won’t be able to go beyond it."

"If I really want to go, I promise you I will test the water with a Treasure Snail Image first."

He had learned about the particularity of the chaotic star river from the information Lin Shiru had collected.

He also learned that the Galaxy where they were living was called the Tianyuan Star Zone by the extragalactic world, and it turned out to be the centre of this universe.

"Well, fair enough."

Lin Shiru felt relieved.

She and Ye Xuan had been spending too little time together since they had got married. She really did not want Ye Xuan to go.

Ye Xuan caressed Lin Shiru with gentleness and affection in his eyes.

The Starlight level was a fantastic level, but it was only so for the Beast Tamers from the Galaxy.

However, it was not even close to the fact in the world of Beast Taming.

Ye Xuan had been upset a lot by the unusual changes that had resulted from the sudden appearance of the Immortal Ancient Continent not long ago.

Therefore, he was hoping he could enhance his cultivation level as quickly as possible.

Only when his cultivation level got enhanced, he would be really able to protect his family.

However, in the current stage, the enhancement of his cultivation level had encountered some restrictions in the Galaxy.

That was why he wanted to leave the Galaxy to see the world beyond it after the Tidal Treasure Snail achieved the Starlight level.

In the best-case scenario, he would try to build a transmission formation between the Galaxy and the extragalactic world so that he could go and return anytime.

If that was not plausible, he could try to leave a Beast Lair of his outside the Galaxy and leave another one inside it.

His Beast Lair talent could transmit, too.

And the transmission it could realize was not space transmission.

But world transmission!

It meant transmitting people between two worlds.

Ye Xuan wondered if he left one Beast Lair outside the Galaxy and another one inside the Galaxy, whether the disturbances from the chaotic star river could be avoided to make the transmission possible.

If that could work, he could use the Galaxy as a base camp for him to rest and recover.

Of course, he still could enhance his cultivation level in the Galaxy in the current stage.

Because he had promoted the Sacrifice Spell across the Galaxy after becoming the Lord of the Galaxy.

He was sure he would get more Luck when all Beast Tamers in the Galaxy improved their strengths by cultivating the Sacrifice Spell.

And he figured it would not take that very long to happen.

It would happen in the near future.

"There is a planet with life ahead!"

Ten-odd people flew across the cold starry sky. They glanced over and spotted a planet far away.

"Come on, let’s go and check it out!"

Those people shifted their consciousnesses to open a space tunnel after seeing that planet. They arrived over the planet through the tunnel in a flash.

None of them tried to hold back their strengths.

Because they had detected one thing from far away.

They knew even the strongest Beast Tamer on that planet was only on the Legend level.


In an instant, as the ten-odd people walked out of the tunnel and gave off dreadful energy, the folks living on that planet all froze as if time had stopped flowing.

They all looked like puppets under some kind of control.

"What an interesting species."

The ten-odd Starlight-level Beast Tamers from various Emperor-level forces beyond the Galaxy glanced over with their consciousnesses after landing on the planet. They instantly found all Beast Tamers there were faceless.

"Misters, may I ask what you are here for?"

While they were standing in the air, the one and only Legend-level Beast Tamer on that planet walked out of his palace with fear.

That Legend-level Beast Tamer was the king of the Faceless Clan.

However, his heart sank to the bottom at this moment.

He had no idea where those people were from and how come their energy was so powerful.

He went to the Cerulean Planet in person not long ago.

There, he met Gu Motian and other subordinates of Ye Xuan that were on the half Monarch level.

However, it seemed to him that even the Monarch-level beasts of Gu Motian and those half Monarchs were not as strong as the ten-odd people in front of him.

And none of them had called out their beasts yet.

That energy they were giving off was simply their energy.

That sent a shiver down his spine.

He wondered where those people were from. He figured even Ye Xuan would not be a rival of any of them.

After all, none of them had called out their beasts.


Among the ten-odd people, Yan Qi, in black and white, stared at the king of the Faceless Clan. "We are from the world beyond the Galaxy. We came here to ask you one thing. Before you say anything, you must know whatever you say, we can tell whether it’s true or false. So, don’t you dare lie to us!"

Beyond the Galaxy?

The heart of the king of the Faceless Clan fell.

Not until then did he realize why those people were so strong.

They turned out to be from extragalactic planets.

"Mister, I will tell you everything I know. What is your question?"

Lowering his head, he replied right away.

Yan Qi was speaking the lingua franca of the imperial world, so they could communicate without problem.

"Okay. Do you know who is the strongest Beast Tamer in the Galaxy and where he or she is?"

"Besides, is there any relic of the mysterious imperial world in the Galaxy? The Immortal Ancient Continent showed up not long ago and sprinkled star lights everywhere. Did you see anything unusual in the Galaxy?"

Staring at the king of the Faceless Clan, Yan Qi asked.

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