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Chapter: 651

Set Me Free Quickly

If Maple Leaf Love can mobilize the internal strength and make it run inside her body freely, it will solve everything naturally. Li Yong would have long pounced on her. After all, he is an energetic and hot-tempered man, especially in the term where he has made great attainments, of which he is proud.

Facing Maple Leaf Love, an exotic beauty with beautiful eyes, he has been trying to hold himself back until now, which is not an easy thing.

"What a nuisance," Maple Leaf Love complains slightly, thinking it somewhat strenuous to get what Li Yong says done.

Seeing that Li Yong is seriously thinking, she doesn’t disturb him recklessly.

After hesitating for a moment, she sits cross-legged again, trying to converge the internal strength of the meridians.

Half an hour later, Li Yong still hasn’t come up with a solution. However, Maple Leaf Love cheers, "Yong, I feel it. I finally have a connection with internal strength. I find this feeling amazing!"

Li Yong immediately opens his eyes and looks at Maple Leaf Love, only to see that the scattered internal strength inside her meridians is moving slowly like water droplets, which are accidentally spilled on a table, converging towards a low-lying area.

Li Yong says seriously and hurriedly, feeling joyous, "Honey, you’re great. Don’t ever get distracted. Continue to induce the internal strength and make it run. You have to make it run for forty-nine laps before you can master it skillfully."

"Okay," Maple Leaf Love happily agrees. Then she begins to induce the internal strength and run it inside her body.

Turning on his clairvoyant vision constantly, Li Yong watches over her and pays attention to all the changes in her body.

The internal strength is fine and petty. Even so, there are quite a few once they gather together. Judging by the power of the internal energy inside Maple Leaf Love’s body, Li Yong ascertains that she has mastered martial arts skills that an ordinary person can only obtain after practicing for ten years at this time.

Even if she is against Fan Qiqi that has gone through the evolution for the first time, she won’t be at a disadvantage.

Compared to her previous strength, her strength now is awesome.

If she practices by having sex with Li Yong, her strength will level up. And she will surely be even more powerful.

While being indulged in his thoughts excitedly, Li Yong counts in secret.

"One lap."

"Two laps…"

"Forty-nine laps."

Seeing that the internal strength in Maple Leaf Love’s body has been running for forty-nine laps, Li Yong immediately turns off his clairvoyant vision. Hugging her tempting and delicate body tightly, he says with some excitement, "You get it done. We can finally practice by having sex."

"Yong, wait a moment first. I want to try the Acupoints-striking Method." Maple Leaf Love pushes Li Yong away, converges the internal energy onto her fingers, and points at Li Yong’s Chest’s Gate Acupoint fiercely with a spin, almost piercing his clothes.

However, Li Yong’s mobility isn’t affected as he smiles as always. Moreover, he raises his hands and kicks his legs, indicating that her Acupoints-striking Method has no effect on him. Maple Leaf Love is puzzled, asking, "Yong, how come it doesn’t work? Why does my Acupoints-striking Method fail to immobilize you?"

"Because my strength is far more excellent than yours. Your internal strength can’t even enter my body. So no way that you can immobilize me by striking my acupuncture points. If you do so to an ordinary person, you may immobilize them for a moment," Li Yong patiently explains.

"Then I’ll try it on someone else." Maple Leaf Love feels excited as she is about to run out to try out her Acupoints-striking Method.

At this time, the door of the room is gently pushed open. And Mrs. Paul Will walks in with a meal.

"It’s noon. Have lunch first! You should be engaged in your studies appropriately rather than overstrain your nerves."

Seeing that Li Yong and Maple Leaf Love are still wearing the clothes they put on yesterday without even taking off their shoes, she sighs, places the meal on the table, and urges them to come over to have lunch.

She is wondering how the two of them, a single man and a single woman who have been staying upstairs for two days, don’t make any progress.

Her daughter is beautiful, which she knows well. The way she sees it, never will Li Yong be indifferent to her daughter if he is normal.

She pulls Maple Leaf Love aside, asking gently, "Is Li Yong sexually impotent?"

"What do you mean?" Maple Leaf Love is confused as she is preoccupied with testing her Acupoints-striking Method.

"It’s his…" As Mrs. Paul Will is about to voice her suspicions, Maple Leaf Love suddenly turns her head and asks aloud, "Yong, can I try it on my mother?"

Li Yong feels that it will be too much of a waste of time for Maple Leaf Love to run out and try her Acupoints-striking Method on others. Now that Mrs. Paul Will takes the initiative to come to them, she may as well make use of her. So he nods, saying, "Of course, you should test it on Mom."

"Mom, here comes my Acupoints-striking Method." Maple Leaf Love grabs Mrs. Paul Will with her left hand, raises her right hand high, and puts her fingers together as if she were wielding a sword. Urging her internal strength and converging it on her fingertips, she forcefully strikes Mrs. Paul Will’s Chest’s Gate Acupoint.

"Oh, God, do you want to kill me?" Mrs. Paul Will shouts in pain and hurriedly covers her chest. A bowl of rice in her hands lands directly on the floor with a popping sound. The golden plate jumps. And the rice scatters all over the floor.

Seeing that Mrs. Paul Will is in great pain, Maple Leaf Love hurriedly apologizes, "Mom, I’m sorry." Then, she glares at Li Yong, "Yong, how come it is still not working? You won’t lie to me, right?"

Li Yong hurriedly points out the correct position of Chest’s Gate Acupoint, saying solemnly, "You used too much force. And you missed the Chest’s Gate Acupoint. Please pay attention to where Chest’s Gate Acupoint is. If you strike it right in the middle and make your internal strength go into the body, it surely will work."

"Then I’ll try it again." Maple Leaf Love turns around and pats Mrs. Paul Will’s shoulder, saying affectionately, "Mom, standstill. Don’t move. Let me try again. This time, I promise it won’t hurt so much."

"No, no, I don’t want to be blindly tormented by you. You’d better try it on your father!" Mrs. Paul Will bursts out in cold sweats from the pain. Knowing that her daughter who is indiscreet, careless, and sloppy, she doesn’t want to go through the pain just now.

However, Maple Leaf Love has raised her arm, put her fingers together, and poked at her Chest’s Gate Acupoint with a delicate roar, "Immobilize her."

Mrs. Paul Will instinctively wants to dodge. But Maple Leaf Love performs her Acupoints-striking Method too fast. As soon as she dodges sideways, Maple Leaf Love has poked her breast. Feeling another burst of sweat-inducing pain, Mrs. Paul Will screams, "Oh, it hurts me. God, my daughter is going to torture me to death! Come and save me!"

Without Li Yong’s guidance, Maple Leaf Love knows that she misses the Chest’s Gate Acupoint this time.

The Chest’s Gate Acupoint is just a tiny spot. As soon as Mrs. Paul Will moves slightly, she will miss it. With her rusty technique at this time, it can’t be more normal that she always fails.

However, Maple Leaf Love is not discouraged. She wants to continue to have a try.

"Mom, why don’t you cooperate with me?" She is a little angry, feeling that her mother should not have dodged.

"Maple Leaf Love, if you hit me one more time, I won’t acknowledge you as my daughter," Mrs. Paul Will sternly roars. In the past, she heard from others that her daughter tended to resort to violence. Never does she imagine that she will be rough to such an extent.

She even hit her. Moreover, she hit her so hard, which is too out of line.

"Okay! Mom, don’t be angry. I’ll try it on someone else," Maple Leaf Love says helplessly.

At this time, Mr. Paul Will, who heard Mrs. Paul Will’s miserable scream, hurriedly runs up, only to see his wife covering her chest in pain. Glaring at Maple Leaf Love, he barks, "What’s going on?"

"Dad. Here comes my Acupoints-striking Method." Maple Leaf Love is bent on mastering Acupoints-striking Method. She tries it on whoever she encounters now. She can’t immobilize Li Yong, who has excessively excellent strength, with her Acupoints-striking Method. Otherwise, she would have tried it on Li Yong hundreds of times.

Of military origin, Mr. Paul Will stands there majestically and motionlessly with his head high. As always, his postures won’t be affected by any petty matters. In his opinion, his daughter always will not go so far as to hit him! Seeing that Maple Leaf Love pokes over, he neither dodges nor avoids her. Thinking that his daughter wants to hug him, he stretches open his arms happily.

As a result, Maple Leaf Love accurately strikes his acupuncture points.

Mr. Paul Will feels a burst of pain in the chest. Suddenly, he loses the ability to move his body. And he can’t even retract his raised arm. Looking greatly shocked, he instantly looks gloomy. Fortunately, he can speak. So he can only question furiously, "Maple Leaf Love, what have you done to me? Why is my body numb? And I can’t move at all?"

"Oh my God, it worked. I finally mastered it," After determining that Mr. Paul Will can not move, Maple Leaf Love immediately cheers up. Having no time to pay attention to Mr. Paul Will roaring angrily, she excitedly jumps directly into Li Yong’s arms, saying excitedly, "Yong, thank you, I’ve finally mastered it."

Mrs. Paul Will asks in surprise as she circles around her husband, "You… You can’t move?"

"Yes! My body is numb. My hands and legs are like turning into senseless wood. I can’t move at all." Mr. Paul Will says with a bitter face, adding with fury, "Did Maple Leaf Love cast a spell on me?"

"Oh my God, our daughter can cast magic. She’s wonderful." Mrs. Paul Will suddenly gets excited and squeezes Mr. Paul Will’s arm that he raises high, asking with a smile, "How do you feel?"

"I feel so bad," Mr. Paul Will sighs.

"Let me ask you. Did you feel anything while I am squeezing you?" Mrs. Paul Will squeezes him a little harder.

"I feel nothing at all. I feel that even if you cut off my arm, I won’t have any feelings at all." Mr. Paul Will is telling the truth. He can’t feel anything. Now, except for his mouth with which he can talk, his whole body doesn’t seem to be his own.

"Oh, that’s amazing," Mrs. Paul Will marvels as if she had a great discovery.

"Cut the crap. Tell Maple Leave Love to withdraw the magic and set me free quickly," Mr. Paul Will bellows.

At this time, Li Yong pushes away Maple Leaf Love and walks over to explain, "Dad, Mom, please don’t be afraid. It is Acupoints-striking Method from Huaxia. You will be fine after a while. It won’t hurt your body."

"Yong taught me this. I mastered it just now. Haha. I am awesome, right?" Maple Leaf Love laughs smugly.

"I’m very uncomfortable! Hurry up and set me free," Mr. Paul Will calms down and says.

Li Yong turns on his clairvoyant vision to take a look, saying with a smile, "There’s still a minute left. After a while, you will be fine."

"So it’s not magic!" Mrs. Paul Will, who doesn’t understand how Acupoints-striking Method works, feels that it is magic that is more awesome.

At this moment, Maple Leaf Love suddenly pokes Mrs. Paul Will’s Chest’s Gate Acupoint. This time, she does so abruptly, which Mrs. Paul Will fails to notice beforehand. So Mrs. Paul Will doesn’t dodge, only to be poked right by Maple Leaf Love and be immobilized instantly. The sore and numb feeling startles her. She says, "Maple Leaf Love, you can’t do this to me!"

"Yong said that one must practice more to become proficient," Maple Leaf Love says solemnly.

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