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Chapter: 652

Let s Practice by Having Sex

Mr. Paul Will secretly counts down. As soon as a minute passes, the Qi inside his body suddenly runs smoothly. As Li Yong says, he can move freely.

He calmly walks around Li Yong, looks him up and down several times, stretches his arms, and kicks his legs. Only after sensing that there is nothing abnormal does he say with surprise, "It seems very awesome!"

Then he goes to comfort his wife, "Don’t be afraid. Nothing will happen to you. You can move around later."

"Dad, standstill. I want to try it again," Maple Leaf Love raises her arm and calls out.

"Oh, no, no." Feeling lingering pain in his chest, Mr. Paul Will doesn’t want to be hurt by Maple Leaf Love once again. Covering his chest with both hands in a hurry, he won’t give Maple Leaf love any opportunity to do anything to him.

However, Maple Leaf Love pulls his arm away and pokes him anyway, only to miss the acupoint this time and fail to immobilize him.

Beating the rap, Mr. Paul Will is happy in secret.

Seeing that Maple Leaf Love is very excited, Li Yong says with a smile, "Now you have mastered Acupoints-striking Method. But do you know how to un-strike acupoints?"

"No." Maple Leaf Love never expects that there will exist a un-strike Acupoints Method, asking curiously, "Why do I need to learn how to un-strike acupoints?"

"By striking someone’s acupuncture points, you bring him/her under your control. As you practice, your internal strength will become more and more profound and majestic. And the duration you immobile someone will become longer and longer. Take your mom and dad as an example. After you strike their acupoints, you can’t let them stand where they are forever! So, you must learn the Un-strike Acupoints Method to un-strike their acupuncture points."

Li Yong speaks unhurriedly as if he were a professor lecturing his students.

Maple Leaf Love feels that this kind of method is indeed so profound and complicated. Never does she anticipate that she can un-strike acupoints. Before she can figure out what is going on, Mrs. Paul Will has been enlightened.

Standing where she is with ill-ease, Mrs. Paul Will feels that her body is no longer under her control, which frightens her. Hearing that there is a method to unblock her acupuncture points, she immediately shouts, "Silly girl. Hurry up. Come over and un-strike my acupuncture points."

"I don’t know how to get it done yet." Maple Leaf Love says helplessly, "Wait a moment. And you will be free like Papa."

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"No rush. Let her learn slowly," Mr. Paul Will advises with a smile.

"Yong, teach me how quickly." Maple Leaf Love is eager to learn the Un-strike Acupoints Method.

"Strike Dad’s acupuncture points first," Li Yong instructs her.

Mr. Paul Will hurriedly says, "Why me? You’d better strike your mother’s acupoints!"

However, Maple Leaf Love only does as Li Yong says, striking his acupuncture points in one go before he has time to escape.

"Oh, can’t you be a little gentler?" Mr. Paul Will screams in pain. It has been ages since he suffers like this.

"Don’t make any noise," Maple Leaf Love interrupts him upon seeing that Li Yong is about to say something.

Only then does Li Yong say slowly and methodically, "Pay attention to how you perform the Acupoints-striking Method with your fingers and release/retract your internal strength. While striking someone’s acupoints, you have to release your internal strength through the fingertips, thus blocking the Qi and preventing them from moving around. Un-striking the acupuncture points is to retract and drain the internal strength, that is, to take back the internal strength you release through the fingertips. Or rather, to drain the internal strength you inject into the target’s body so that the Qi inside the target’s body can run smoothly."

"Oh, I get it." Maple Leaf Love seems to be somewhat enlightened as she immediately pokes Mr. Paul Will. As a result, instead of taking back the internal strength, she injects more internal strength into his body, causing him to scream in pain once again.

"Maple Leaf Love, stop torturing me." Maple Leaf Love’s fingertips have sharp and thin nails on them. As she pokes Mr. Paul Will, he seems to be stuck by needles. Every time she strikes his acupoints, he is in more pain than before, which somewhat scares him.

"I failed, one more time." Despite the repeated failure, Maple Leaf Love is undaunted.

"Oh, it hurts me. Maple Leaf Love, do you want to torture your daddy to death?" Mr. Paul Will is furious.

"As a man, why are you screaming? Can’t you hold yourself back for a while? Our daughter has a sense of propriety. Never will she torture you to death. In the past, you almost got killed by the explosion. But you never shouted as you do now! Have some will, okay?"

Mrs. Paul Will gloats, advising her husband.

"Dad, I’m sorry. Hold on a little longer." Maple Leaf Love continues to practice the Un-strike Acupoints Method as she is bent on mastering it.

"Oh, God. How come my daughter is like this? Give me a break… Okay, I am begging you. Please leave me alone! Go try it on your mother." Mr. Paul Will bursts out with cold sweats, soaking his uniform through.

"Mother, bear with me! I’ll master it soon enough." Maple Leaf Love walks towards Mrs. Paul Will and raises her hand to strike her acupoints. Mrs. Paul Will is immediately dumbfounded. Never does she expect it will be her turn so soon.

"Oh, God. Be more gentle." Mrs. Paul Will only feels that Maple Leaf Love’s pokings get her breasts swollen.

Her Qi could run smoothly just now. And her body regained its consciousness. When Maple Leaf Love strikes her acupoints, she is instantly immobilized there again. She can only move her lips and speak, feeling that she is in more pain than just now.

"Are you un-striking my acupuncture points? Or are you striking them?" She asks, holding back the pain.

"Mom, of course, I’m un-striking your acupuncture points," Maple Leaf Love says seriously.

"Oh my God. I could move just now. And you’ve immobilized me again," Mrs. Paul Will marvels in awe.

"Mom, hold on a little longer. I will get it done soon." Maple Leaf Love believes that she can master Un-strike Acupoints Method. She gets ruthless and pokes her dad and mom even harder. After all, she isn’t poking herself. Never does she know how much pain it will inflict.

"Oh, God, it hurts like hell. Maple Leaf Love, you can’t treat us violently!"

"Maple Leaf Love, you’re being unfilial! I raised you for nothing."

Hearing that both her mom and dad start scolding her, Maple Leaf Love gets annoyed and says, "Please cooperate with me, okay?"

Li Yong feels that Maple Leaf Love can’t master the Un-strike Acupoints Method for a while. To achieve that, she has to practice it regularly. And she cultivated her internal strength just now, making her perform Acupoints-striking Method with difficulties. Given this, it will be too impetuous of her to intend to master un-strike Acupoints Method now.

In the depths of his memory, after the average cultivated their internal strength, it takes them three years of strenuous practice before they possibly can master the Acupoints-striking Method. Then, it will take them another three years of hard-working practice to grasp Un-strike Acupoints Method.

It will take no less than six years for someone to perform both Un-strike Acupoints Method and Acupoints-striking Method proficiently. Otherwise, it will be a whim.

And the reason why he could master both Un-strike Acupoints Method and Acupoints-striking Method proficiently soon after he learned them is because of the memories the Dragon Jade brought to him. Those memories are engraved deeply in his mind like his own. Because of the proficient use of the eighty divine doctors, he uses both methods with ease.

Now, Maple Leaf Love has learned the Acupoints-striking Method within half a day only.

Li Yong’s strenuous help does play a role in it. Even so, she does master it at an awesomely fast speed. When it comes to some things, more haste leads to less speed. Only with steady and stable progress can someone gain in the end. So, Li Yong advises, "Maple Leaf Love, based on your current ability, you can only master Acupoints-striking Method. After you learn the Acupoints-striking Method proficiently, you can proceed to learn the un-strike Acupoints Method! You have to take your time rather than be in a hurry."

"Then when will I be able to master it?" Feeling impatient, Maple Leaf Love wants to master it right away.

Li Yong ponders on it before saying, "It will take you about three years!" Considering Maple Leaf Love’s current situation and her practice speed, it will take her at least three years to master both Un-strike Acupoints Method and Acupoints-striking Method.

"What? It will take three years?" Before Maple Leaf Love complains that it takes too long a time, Mrs. Paul Will exclaims, "Maple Leaf Love, do not learn it. If you practice it for three years, Mom and Dad must die in your hands."

"Yes! Don’t learn it," Mr. Paul Will hurriedly advises. After all, he doesn’t want to be poked by Maple Leaf Love for three years.

"No, I want to learn it. I must master it. If I fail, I won’t eat anything," Maple Leaf Love says with great determination. With her stubborn nature, she is bent on getting it done once she sets her eyes on something.

"Silly girl. You are doomed," Mr. Paul Will says in exasperation.

"Maple Leaf Love, we have worked hard to raise you so hard. Could it be that you wanted to torture us to death? You don’t have to exert any effort. We may as well kill ourselves." Mrs. Paul Will is in great pain.

"Dad, Mom. Don’t be afraid. Maple Leaf Love can practice it on others," Li Yong explains.

Deep in his memories, when the ones in the ancient times started to learn the Acupoints-striking Method back then, they practiced it on animals to feel out the finger techniques and skills. Only when they had been practicing for some time and to a certain extent would they test it on human beings.

If they had practiced it on human beings at the very beginning, given the rusty and uneven strength of the technique, they would have poked someone to death. Because once someone gets the internal strength, the power is more than ten times greater than those of ordinary people.

Each poke from them is about ten times the power of ordinary people. If they do not master the strength and skills finely, they are very likely to poke a hole in the chest or even pierce the heart once they get ruthless.

"Oh, I thought I could only practice it on Mom and Dad." Maple Leaf Love is ashamed, adding, "Dear mom and dad, I’m sorry. It’s all Yong’s fault for not making it clear." She blames Li Yong.

With tears streaming down his face, Mr. Paul Will yells at Li Yong in anger, "You should have said so earlier!" Then he immediately shouts downstairs, "Come on. All of you should come up. Come upstairs right now."

It doesn’t take long for over two dozen black-clad bodyguards to run up from downstairs. Standing neatly in front of Mr. Paul Will, they stand at attention, salute him with a mighty military salute, and shout together respectfully, "General."

"Stand still. My daughter is going to practice Acupoints-striking Method on you." Mr. Paul Will orders, "Don’t move around."

"Yes." The men stand with their heads held high and straight as if they were a row of pine trees.

Maple Leaf Love immediately walks forward and begins to practice the Un-strike Acupoints Method and Acupoints-striking Method. Despite feeling painful, they can only grit their teeth and hold on. Facing Mr. Paul Will, no one of them dares to make any sound.

Sometimes, Maple Leaf Love can immobilize a man at once. And sometimes, it takes her several pokings in a row to get someone immobilized.

Li Yong feels that Maple Leaf Love can’t improve her Acupoints-striking Method within a short period, much less learn the Un-strike Acupoints Method.

So, when these bodyguards are in pain and sweating, Li Yong walks forward and advises, "Maple Leaf Love, if you keep practicing like this, you won’t make much progress in a short time. After we practice having sex, you will level up your strength greatly. With more internal strength support, you will be able to poke others’ acupuncture points with more ease. At that time, maybe you will be able to learn the Un-strike Acupoints Method without practicing it."

Due to the pokings, Maple Leaf Love feels that her fingers are all in pain and that what she is doing is meaningless. Since there is a shortcut, she won’t have to practice hard! So, she immediately stops and smiles, "Yong, let’s practice by having sex then!"

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