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Chapter: 96

"All members, attention."

It’s the next day, at the Knights’ HQ.

Alexia’s dignified voice echoes in the square. I’m already used to seeing this scene.

However, although I felt the pride in her voice, I also felt that the strength was a little lacking, rather than the courage she had yesterday.

I wonder why that is. As far as I can see, it doesn’t seem that she’s feeling sick. With that in mind, is it plausible that something unfortunate has arisen?

"First, I would like to make an announcement. Prince Glenn’s tour will continue as originally planned."



I didn’t intend to say that out loud. The Knights who were listening to the announcements were also in a fuss.

After escorting the royals back to the royal palace yesterday, a meeting should have been held, including Alexia and Gatoga.

They came back soon after that, so I don’t know what they actually talked about.

However, according to the predictions of the future, it should have been canceled. What led to them deciding to continue it?

"Everyone knows about yesterday’s incident. I want each member to be more vigilant in their duties," Alexia said.


The Knights’ reply is as strong as the first day.

If such an attack killed or injured the escort detail, it would be because the Knights of Rebelio were underpowered.

We cannot afford to lose to an ambush because everyone is so proud of the Knight Order. Their feelings could be felt from the strength of the response.

That would be good in and of itself. Everyone feels rewarded and proud of their work.

However, although they are skilled, they are also smart. You can’t be a Knight just because you have strong combat skills. With that being said, it’s likely they’re questioning why this decision was made by the upper ranks.

Everyone’s morale is high.

However, it is a little difficult to say that they have no doubts.

It was such an atmosphere.

"Well then, start moving!" Alexia cried.

Although there was some protest, Alexia’s voice set the stage. At the same time, the knights began to move as usual.

"… Alexia," I said.

Was it because I wanted to know that I called out to her unconsciously?

As I heard about Supheniardvania from Lucy yesterday, I was more concerned about this decision.

"Prince Glen wanted to do this," Alexia said. "…. Now, no more."

"I see… understood," I said.

Seems she doesn’t intend to talk more about it now. All I knew was that this decision came down from Prince Glen.

Let’s think a bit about why his intention to continue the tour was so firm.

From a third-party perspective, there is no reason to continue the event after an incident where lives were targeted. Even if it’s an international affair, everyone’s life is more important than the success or failure of a visit. Even if it only involves two ordinary citizens, even more so if it involves two members of royal families.

In other words, the continuation of this event is, as it were, Prince Glen’s initiative.

It’s a toss-up how much Princess Salacia’s opinion has to do with it, but we have no choice but to do our best. It is also the role of the Knights to try to prevent harm from befalling the royal family.

Now, then:

Why does Prince Glen want to continue this tour? I can’t come up with a good answer with my knowledge and mind, but I’m still worried about Lucy’s information yesterday.

In brief, she predicted that Prince Glenn will ascend to the throne soon.

The Prince’s tour is scheduled for several days, but we, the Knights of Rebelio, will be his escorts until the day before last.

On that last day, he won’t be somewhere that requires the Knights’ escort. To put it more simply, he can’t go outside. The schedule for the day is all stationed inside the royal palace.

I don’t know what kind of schedule is in place.

I have no clue but considering it’s something related to national affairs and scheduled so close to the visit, Lucy’s guess and the logic both follow. And why Prince Glen is insisting on his decision is also connected, albeit his hand was forced.

I mean, I can’t think of any other way this could be related than that.

No way, it can’t be so mundane of a reason like "he wants to look good in front of Princess Salacia." If that’s his justification, someone around him should have stopped him.

I didn’t think that Prince glen was that foolish. He may be a little young, but he must be considerate of his surroundings.

If so, the reason should be outside of personal feelings.

In short, it is a situation related to the administration of the country.

Oh, give me a break. Of course, I’m going to complete it as long as I’ve been assigned to the escort detail, but I’m still not sure what to think about the above-mentioned.

I would have come back to my home country with my tail between my legs. Again, normally speaking, everyone would be desperate to save their lives. If you know you’re being targeted, don’t bother putting yourself in the path of danger.

…… No, wait a minute.

If I and Lucy could predict it, will he be targeted even if he did return to his country?

On the contrary, is the overall risk reduced in this current arrangement, when the Knights of Rebelio are also attached to his escort detail?

Hmm, but why this?

The premise of my hypothesis is that Prince Glen’s life is being targeted. If this is aimed at Princess Salacia and Prince Glen still wants to continue the tour, the story changes entirely.

No, I can’t figure it out. I don’t even know which is the correct answer.

In the end, it’s no good to run my mind around in circles. Right here, let’s just think about carrying out commands obediently.

"Master?" Alexia asked.

"–Aah, I’m sorry. I was thinking a little," I said.

When I was indulging in the idea that this was neither nor that, I came back to reality.

It’s a bad habit to think with no solid premises. Even if this old man turns his brain’s gears round and round, it will not affect many people, so let’s switch tracks.

"Now then, what’s going to happen today…?" I asked.


"It’s best for it to proceed without incident," Alexia said. "But, if something happens, we have to stop it."

"As you say," I said.

That’s right.

After such an incident, if today’s excursion ends without incident, it will be perfect. I can’t hope for more.

If something happens, we have to do something about it. So, the possibility that something will happen is extremely high going in.

"So that’s why I’m asking, I don’t want any more trouble," I said.

The weather is quite good today as if it was oblivious to the turmoil on the ground.

From the clear sky with no clouds, the sun shines so much that it would be a wonderful day if nothing happened.

Even my dark mutterings melted into the clear sky and disappeared.

"Well then, I place myself in your care again today," Princess Salacia said.

"Princess," Alexia said.

We’re now in front of the royal palace.

As with yesterday, Princess Salacia and Prince Glenn will be greeted and then guarded. The only difference is that their faces are a little different from the other day.

Well, they’re not stupid enough to smile in a situation where it’s clear that their lives are being threatened. I can understand the cause behind the tension.

However, if they were truly scared, I think it’s okay to break the sightseeing schedule immediately.

"Gardenant," someone said.

"Hmm? Oh, Sir Gatoga," I said.

From today, I’m also joining the guard outside. I couldn’t relax in the carriage.

While I was thinking that walking was better for my health than sitting all the time, Gatoga called out to me.

His expression had changed, much more dramatically than the royals.

"There’s something you should know," he whispered.


He sounds like he doesn’t want to be overheard but I wanted him to be more considerate about when and where he was going to speak.

However, there is no other place where I and Gatoga could meet privately, so it can’t be helped now that I think about it."

"Yesterday’s assault… the suspects are probably former members of ours," Gatoga said.

"… Hmm. Is that the ‘Hinnis’ you mentioned?"

"Yes," Gatoga said. "The man who was the Vice-Captain before Rose."

It seems my prediction wasn’t off.

However, what is happening in the world that the former Vice-Captain of the Knights of the Faith is a prime suspect for the criminals aiming for the royal family? However, it doesn’t make much sense to ask Gatoga here. Additionally, even if the name of the criminal is known now, it does not make much sense for security.

"If he comes out, I’ll take responsibility for him… I just wanted to tell you that."

"… Understood," I said.

There are various things like his pride as a knight, his public appearance, and so on. I have nothing to do with it, but I can understand what he says.

"Does Alexia also know?" I asked.

"Oh, she knows. We spoke yesterday," Gatoga said.

It’s confirmed.

Hmm. I guess this isn’t up to me, now, is it? If Alexia and Gatoga, the Knight-Captains of each Order, order it, I will obey.

I can’t begin to understand the desire to take responsibility for your former subordinate’s failings with your own hands.

While talking discreetly, Prince Glen and Princess Salacia boarded the carriage and were about to leave.

Well, I understand the situation on Gatoga’s side, but I can’t be lax here. I don’t even know where or what will pop out. Let’s get serious about this.

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