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Chapter: 97

"Good work today again, Alexia," I said.

"No, thank you for your hard work, Master," Alexia replied.

We were back in the Knights’ HQ, having finished escorting the royals and coming back as the sun was about the set.

After Alexia and I gave our thanks, it’s about time to split up for today.

"However… today was quiet, too," I said.

"Yes, eerily so," Alexia said.

The conversation naturally turned to our escort duty.

There was no particular abnormality today. That was good.

What was strange, however, was that there were no follow-up incidents had occurred since the ambush.

Nothing really happened. I didn’t even feel the disturbing gazes again.

Even though there was such a violent, public incident, there were still a lot of rubberneckers because the royal families touring the city was still a big event. However, even with all that, I couldn’t feel the slightest hint of that troubled air from the first day.

Everyone, including me, was surprised at this, or perhaps we were disappointed?

"What was the original fuss all about?" It was our honest impression that these last few days.

"Well, it’s for that’s the best if nothing happens…" I said.

Of course, we ultimately decided it’s better if nothing happened again. However, if I thought back to there likely being follow-up events, no one could deny we were expecting something to happen again.

By the way.

After the first incident, everyone was on alert, but the one who was most intense about it was Sir Gatoga of the Knights of the Faith.

He walked around with an intense, intimidating air. It’s little wonder that the assailants were cowed because of Gatoga’s posture.

On the other hand, Rose was, as usual, smiling and carefree. Well, that’s just who she was, so I don’t think she’s cut corners or anything like that.

"But in the end, we couldn’t get any useful information, huh…?" I muttered.

"I cannot deny that, I, too, was a bit caught off guard," Alexia replied darkly. "But, I didn’t expect they’d do that much…"

We’re referring to one of the assassins we had captured.

After being captured and handed over to the Knights, they were detained in HQ’s basement, as it was with Bishop Lebios.

We were expecting them to spit out some information about why they aimed at the royal family, their purpose, and their background.

As it turned out, however, all the attackers had committed suicide, albeit with slight errors in the timing.

The Knights are also astonished at this. I was told about this later, but in the end, they didn’t get any useful information and they were discreetly disposed of.

So, we don’t know anything about their purpose or any other information. Furthermore, as the tour continued, we had no choice but to be more alert and protect them as usual.

There is also the fact that all the people who’d attacked had their faces known. But, there was also the fact that Gatoga had missed one person, so we can’t let our guards down.

Ah, well, if you think that it will be over in a day, we’ll finally feel free from this burden.

"Only one more day left tomorrow?" I asked.

"Yes, there is no escort detail on the last day," Alexia replied.

For the time being, tomorrow is the last scheduled tour. As the general schedule for the Delegation’s visit, there is no sightseeing on the final day. So, the Knights’ role will end tomorrow.

It’s strange that there hasn’t been any movement in the last few days, but if anything is going to happen, it’ll be happening tomorrow.

Of course, it’s best to finish without anything happening. However, after that display of murderous intent and brazen attitude, it’s hard to say that their attacks will stop at one ambush.

Well, there’s no point thinking about this. It’s not up to me to decide if something will happen or not, and if so, I don’t have to worry about it.

If something happens, I have to deal with it, and if it doesn’t happen, all the better.

"Alright, shall we go home today?" I asked.

"Yes, let’s," Alexia said.

Nothing happened, so there is no problem with the reports submitted by each squad leader. In short, there is little to discuss. At best, the accessory store that Prince Glenn visited on the first day is still thriving and the guards have yet to relax.

So with all that said, all I have to do is go home, eat and sleep.

Oh, and there is still an important task, listening to Miu. I need to chat with her face-to-face and see if there are any complaints or shortcomings in her school life.

Right now, Miu is still a bit reserved and closed-off, so I’m patiently trying to communicate with her daily.

It’s a fun time, though. I’m used to handling younger children at the dojo, so I hope I can gradually reduce the distance between us.

By the way, should I go home after thinking about today’s schedule?

If you step outside the Order of the Knights, you will find the Central District of Baltrain, which is noisy in a good way. Because it is the festival season, it is lively from morning till night.

The day of the attack was a commotion in many ways, but the negative turmoil is settling down, partly because the last few days have been peaceful.

Hopefully, nothing will happen and we can end this smoothly.

With that feeling, I went home alone.

"I put myself in your care once more today," Salacia said.

"Princess," Alexia said.

And so, time passed and it was the next day.

Today is also another escort of the royal families. We move to the front of the royal palace as usual and meet Prince Glen and Princess Salacia.

The facial expressions of the two seem to be somewhat better, more than anything else. The first incident was shocking, but the impact is gradually diminishing.


However, the expressions on the side of the Knights of the Faith, especially Gatoga, are not very good. If his former subordinates were the prime suspects, he wouldn’t have had the time to relax. He looks like he’s physically fit, but he also feels a little mentally tired.

"Sir Gatoga, are you okay?" I asked.

"Mm… yes, no problem. I’ll see them through a few more days yet," Gatoga said.

He spoke confidently, but it did not dispel my concerns.

Unlike us, the Knights of Rebelio, the Knights of the Faith’s mission doesn’t end today.

After Prince Glen’s tour, he still has the duty of escorting him back to his home country. If anything, the return trip would be a lot more important than today, as they’d be traveling long distances while wary of attack, and without the Knights of Rebelio supporting them.

Perhaps the allies of the other assassins have given up on an attack inside the city and would aim for Prince Glen on his way home.

On the contrary, if Princess Salacia is the target, if they miss today, their chances will be greatly reduced.

"Well then, let’s head out," the carriage driver said.

Ah, well. Will we be able to survive the last day of escort duty today?

I wondered that as the wheels start turning.

Today, we’re to go to the South District and take a look around the gigantic farmland that is Baltrain’s pride.

Agriculture is the basis of the country, though it is not very flashy.

Since the Kingdom of Rebelis is a relatively blessed country, it may be meaningful for Supheniardvania to take a look at its backbone. Probably.

Different countries have different sizes and climates. I don’t know how helpful it is, but there’s no point poking my head into the sightseeing schedule.

"Woah… it’s so vast. And it’s so beautiful, too," Prince Glen said.

"Mhm-hm-hm, that’s right, these fields are the pride of the Kingdom of Rebelis," Princess Salacia said.

And now, we’re here in Baltrain’s South District.

Already, the whole area is green, green, and green. There were several fields on a scale that seemed to stretch beyond the horizon.

"This is spectacular," I said.

It’s my first time going to the South District, but everything is so different from the small village of Bidden. Compared to such small, cozy fields, it cannot compare.

As I muttered to myself, this is wonderful in its own way. I think it would be nice to have a picnic for lunch.

Bidden Village had its own atmosphere, but it is also cool to look at the vast fields in such a big city. If the situation wasn’t like this, it would have been a pleasant trip.


However, right now, we cannot put our guards down.

Unlike the Central District and the West District, there are not many tall buildings, but there are many rows of crops, so there is a surprising blind spot.

That it’s so wide and open means we have to be wary of all directions, and although the Knights have a solid line around the outer circumference, it’s also difficult to guess where the thugs may have been lurking.

So far, I don’t feel any suspicious signs.

No, but if they’re aiming for another ambush, it’s when the royals would get out of their carriage. Since today is the only chance they have left, they’d have to move now. After this, we have no other plans than to go back to the royal palace.

"… Who is it!?" Gatoga barks.

I was watching our surroundings so much that I couldn’t enjoy the scenery.

Then, with Gatoga’s roar, a patch of crops shake.

"… It’s a rabbit," I said.

"… Pardon," Gatoga mumbled.

Out from it popped a small rabbit with white, fluffy fur. Perhaps the rabbit was surprised by Gatoga’s bark, it bounced off into some brush.

Gatoga’s voice and aura were impressive. Of course, he was on his guard, so he couldn’t help it.


Princess Salacia seemed to have noticed and laughed.

A change from the tension that I had just mentioned, a gentle atmosphere wraps around the place.

Perhaps the info had spread to the Knights around Gatoga, I could hear chuckling.

Well, it’s much better than being tense and stiff. If you have some slack in your shoulders, you can move better.

Besides, as far as I can see, I don’t feel any threat. Unlike when we were attacked the other day, there are many short buildings, so it’s not so important to be wary of rooftops.

"Well then, shall we head back?" Salacia asked.

"Yes, I’ve seen some good things," Glen said.

It seems the royals were satisfied with what they saw, they turned back around to their carriage.

Because of the location, we could not leave a horse-drawn carriage in their immediate vicinity. So, they had to walk a bit after they stopped and got off.

"Wait! You, stop… ugh…?!"

Then, at the same time, the Knights on the outer edges started shouting.

As soon as they heard it, Prince Glen and Princess Salacia jumped. It seemed the previous incident had left some trauma after all.

"… Fuu," I exhaled.

Are they here? Did they try something after all? Well, I had a feeling this would happen.

I looked at the black-robed people breaking through the Knight’s defensive wall, like shadows. The clothes were the same as before but it seems they were not trying to reveal their faces at a simple glance.

But this time it’s not a surprise attack. Everyone was ready, and no thugs suddenly fell from overhead.

Considering the battle the other day, if the attackers are as strong as before, they will be able to repel them.

I pull out the Xeno Glaive sword from the scabbard and hold it ready.

Now, it’s time for work. Let’s stay alert and do my duty, now, shall we?

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