Ascension: Online

Author(s): Cyclxne


[When realities overlap, will you be able to distinguish lies from truth?]This is the tale of a multiverse governed by supercomputers, a brand new world waiting to be challenged, and a boy simply wishing to escape from reality.But what happens when worlds collide, and the Creator of All seeks to build a perfect world, cleansed of all sin? Emotions, humanity, consciousness — all will be lost.In order to fight against a perfect being, you must first become one.My name is A.R.X.A, and I am watching you. Do not fail to entertain me, human.The game has just begun.[Welcome to Ascension: Online. Welcome, to a new reality.]----------Note: Please read at least ten chapters before deciding whether or not this novel is worth continuing. I assure you, this is not like some of the other cliche-littered novels on the site.

Chapter : 136


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