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Chapter: 1084

Twelve Ultimate Treasures

"It's her?"

Su Ping saw Loulan Lin. It just so happened that she was also staring at him while mingling in the crowd.

There were three more people by her side; one of them was Loulan Hai, whom Su Ping had met before; another was a handsome and graceful young man. The last was an Ascendant State expert, obviously acting as bodyguard.

"I know you're close to the Loulans. But don't let your feelings get the better of you during the trial," said Ji Xueqing in a low voice, noticing Su Ping's look.

Su Ping nodded. "I know which is more important."


Ji Xueqing nodded; she believed that Su Ping would make the right choice. A friendly family couldn't even compare to the true god's legacy. She didn't say anything else.

Su Ping withdrew his gaze from Loulan Lin's general direction; it was very easy for her family to get a ticket. It was likely that part of their decision to participate in the Golden Star Zone was because of him.

Shen Huang wasn't the only Celestial expert that the Loulan family was friends with.

Su Ping secretly heaved a sigh as he remembered she had declared that she would catch up with him when she left. It would surely be a tall order for her to race against a cheater.

Shen Huang emerged from his temple as most of the participants had arrived.

He was as tall as a magnificent giant. He looked like an emperor staring at his empire, clad in a golden robe; he carried an awe-inspiring aura.

After glancing at Su Ping, Shen Huang stared at the square and pointed with a finger. The space in the square instantly cracked, and layers of spaces were opened like curtains, revealing the space vortex hidden deep inside.

"All the prodigies of the universe have gathered here for the trial. May the best win!

"The winners in the first test will receive twelve valuable treasures from the twelve Celestials as gifts. To pass the trial, you have to pass the three tests. You must be ready to tackle any danger during the tests!"

His solemn voice echoed throughout the square, making everybody turn solemn as well.

All of them had learned a thing or two about the trial's first test. Although they didn't know everything, they had indeed acquired some intelligence.

The trial was a rare and rewarding opportunity, but it was also very dangerous.

90% of the geniuses of the universe were participating in the trial, but only one of them could win the legacy!

The rest of them would probably be forever buried in the trial.

The birth of a Celestial expert always came with the deaths of countless geniuses. Even so, many wanted such an opportunity, even at the cost of all their belongings and connections!

Su Ping discovered that the atmosphere had changed a little bit after his master's introduction. Everybody was emitting some killing aura, which hovered above everybody's heads like mist.

The trial was an extremely dangerous journey for everybody.

Su Ping could not help but glance in the Loulan family's direction, only to find that the woman was still staring at him. He quickly withdrew his gaze.

At that moment, next to Loulan Lin—

The Ascendant escorting them was an elder of the Loulan family that looked like a middle-aged man. He noticed Loulan Lin's unusual expression, then he looked at the guys above the stairs and frowned.

"Lin, this trial is of critical importance. I know you've already agreed on the marriage, but the family will make the proposal only after the trial."

The middle-aged man said in a low voice, "Don't forget what's important in the trial. You've been sent here at the cost of countless resources. You represent your entire family!

"If you can win the legacy, the Loulan family will be the most powerful family in all the universe. Considering our influence and connections, our future would be unimaginable. You must win the legacy, no matter what!"

Loulan Lin gradually withdrew her gaze; she lowered her head and hummed, clenching her fists.

Next to her, both Loulan Hai and Loulan Jue nodded passionately.

The opportunity of advancing to the Celestial State… If they snatched it, they would forever leave a mark in their family; they felt thrilled with the mere prospect.

Many others were currently flying over from the other side of the square.

Everybody turned around, only to discover that they were Ascendant State experts.

Su Ping saw Senior Brother You Long, and Senior Brother Bei Yan, who had escorted him to the Celestial Court.

They didn't conceal their auras at all, they were releasing it naturally., The pressure caused by two Heavenly Lords dominated the square, leaving the other Ascendants in awe.

Seeing Su Ping, You Long said to him with a smile, "Junior brother, keep it up!"

His words were delivered right to Su Ping's ears. He didn't speak telepathically, but his voice wasn't loud either.

"Keep it up." Bei Yan also nodded at Su Ping with a smile.

They had shown up to see their junior brother off.

Apart from them, the rest were also Su Ping's senior brothers and sisters.

"Keep it up, junior brothers!"

"We'll wait for you to come back."

"Go for it! The opportunity to enter the Celestial State is rare. We look forward to your successful return!"

All of them approached Su Ping and the others. Almost none of them had met him before; they seemed to be quite friendly.

"So many Heavenly Lords…"

"Didn't they say that Heavenly Lords are as rare among Ascendants as extinct pets? Why are there so many of them?"

"If we win the legacy, can we also train this many Heavenly Lords in the future?"

A lot of people from other forces were shocked by the scene.

The Celestial expert had lots of Heavenly Lords and Ascendant experts as disciples. It was quite shocking.

Some senior sisters who were close to Ji Xueqing approached Su Ping and winked at him as encouragement.

Hearing their whispers, Su Ping realized they were specifically there to bid them farewell.

"Let's go!"

Shen Huang announced. His voice echoed throughout the world.

Everybody became solemn as they looked up at the sky.

"Go," said Shen Huang as he lowered his head and said to Su Ping and the other candidates gently and hopefully.

Su Ping and the others accepted the request. Then, Shuai Qianhou was the first to soar towards the sky and enter the vortex while the other geniuses watched him.

Shen Huang's disciples had the privilege of going in first; although the other forces were dissatisfied, there was nothing they could do. After Shuai Qianhou took action, the silent square was filled with an agitating atmosphere.

Su Ping and Diaz didn't dawdle. Both of them flew out.

"Go for it!" said Ji Xueqing softly.

Su Ping nodded and glanced at the square down below. Then, he quickly entered the vortex.

The familiar feeling of being teleported came again. Su Ping opened his eyes after entering the vortex and checked the surroundings.

He found himself in a vast forest. Shuai Qianhou, who had entered earlier, seemed to be considering something in a relatively close distance.

At the same time, Su Ping detected that a piece of information was unlocked in his head.

A tremendous amount of information surged into his head. Soon after, he realized how to pass the first test.

The arena for the first test consisted of thirteen continents, twelve of which were constructed by the Celestial experts; the last one was in the center of the terrain, connecting with all of the others.

The central continent would be the field for the ultimate competition.

The continents that each Celestial had constructed would be arenas for their respective star zones.

Ten tokens had been buried on each continent!

Fifty tokens were hidden in the central continent!

There were altogether 170 tokens, meaning that at best only 170 people would have a chance to pass the first test!

The capable and informed forces had already learned of the news; it was an open secret of sorts.

Another thing to note was that those tokens could be broken.

If tokens were broken, they would become useless.

Su Ping's master had left the disciples a message: to collect as many tokens as possible and gift some to suitable candidates from other forces in exchange for working as guards.

Their real enemies were not the candidates sent by other forces, but the disciples of the other Celestials.

Is this a game for bigshots?

Su Ping read the information, and found that it included the map of the continent he was standing on. Being a Celestial's disciple was like being a cheating player—

But he only had information of that continent.

The continents that other Celestials had constructed were secret, unknown territories.

There was no information about the central continent either, because it was constantly changing. All the Celestials had built the place together, so that nobody could cheat. It was very dangerous; it could change randomly at any minute.

Still, their master had left something for them that could be helpful.

There's a key in the central continent that can directly lead to the third test?

Su Ping was stunned. That was truly a miraculous key!

Geniuses such as Su Ping and Shuai Qianhou could pass the second willpower test with ease, but their odds of winning the legacy would be much greater if they could skip it and take the third test first!

In conclusion, the first test is the most dangerous, the second one is unremarkable, and the third one is unknown. Maybe even the Celestials can't figure out everything about the third test; it had been set up by the true god anyway…

Su Ping's eyes glittered.

"Have you finished reading?" Shuai Qianhou asked. At the same time, Diaz and the others appeared next to Su Ping. All of them seemed to be devoted to reading the unsealed information, and were distracted at the moment.

Su Ping looked at Shuai Qianhou. "What's your plan?"

Su Ping already knew what they needed to do after reading all the information.

The group was teleported to the same location, which was also a privilege; the other participants possibly had other arrangements. They were teleported to random places on the continent.

Once the encounters began, they would probably fight until they grabbed a hold of the tokens and the ultimate treasures.

What Su Ping and the others needed to do was to pick satisfactory prospects from the winners and travel to the central continent together for the competition over the keys!

That was like the difference between non-paying players and paying players.

The non-payers played with resources, while paying players played with them.

"We'll split up into two teams and fetch the ultimate treasures. Then, we'll go and pick up the tokens," said Shuai Qianhou calmly.

Su Ping nodded.

This would count as another strike for the geniuses in the other forces.

Su Ping and his companions already knew the locations of the ultimate treasures and tokens; the others were ignorant, so they would have to explore. Brutal battles would be inevitable if they ran into each other!

Diaz and the others snapped out of their concentration at that moment; they had obviously read all the information.

"Us two will be one team, and the rest of you will be the other team. We'll go to pick the ultimate treasures, and you'll pick up the tokens. We'll meet up afterwards," Shuai Qianhou said to Diaz and the others. He wanted to team up with Su Ping, who was the only person he thought highly of among his senior sisters and brothers.

Even though Su Ping was only in the Star State, he had heard of Su Ping's feats, and didn't underestimate him because of that.

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