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Chapter: 1173

The Seven Greatest Clans

"Is that so?" The little girl was rather suspicious.

Su Ping nodded solemnly.

"Then why are so many people going out? What’s great about a bunch of rocks?" asked the little girl.

"Because they’re just as curious as you; that’s why they go out. Rocks glow. The rocks we cultivate with are all stolen from the outside world," said Su Ping.

The little girl snorted and said, "I don’t buy it. You’re lying."

Su Ping smiled.

"Excuse me…"

At that moment, a beautiful woman—seemingly in her twenties, with the charm of maturity—appeared behind them and said gently, "It’s time for you to resume cultivation. You haven’t recited all the three thousand books in the library yet…"

Su Ping thought at first that she was looking for him. He turned around, only to find that the little girl had also turned around too. She patted off the dust on her dress and reluctantly stood up. "Got it."

"You’re the same as me? A Young Mistress?" Su Ping was rather astonished. The little girl was more noble than expected.

The little girl snorted. "You think you’re the only one? Just wait for it. I’ll slay an emperor beyond my level too; I won’t be eclipsed by you!"

The gentle woman was obviously aware of Su Ping’s identity, but she remained silent and simply nodded with a smile as she led the little girl away.

"I’ll come back for you after I recite all of them," shouted the girl before she left.

Once they were gone, Su Ping finally withdrew his gaze. He looked at the scenery in the distance and heaved a sigh, before he rose and said, "Let’s go back and continue cultivating."


His secret bodyguards showed up and took Su Ping back to the palace.

He asked about the little girl, only to discover that she was Emperor Xin’s daughter, named Huo Ling’er. Being a human emperor’s daughter, she was extremely noble, and was actually one of the most talented in her clan; she had perfectly inherited her father’s divine constitution. It was said that she was a fireball when she was still a fetus.

All kinds of unusual natural phenomena occurred during her birth. She was one of the rarest geniuses in history.

Given how rare she was, her mother was unable to withstand the power given off by her constitution so she died soon after giving birth.

Su Ping was overcome with conflicting feelings after learning about the girl’s past. She had been imprisoned there to focus on cultivation and her mother died young. She must have been very lonely; no wonder she went looking for him to talk.

None of the human geniuses will ever flourish if the human clan never produced an Ancestral God. They’ll always remain prisoners… Su Ping was silent. The miseries were imposed on billions of human beings.

Su Pin shook his head, knowing that the girl’s goal was too far-fetched at the moment.

"These are the selected tomes from the library…"

"The emperor-level secret techniques are here; you may choose any of them. We will run simulation tests on you according to the techniques you pick, then find out which of them is most suitable for you. That way you’ll be able to grasp the techniques and fully bring out their power as soon as possible; you might even be able to create a path of your own," said someone with a warm attitude.

Su Ping nodded.

There were countless resources and secret techniques in the palace. Su Ping was enjoying the privilege he had never received thanks to the company of all the experts.

Time flew.

A hundred days more passed in the blink of an eye.

Su Ping read the selected books, which contained a lot of laws of that world. The number of laws he grasped increased rapidly; his four supreme laws were perfected too.

He was fascinated by the knowledge found in those books. They were practically the best textbooks.

My first small world has been completely perfected. It doesn’t have any flaws now…

Su Ping’s foundation was even more solid after those hundred days. Besides the four perfect supreme laws, he had also grasped three secret techniques, namely a sword technique, a body technique and an escape technique.

His combat ability had been significantly boosted by the three emperor-level secret techniques.

It won’t be that difficult to beat Emperor Ye’s clone again if I ever ran into it, Su Ping thought.

He checked his ranking with the system. He was still ranked second among humans, and 19th among all species.

His hundred-day preparation had significantly increased his combat ability. However, there wasn’t a qualitative change, like those related to a rise in cultivation to the Ascendant State or grasping another small world.

In any case, this training was extremely valuable. Maybe my strength will be further boosted after I fully digest all this new knowledge, Su Ping thought.

He was much more knowledgeable after having read plenty of emperor-level secret techniques during that period. The experience in that place would be valuable if he wanted to create his own techniques.

It’s time to go.

Su Ping intended to look for the source of divine power. That cultivation period had also been invested in learning many things about the source of divine power.

The sources of divine power in the Archean Divinity were nine Divine Eyes.

Each of the sources looked like an eye, which inspired their names.

Infinite divine power flowed out of the Divine Eyes like golden tears!

They were extremely dangerous; some of them were guarded by Ancestral Gods, while others were in desolate lands that not even emperors would dare approach easily.

The Divine Eyes were controlled by the strongest high-ranked clans. There were altogether seven of them!

Those seven clans were the strongest in the Archean Divinity. Four of them had once annihilated and suppressed other high-ranked clans, even going as far as imprisoning Ancestral Gods!

There were also other high-ranked clans besides those seven clans.

It’s impossible to borrow the Divine Eyes from the seven clans. They might notice something is amiss, which will become troublesome. They would probably capture all humans and check each and every one if they discover I can resurrect infinitely. All humans would become miserable test subjects…

Su Ping’s eyes glittered. He didn’t want to expose his resurrection capability unless it was absolutely necessary.

Otherwise, humanity would suffer.

The seven great clans were far stronger than the Rain Clan. Humans were as vulnerable as infants in front of them; they could be annihilated without even a chance to resist.

I must look for the last two Divine Eyes in the void. I remember having been to one of the places… Su Ping’s eyes glittered.

"What are you thinking about?" said a pleasant voice. Huo Ling’er hopped towards him in a red dress. She lowered her head and looked at Su Ping curiously.

"Do you know where the last two Divine Eyes are?" asked Su Ping.

Huo Ling’er mumbled, "You haven’t given up looking for the Divine Eyes? It’s useless. You can’t approach them even if I told you. The last two Divine Eyes are in the most dangerous lands. Even my father said he doesn’t dare to go there…

"It’s useless even if I tell you anything."

Su Ping gave up acquiring information from her. He had to rely on himself.

"My lady." The gentle woman showed up and dropped a hint at Huo Ling’er, as if asking her to stop telling Su Ping more about the Divine Eyes.

Huo Ling’er ignored her hint and waved her hand. "It’s fine."

The gentle woman felt rather helpless. She wouldn’t dare disobey Emperor Xin, so she instantly grabbed Huo Ling’er’s hand. "My lady, our training for the day isn’t done yet. Let’s head back."

"But I’ve only just come out."

"If you want to play, I can create a time and space where you can have fun."

"I don’t want that…"

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Huo Ling’er puffed her cheeks and glanced at Su Ping reluctantly, eventually leaving with the gentle woman.

"You have to stop asking me about the Divine Eyes next time I come to visit," said the little girl.

Su Ping felt amused. "Okay."

Su Ping returned to the palace after Huo Ling’er left. He picked some materials and jumped into the cauldron again.

The cauldron could block all senses. Su Ping quickly wrote a farewell letter and threw it out of the cauldron. He then kicked the lid, and flames instantly surged out. He didn’t resist this time, simply letting the flames consume him.

Several minutes passed—Su Ping felt that he was still able to endure and felt rather helpless. Killing himself was more difficult than he had expected.

He simply kicked away the lid completely, instantly making a deep-colored fire to rise. The next moment, he felt as if his soul were burning and melting.

"Oh no!"

All the experts secretly keeping him company were alarmed. Su Ping had been to the cauldron frequently in the recent days, and he had properly controlled the fire every time. There was never a need for concern.

Little did they expect that Su Ping would kick away the lid and invoke the fiercest Heavenly Fire!

They had warned Su Ping of the Heavenly Fire’s danger, and allowed him to experience it firsthand while they protected him. Based on common sense, Su Ping would have never thrown himself into the flames.

"Is he asking to be killed? How can he be so reckless?"


The experts were so shocked that they were sweating buckets. They quickly took action, but it was too late. The Heavenly Fire was so fierce that Su Ping had been burnt into ashes in a flash.

The Heavenly Fire had been immediately dispelled, but Su Ping was nowhere to be seen.

"Is he dead?"

The bewildered experts looked at each other with pale faces, thinking they had made the greatest blunder of all humankind.

Two of the experts trembled, having trouble keeping balance.

It was at that moment when one of them noticed something on the ground, immediately finding that it was a stream of divine power left by Su Ping.

The divine power transformed into a farewell letter.

All the experts were flabbergasted after reading the letter.

According to the letter, Su Ping wasn’t dead; he had already left by unknown means.

He didn’t give any detailed explanation, so they couldn’t understand. However, the letter led them to understand that Su Ping’s actions were deliberate.

"He’s not dead? How is that possible?"

"Right, he left a Soul Lamp here. Go check the Soul Lamp!"

One of the experts quickly went to the deepest part of the Ember Palace, only to find that Su Ping’s Soul Lamp was still on.

The experts that followed saw it too. They looked at each other with bewildered eyes.

Right under their noses, Su Ping survived after being burnt by Heavenly Fire? And he also left the Ember Palace?


The experts didn’t know what to say. The Soul Lamp then died out all of a sudden, before anyone could find words.

Their expressions changed upon seeing that. But then the lamp glowed again before they expressed their grief…

What’s going on?

The experts were at a loss.

How is this possible? Could the Soul Lamp be lit again after dying out?

"It’s out."

"Wait, look, it’s back on…"

"It’s out again…"

This continued in the next five minutes, as if someone were playing a magic trick. The experts were completely stunned.

"Have you ever seen anything like this before?"

"No, never…"

"Me neither…"

All the experts were greatly shocked and confused. However, they had a guess, as they remembered the rumors about Su Ping. Could it be that there really is an Ancestral God baking him?

Which clan does this Ancestral God belong to?

In any case, they knew they had to report the matter to Emperor Xin posthaste.

All the people in the Ember Palace were shocked by Su Ping’s departure, but the news was soon blocked; only some were privy to the information.

At the same time, Su Ping arrived at a desolate place by continuously blowing himself up.

He had already memorized the map of the Archean Divinity in recent days.

After consecutive self-explosions, Su Ping figured out the region he was in; it was actually the territory of a middle-ranked clan, a remote area in the Archean Divinity.

"This is a suburb…" Su Ping sighed. He was in the middle of the wilderness. There were some prosperous cities in the area, but the number of experts was clearly smaller there; beasts could be spotted in the void.

"This is good enough. I wonder if I can lure it here," Su Ping said to himself.

He reached a boundless, desolate plain, then summoned the young Chaos Beast.

The latter was almost thirty meters long. Even though Su Ping had yet to train it purposefully, he had been feeding it well and it was quite plump at the moment.

The beast had the best bloodline; it could easily grow stronger than most pets as long as its belly was kept full. That was the advantage of inheriting a bloodline.

However, it was difficult to keep its belly full.

That little one was picky, as it wouldn’t eat normal food. Even Ascendants would hardly keep it well fed.

"Kid, I’ve provided for you for quite a long time. It’s time for you to return the favor."

Su Ping patted the young Chaos Beast’s head.

The young beast was confused for a moment. It immediately roared and glowed after sensing Su Ping’s thoughts, releasing the ancient aura of chaos.

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There was an instant triggering of all sorts of unusual phenomena. The power of chaos invoked lightning strikes.

The release of its aura is already this intimidating. As expected of one of the best pets… Su Ping thought. He wondered if he could lure the thing over. He was worried that the Rain Clan would notice him.

After all, he didn’t know much about emperor-level methods yet.

However, even normal experts could already locate someone by the images left in the river of time.

If someone from the Rain Clan got to investigate, they would probably find him very soon.

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