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Chapter: 1175

The Fifth World

The power of chaos does eclipse divine power.

Su Ping was secretly relieved. Meanwhile, he considered what the Chaos Perception Dragon meant. Did it misspeak? Being incapable of returning and being too scared to return meant two different things.

He was baffled.

The power of chaos in his body was burned through and couldn’t cover him anymore as he got closer to the Divine Eye.

He could only reduce his body as much as he could and cover himself with the power of chaos, to then dart into the Divine Eye like a beam of light.

I fortunately absorbed some of the power of chaos when I was with the Chaos Perception Dragon. Otherwise, I would have hardly been able to condense the power of chaos.

Su Ping felt lucky; it was impossible to condense the power of chaos by simply grasping the law of chaos, which was only a skill to concentrate it. However, the chaotic energy had already been dispersed. The skill would be absolutely useless without raw materials.

Hardly had he gone into the golden Divine Eye when Su Ping detected a strange rhythm.

It was like passing time and space and entering another world.

The environment suddenly became light and quiet; even divine power appeared to be gone.

The original divine power flowing out of the Divine Eye was nowhere to be seen. Behind the scorching Divine Eye was an absolutely dark space where Su Ping couldn’t detect anything, even though he was spreading out all his senses.

Is this the world behind the Divine Eye?

What kind of place is this?

Divine power…

Su Ping examined the surroundings carefully, not detecting the intense divine power he had felt earlier. There was no energy in the slightest; he had never seen such a desolate world before.

Even the Chaotic Realm would have undead energy.

The place looked like an absolute vacuum, even emptier than the vacuum of space, because there weren’t even cosmic rays, nor energy.

"Feels like this is the place where the world was born!" Su Ping mumbled to himself.

Perhaps there was nothing but absolute nothingness before the universe was established.

Is this place somewhere beyond the universe?

Then, how come infinite divine power is flowing out of this place and going throughout the entire Archean Divinity?

Su Ping was puzzled;he examined his surroundings carefully, not feeling anything after a long time passed. It was like being in space with his eyes blindfolded; he couldn’t even control his own body.

Su Ping tried to gradually reduce the power of chaos and find a gap.

Brilliant golden light instantly surged out like the dawn in the middle of darkness. The first beam of light illuminating such a desolate world from billions of years before shined in Su Ping’s eyes.

It was a dazzling ocean of divine power.

It was so brilliant that scorching air filled up the environment. What burnt someone’s eyes would eventually bury them.

Su Ping felt he was about to be consumed, and hurriedly covered his body with the power of chaos.

Still, this time he could feel the blazing heat despite the protective chaos layer. It was like being in the middle of flames; the chaotic layer melted gradually, and Su Ping was then completely exposed to the ocean of divine power.

Without even being able to let out a scream, Su Ping felt that his body was melting like a candle.

He resurrected in the same place.

He immediately brought out four small worlds to resist the invasion of divine power. He also squeezed out the power of chaos to protect himself.

However, the divine power found in that place was so abundant that Su Ping’s power of chaos could only protect him for fifteen minutes.

Is this the world beyond the Divine Eye? Then, what was the void I saw just now?

How abundant; It’s almost like a fiery ocean of divine power. If a Celestial god entered this place, their cultivation would probably soar… Su Ping thought.

His thought process was soon interrupted. A terrifying wave was raised in the surging divine power ocean.

Su Ping’s power died out instantly; not even his power of chaos could resist. He died, right then and there.

Su Ping revived a few seconds later, lingering fears still there. The wave of divine power killed him despite his sturdy body and the four small worlds.

There must be more dangers here; otherwise, the emperor-level experts would have conquered this place already. Su Ping’s eyes glittered. The other Divine Eyes were probably being controlled by the seven great clans because their Ancestral Gods were able to suppress the dangers inside the Divine Eyes, so that their fellow clansmen could cultivate inside and thus become a lot stronger.

Su Ping carefully examined the divine power core while resisting the energy invasion.

He had detected a unique law that seemed to be part of the divine power.

That law was the reason why divine power was being created incessantly.

He was resurrected repeatedly while he meditated, his body gradually transforming due to the invasion of divine power; it was glowing and turning golden. His Golden Crow bloodline had unusual transformations inside his body, as it was activated by the origin of divine power.

The Golden Crow was a mythical creature that carried the original divine and demonic power. Some sort of mythical energy inside it was activated when tapping onto the source of divine power.

Su Ping was becoming increasingly terrifying without even realizing it.

He was like an eagle resting in the middle of a golden ocean. Unusual phenomena occurred around him because of the divine power.

A long time passed.

At some point the power disappeared when Su Ping was about to figure out the key to the divine power’s original law; he resurrected and found himself in absolute darkness again.

Su Ping was stunned, and almost thought that he had chosen to resurrect at a random location.

"This is odd. Is it possible that there are two spaces behind the Divine Eye? One being the ocean of divine power and the other being this place? The two spaces replace each other constantly…" Su Ping mumbled while deep in thought.

In that case, is this dark space on a deeper level?

The darkness around him suddenly changed as he pondered; he had the feeling that he was falling into a bottomless abyss.

He kept falling until the darkness before him became hazy, and a special aura surged. It seemed to be some sort of primitive path that gracefully floated before him like a spirit.

Su Ping was soon attracted to it, and discovered that such a primitive path seemed to be related to the divine power he was pursuing.

He instantly started chasing the original path; the longer he chased, the more he was attracted to the great path. He couldn’t feel anything else.

The concept of time was moot there. Su Ping finally captured the primitive path at some point.

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Su Ping’s head shook the moment he touched the path; he felt that he suddenly had an epiphany.

The dark world he was in became clear again at that moment. However, the darkness was falling apart, one piece after the other. Once the collapse ended, there was a desolate and monochrome world.

There were mountains, rivers and wind, but they were all gray, including the glittering lightning.

A streak of golden light flew out of Su Ping’s fingertip and landed on a stone. Soon after, the stone became as brilliant as gold.

The golden light leaped into the river, turning it into a clear, golden waterfall.

Once it passed the lightning bolts, they started glowing like slithering, purple snakes.

While observing all of that in a daze, Su Ping gradually understood the true nature of divine power.

So, this is the divine power…

This was how the world of gods was created…

Su Ping saw it all in silence, while golden light surfaced on his body. His body had also been gray previously, but then it glowed brilliantly as the golden light surged out, making him look like an eternal, golden God of War.

The illusion of the Golden Crow appeared behind his back as the divine power covered him. It looked even more majestic and sacred than before.

The nature of divine power is giving!

Give things life, godhood and wisdom…

Divine power can transform a rotten iron sword into an artifact!

It can give a stone an eternal sheen and turn it into a dazzling gem!

Su Ping’s eyes were like brilliant stars. He had finally grasped the nature of divine power and understood its real core.

Even if his level were to fall to the Fate State or even the Ocean State, he would still be able to give ordinary animals special traits, and ordinary people an unusual power of understanding, now that he had this capability!

Such capability would be further enhanced as he rose to higher levels.

The black-and-white world before his eyes became completely brilliant. Infinite divine power surged forth, but this time he didn’t resist it with the power of chaos; instead he swam in it.

The scorching divine power invaded Su Ping’s body, but couldn’t hurt him anymore.

Su Ping had been resisting the power with his body at first; but now he used and guided it. Once the nature of divine power was understood, he was able to make use of the most abundant divine power. Simple divine techniques didn’t work on him anymore; he could render the power mobilized by divine techniques useless!

"I’ve now understood divine power…" Su Ping mumbled with glittering eyes. He didn’t waste the rare opportunity, and immediately started to absorb divine power to establish a fifth small world.

Su Ping would call it the Small Divinity World.

He moved about with the divine power inside the ocean; the fifth small world was constructed as time passed. It was so dazzling that it looked like a sun rising above the ocean.

"This is the fifth world…"

His heart was beating fast as he looked at the Small Divinity World, which was as brilliant as the sun. That was his fifth small world! Only a few were capable of creating a fifth world in the Archean Divinity, all of those had the potential to become emperors!

He had struggled to kill Emperor Ye’s clone when he had four small worlds. He felt he could kill him easily now!

Five small worlds, and an Ascendant State body… Right now my combat ability should be on average, even in the Ascendant State, right? Su Ping thought, planning to practice with an Ascendant after he left.

However, he wasn’t done there yet.

The eighth Astral Painting!

I completed half of the eighth Astral Painting back in Old Monster Ye’s relic. I’m capable of finishing it now!

I’ve mastered more than seventy-two laws, and more than ten perfect laws. Once I grasp more perfect laws, I’ll be able to replace laws and make the eighth Astral Painting even more powerful.

Given the abundant divine power available where he was, Su Ping planned to finish cultivating the eighth Astral Painting.

He was currently capable of absorbing divine power for his cultivation. His body had been transformed to that of a god, thanks to the refining of divine power. He was even more terrifying than most gods.

The Golden Crow pattern on his back was his constitution as a god.

If he ever had a child, it would likely be a god too, one that would also inherit the mutated Golden Crow Constitution!

Su Ping didn’t know how powerful the constitution was just yet, but absorbing divine power to cultivate was no longer a problem for him.


Su Ping activated the Chaos Star Chart, then compressed the divine power that surged into his body on the astral oceans.

A golden star was soon illuminated. It contained a fundamental law.

Su Ping condensed the second one.

One star after the other was condensed; Su Ping’s aura became increasingly terrifying.

A long time passed. He felt as if he were being squeezed when all the seventy-two stars were condensed. However, the squeezing wasn’t really painful; he felt like his body was readjusting, becoming stronger and more condensed. Some of the invisible flaws inside his body seemed to have been dealt with.

The eighth Astral Painting…

Su Ping closed his eyes and controlled the seventy-two stars to condense the Astral Painting.

The long gone, ancient Astral Painting reappeared, showing an unparalleled power; vast and brilliant. Even though it only contained seventy-one stars, it seemed to be a vast universe when it took shape.


Su Ping felt that his body was shaking and changing. The most important change was on his mind. He felt like he was being reborn; his willpower and his control abilities were rising rapidly; he clearly detected that he was becoming increasingly stronger.

The eighth Astral Painting is called the Universe Astral Painting.

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The main feature of this Astral Painting is… Worlds!

Su Ping’s eyes glittered and many worlds surfaced before him like glamorous pictures. Each of those worlds was vast and breathtaking.

Su Ping had the feeling that he could thoroughly combine the power of his five worlds!

"Now it’s much easier to control the small worlds than ever before. All of it is very smooth; I think I can even overlap them…"

The more Su Ping examined it, the more shocked he was. If he managed to concentrate the power of the small worlds with the ‘worlds’ feature, the result would be beyond his imagination!

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