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Chapter: 2156


Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Hearing Tang Mo’s words, Ye Jie pursed his lips into a sharp line.

His expression did not change much, but his dark eyes were like dark clouds, making people feel a dark aura.

Tang Mo naturally felt it too.

He patted Ye Jie’s shoulder and smiled to smooth things over. "Maybe I heard wrongly. Why don’t I go back tonight and ask Nan Xun about it? From what I know, the women have a WeChat group that tells them all kinds of secrets and gossip."

Ye Jie did not agree or disagree. After saying that he was leaving, he left.

Tang Mo looked at Ye Jie’s tall but lonely back and sighed slightly.

Even a god-like man would have times when he was troubled by love!

After informing Luo Zhou, Tang Mo returned home early.

Seeing that he had returned to a normal life recently, Mrs Tang’s mood improved.

Occasionally, she would call the rich ladies she was familiar with home to play mahjong.

After Tang Mo went out tonight, Mrs Tang called several rich ladies over and set up a card game in the living room.

After Nan Xun returned from work, she made tea and cut fruits for the ladies before sitting beside Mrs Tang and watching them play cards.

He chatted with them from time to time.

Nan Xun was different from rich young ladies. She was patient and was a business owner herself. She could keep up with the times and knew a little about everything.

She could handle whatever the rich ladies asked her.

In the past, everyone thought that Madam Tang’s daughter-in-law came from a small family and looked down on her. But after interacting with her, she was really not a petty person.

She was easy-going, did not put on airs, and was not delicate. As time passed, the rich ladies who were familiar with Mrs Tang started to like Nan Xun.

Mrs Tang needed to go to the washroom and asked Nan Xun to help her.

Nan Xun sat down and said to the ladies, "Auntie, please show mercy. It’s my first time hitting someone."

The rich ladies smiled and said, "Don’t be afraid. We’ll learn it after playing with you a few more times."

While Nan Xun was playing mahjong for Mrs Tang, Tang Mo returned.

Now that he had a prosthetic leg, he walked like an ordinary person.

‘Walking to the small living room, he heard the sound of mahjong and looked inside.

Seeing Nan Xun playing cards with several rich ladies, he narrowed his eyes slightly.

These rich ladies usually looked down on people with no background, but now, they seemed to like Nan Xun, who had no family background.

Tang Mo leaned against the door of the living room. He was wearing a black shirt and blue pants, looking handsome and charming. A rich lady saw Tang Mo and called him, "Young Master Tang is back."

Nan Xun was thinking about something and did not notice Tang Mo walking in.

Tang Mo walked behind her. Seeing that she was planning to play two rounds, he reached out his slender hand from behind her and took the other card. "This card."

Nan Xun saw the man’s slender hand wearing a watch and looked back subconsciously.

Tang Mo stood behind her. When she turned back, she touched his shirt and the faint smell of cologne floated to her nose.

Before Nan Xun could react, he bent down and pressed himself against her slender back.

"Why are you distracted?" He leaned into her ear, his voice charming.

Nan Xun glared at the man behind her, signaling him with her eyes to stay away from her!

The man did not seem to notice her gaze and when it was her turn to draw, he drew one for her.

He did not look at the cards. His thumb and index finger rubbed the cards twice before he pushed the cards in front of Nan Xun. "I’m sorry, aunties. My wife has been ruined."

Nan Xun was speechless.

Mrs Tang came over from the washroom. Seeing that Tang Mo was back and was sweet to Nan Xun, she was relieved and happy. "Okay, okay. Go back to your room."

Several rich ladies hooted. "You want to have grandchildren!"

Mrs Tang said, "I’ve long wanted to."

Nan Xun was urged back to her room by Mrs Tang and several rich ladies.

Tang Mo also went upstairs.

Nan Xun ignored him and went straight into the bathroom.

After taking a bath, Nan Xun sat in front of the dressing table to do her skincare.

Tang Mo pushed open the door and came in. He had changed into loungewear and was less charming outside but more sunny.

Nan Xun was focused on applying the essence and did not notice Tang Mo.

‘Tang Mo walked to the dressing table and hugged Nan Xun from behind.

Nan Xun was shocked. "What are you doing?"

Tang Mo hugged her waist and rested his handsome chin on her shoulder. "You’re taking good care of yourself now. Why? Do you want to become prettier and be worthy of your husband?"

Nan Xun had never seen such a narcissistic and shameless man. Although she did not want to admit it, he did have the right to be narcissistic!

"Let go of me. I can’t lift my hand."

‘Tang Mo sniffed his face. "It smells so good."

Nan Xun felt that he was a little abnormal tonight and looked at him sideways. "Can you just say what you want to say? It’s really scary like this."

Tang Mo smiled devilishly. "My wife is so smart. I want to know if there’s anything new with Sister Cixue recently."

Nan Xun sniffed at him and smelled a trace of alcohol. He must have gone out to drink tonight. Ye Jie might also have been drinking.

"You came to get information for someone?"

"Isn’t it understandable about the engagement party?"

Nan Xun pushed Tang Mo away. "Cixue hasn’t mentioned Ye Jie to us for a long time. This time, she really wants to remove him from her heart. As her friends, we’re happy for her."

"I don’t want to see her lose herself again. I don’t want to see her lose herself for a man! We will support whatever decision she makes."

"Are you satisfied?"

‘Tang Mo lifted Nan Xun’s chin and raised his eyebrows like a gangster. "Of course."

Nan Xun shook off Tang Mo’s hand.

She did not know where men like them got their confidence from. Could women not find a new relationship and life without them?

Nan Xun was about to say something when her phone on the dressing table rang.

Seeing the message, Nan Xun’s face immediately tensed up.

‘The new media had been very popular in recent years. Nan Xun and her friend had bought a live-stream platform some time ago.

She had signed several newbies and one of them had become popular. Nan Xun planned to support her into the entertainment industry.

A director of a youth movie found Nan Xun and wanted her anchorwoman to be the female lead. He said that her image and temperament were compatible.

Everyone was almost done talking when Nan Xun received a message from her assistant saying that the female lead had changed.

‘The reason for the change was that the entertainment company under Tang Corporation had invested and appointed the female lead they had chosen.

The female lead was a second-year student from the Film Academy called Lou Xin.

Without Tang Mo’s permission, Nan Xun did not believe that the entertainment company under Tang Corporation would dare to replace her..

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