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Chapter: 2158


Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Bo Cixue looked behind Ye Jie and did not see Tiantian. She asked in confusion, "Where’s Tiantian?"

Unlike the happy smile on her face when she saw him in the past, she was rather calm this time. She looked around for Tiantian, as if he was not a surprise to her.

Ye Jie took out two movie tickets from his pocket. "Tiantian had something on at the last minute and gave me the tickets."

Bo Cixue saw the ticket in Ye Jie’s hand and bit her lip. She seemed to understand something.

Before she could say anything, she heard Ye Jie say, "I’ll go buy popcorn and coke."

He handed her the ticket and walked to the counter.

‘When he bought the popcorn and coke and turned to walk toward Bo Cixue, he was stunned when he saw the scene not far away.

Bo Cixue did not know when a man had stood in front of her. They were very close and the man had one hand on her shoulder. He lowered his head and slowly approached her face.

Ye Jie’s expression immediately turned as cold as ice. He put down the things in his hand and strode forward.

Bo Cixue’s eyes were a little uncomfortable and something had entered them. Caesar was about to blow at it for her when a figure suddenly rushed over and pushed Caesar away.

Caesar was caught off guard and took a few steps back.

After Caesar stabilized himself, he frowned at Ye Jie, who was wearing a mask. "What are you doing?"

"I should be the one asking you why!" Although she could not see Ye Jie’s face clearly, the coldness in his eyes made her shiver.

Bo Cixue rubbed her eyes and reacted. She hurriedly walked in front of Caesar and blocked the dignified Ye Jie. "Brother Xiaojie, Caesar is my friend. My eyes were not feeling well just now, so he helped me blow it."

Seeming to have thought of something, Bo Cixue took out the movie tickets and returned them to Ye Jie. "If Tiantian doesn’t come, I won’t watch the movie."

Ye Jie did not take the movie ticket and Bo Cixue stuffed it into his palm, She tured back to look at Caesar, a smile on her beautiful face. "Let’s not watch the movie and go according to our original plan?"

Caesar was pushed by Ye Jie. Anyone would be angry, but he could see that Ye Jie was extraordinary. He did not say anything else and nodded at Bo Cixue. "Okay."

They left side by side.

Ye Jie stood on the spot and looked at their backs, his eyes dark and his expression cold.

He was tall and had an outstanding aura. Even if he stood there and did nothing, he attracted the attention of many girls who came to watch the movie.

However, the inviolable coldness on him made people not dare to approach him.

He threw the two movie tickets into the rubbish bin and strode toward where Bo Cixue and Caesar had left.

Ah You was waiting in the car. Seeing Ye Jie get into the car expressionlessly, he was about to say something when he heard him say coldly, "Ask the bodyguards behind to go back to the palace first. Drive out and follow Cixue’s car."

Seeing Ye Jie’s unapproachable expression, Ah You had already guessed that his plan to get Miss Bo back had not gone smoothly.

Strangely enough, Miss Bo was different from before this time. She did not seem to have the passion and admiration she had for His Highness in the past.

Ah You drove out of the garage.

Ye Jie sat in the back row and looked outside.

Images of them in love appeared in her mind.

There was once when she wanted to watch a movie, but he was busy with work. She video called him and pouted at him.

Until he agreed, her eyes were full of joy.

Even in the video, he could see her fondness for him in her clear and bright doe eyes.

Unfortunately, he had an important meeting at that time and could not watch a movie with her.

She had said before that she wanted him to compensate her properly and watch a hundred rounds with her.

But now, she was not willing to let him accompany her for even one round.

Ye Jie regained his senses and looked at the sports car in front. He narrowed his deep black eyes and took out his phone to make a call.

Ah You’s mouth twitched when he heard the contents of Ye Jie’s call.

It was hard to imagine that His Highness, who had always been calm, would do such a thing.

While waiting for the traffic light, Bo Cixue received a call from Nan Xun.

After chatting for a while, there was a sudden vibration at the back of the car.

Bo Cixue and Caesar turned around.

A van had hit the back of her car.

"Tl go down and take a look," Caesar said.

Bo Cixue ended the call hurriedly, opened the driver’s seat, and got out of the car with Caesar.

The owner of the van was a middle-aged man. When he saw Bo Cixue and Caesar, he touched his hairless head. "I’m really sorry. I touched your car when I didn’t step on the brakes."

Bo Cixue looked at the place where her car had been hit. There was already a dent behind. She frowned and looked at the middle-aged man. "What do you plan to do with it?"

"Miss, I have parents and children. The conditions are not good. Your car is too expensive. I definitely can’t afford it."

Bo Cixue said, "Insurance."

"Miss, I-I won’t hide it from you. I drank a little. If the traffic police and insurance company come, they will definitely punish me…" The middle-aged man took out his wallet and took out a photo." Miss, look at my family’s situation. I’m the only one earning money. If Im punished, my family won’t be able

to eat…"

Bo Cixue frowned. "The whole family is counting on you to eat and you’re still drinking and driving?"

"Thad to accompany a client, so I only drank a little."

"Forget it. You don’t have to pay for the car," Bo Cixue said to Caesar. "I’ll get someone to drive my car to the repair shop."

"Miss, you’re too kind. Leave your contact details and I’ll compensate you slowly after I earn money…"

"No need."

"Yes, yes. Miss, if you don’t agree, I’ll feel bad for the rest of my life."

Bo Cixue ignored the middle-aged man, but this person was harder to deal with than she had thought. When her driver drove another car over and she and Caesar arrived at the private airport, he actually drove over.

He even fell and injured his forehead.

Bo Cixue and Caesar had no choice but to send him to the hospital.

Because of the time delay, she could not learn how to fly a plane.

In the Rolls-Royce, Ah You looked at the lonely man in the back row and asked carefully, "Your Highness, Miss Bo and that man went to a western restaurant."

Ye Jie’s handsome jawline was tense. Ah You had been with him for many years and could tell that he was suppressing his emotions and could explode at any time.

"Investigate that person. I want to know his exact situation before tomorrow."


After Bo Cixue and Caesar entered the western restaurant, Ye Jie pushed open the door and got out of the car to walk toward the restaurant.

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