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Chapter: 2165


Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Bo Cixue helped Ye Jie into his car. She sat in the driver’s seat and was about to start the engine when she thought of Caesar.

Caesar was already striding over.

Bo Cixue looked at him apologetically through the car window. "Caesar, Brother Xiaojie is not feeling well. I have to send him to the hospital."

Caesar glanced at the man in the front passenger seat. He was wearing a mask and Caesar could not see his face clearly, only feeling that his dark eyes were as sharp and cold as a hawk.

Caesar nodded at Bo Cixue.

After Bo Cixue drove away, Caesar hailed a taxi and followed behind them.

After leaving the fireworks square, Bo Cixue sped toward the Royal Hospital.

Ye Jie looked at Bo Cixue’s tensed and serious face, his thin lips curling up under the mask.

Cixue, you still care about me!

Bo Cixue ignored Ye Jie’s dark gaze and reminded him, "Call the director and arrange for a doctor to check on you!"

"Tm fine."

"Call him, or I’ll go home."

Ye Jie had no choice but to take out his phone and make a call.

‘When they arrived at the entrance of the Royal Hospital, the director was already waiting there with several attending doctors.

‘With something wrong with the Crown Prince’s body, no matter if he was seriously ill or not, it was enough for them to be nervous and concerned.

Ye Jie was escorted into the hospital like a celebrity.

Bo Cixue parked the car and followed him.

Caesar was standing not too far away from her, but she could no longer see him.

After interacting with her for a period of time, she could feel that she did not reject him.

But every time she looked at him, he felt that something was missing.

At this moment, he finally understood.

There was a lack of light.

Perhaps even she did not know that the way she cared and was nervous about that man looked like love.

But she was the woman he had fallen for after twenty years and he did not want to give up just like that.

Caesar followed her into the hospital.

Ye Jie was brought into the examination room.

Bo Cixue was waiting outside.

She clearly did not care about him anymore, but at the thought of him being seriously ill, she felt inexplicably panicked.

Caesar walked over.


Bo Cixue was slightly surprised to see Caesar, but then realized that he had followed her.

"Caesar, I’m really sorry." Every time she made an appointment with him, something would happen.

Caesar shook his head. "Cixue, can we go out and talk?"

Bo Cixue hesitated for a moment and nodded. "Okay."

They walked to a terrace.

In the distance, there were still all kinds of beautiful fireworks blooming in the fireworks square.

‘The New Year atmosphere was very strong.

Caesar looked at Bo Cixue, who looked even more beautiful and fair under the light. He took a deep breath and raised his hand to snap his fingers by Bo Cixue’s ear. Suddenly, a beautiful rose appeared in front of Bo Cixue. "Cixue, happy New Year."

Bo Cixue looked at the rose in Caesar’s hand, her long and thick eyelashes lowered. She vaguely understood what Caesar meant.

When Ye Jie came out after the checkup, he did not see Bo Cixue. He asked the nurse and found out that she had gone to the terrace with a man. He hurriedly walked over.

He happened to see Caesar giving Bo Cixue roses.

"Cixue, when the New Year bell rings, I want to tell you that I’ve admired you for a long time and want you to give me a chance to take care and protect you…"

Before Caesar could finish, there was a violent cough.

Bo Cixue looked up and her pupils constricted when she saw the man leaning against the wall with his head lowered, coughing.

She had a good impression of Caesar, but she was not too happy when he confessed to her just now.

‘There was only embarrassment and apology.

From her expression and reaction, Caesar already understood her answer.

Bo Cixue tried her best to ignore the man’s cough not far away. She looked up at Caesar. "You’re really nice and I get along well with you, but I don’t know why, but I feel like I’m missing something."

Caesar liked her honesty. Actually, before tonight, he felt that even if she did not like him now, she would like him in the future.

But seeing her nervousness towards that man, he felt that there was little hope.

After Caesar’s five-year plan was ruined and he was forced to return home to take over the family business, he naturally investigated who was behind it.

However, the other party was not someone he could touch. He could only hold in his anger.

It would not be too late to go against him after he really took over the family.

But how could he really get started in such a short time?

Caesar took a step closer to Bo Cixue and lowered his head to her ear. "I know he caused trouble between us."

Hearing the word ‘ruin’, Bo Cixue did not know whether to laugh or cry.

"It’s impossible for me not to be angry. Cixue, you have to let me vent my anger."

Bo Cixue looked up at the handsome Caesar. His deep blue eyes were half-closed, beautiful and dark. She asked him, "How do I vent my anger?"

‘The moment Bo Cixue finished speaking, Caesar hugged her.

Then, Caesar kissed her hair.

He was so fast that Bo Cixue could not react in time.

By the time he reacted, Caesar was also pulled away by a strong force.

"Who asked you to kiss her?"

Ye Jie was standing behind them earlier and from his angle, he saw Caesar kissing Bo Cixue, but Bo Cixue did not push him away.

Ye Jie’s expression turned cold and his dark eyes were filled with anger. He went forward and grabbed Caesar’s collar.

Under Bo Cixue’s exclamation, a fist landed on Caesar’s face.

Caesar wiped the corner of his lips. He had been waiting for this punch.

Since the other party had attacked first, he would fight back. There was nothing wrong with saying it out.

Caesar clenched his fists and swung them at Ye Jie’s face when he punched him again.

Caesar was equally tall. He came from a big family and had naturally been trained since he was young.

Both of them were on fire and their fists were like steel, heavy and ruthless.

Seeing this, Bo Cixue frowned. "Enough!"

She wanted to pull them apart, but their fists were like wind, making her unable to get close.

Bo Cixue had no choice but to walk to the terrace railing and shout at the two men who were fighting, "If you don’t stop, I’ll jump down from here."

‘The terrace was on the third floor. If she jumped down, she would either die or be seriously injured.

Seeing that Bo Cixue was about to climb over the railing, the two men stopped at the same time.

Bo Cixue looked at their injured faces and was so angry that she could not speak for a while.

Were they only three years old?

‘They had only met a few times and had not even spoken much before they fought like this!

And Ye Jie, didn’t he know his physical condition?

Bo Cixue took a deep breath and left without looking at them.

Bo Cixue did not leave the hospital but found the director and asked about Ye Jie’s condition.

The director thought of Ye Jie’s instructions and stammered, "The Crown Prince’s body is fine. It’s because of fatigue."

Bo Cixue clearly did not believe him. "Director, do you want to hide it from me too? Or do you want me to tell the King and Queen to ask you personally?"

"This…" The director hesitated." Miss Bo should still care about His Highness in the future. Don’t make him angry and be with him properly."

Bo Cixue clenched her fists slightly and felt a little weightless. After a while, she said with a trembling voice, "Is it very serious?"

The dean nodded heavily.

Bo Cixue asked the director what illness he had and he shook his head. "I promised His Highness not to say it. Miss Bo, please don’t make things difficult for me."

Bo Cixue left the director’s office with a heavy heart.

When she arrived at the hospital, she did not see Ye Jie’s car and took out her phone to call him.

"Where are you?"

The man’s low and hoarse voice sounded. "Behind you."

Bo Cixue turned back and saw the man walking out from the dark. An indescribable emotion surged in her heart.

When he came close and she saw his red and swollen handsome face, she frowned and said, "Get in!"

Bo Cixue was still sitting in the driver’s seat. She took out the disinfectant and ointment she had brought from the dean’s office and disinfected and applied the ointment on his wound.

Ye Jie did not speak the entire time, his dark eyes staring at her quietly.

"Cixue, it was my fault in the past. Can you give me another chance?"

Although his face was red and swollen, it did not affect his appearance. His facial features were well-defined and his facial features were still well-defined.

‘When Bo Cixue applied the ointment on the corner of his mouth, she felt sad, heavy, and angry.

‘Why was he still fighting when he knew that he was not in good health?

Her long and thick eyelashes fluttered and a thin layer of moisture appeared in her eyes.

Not wanting to cry in front of him, she turned back and raised her head slightly, forcing the mist back.

The next second, he pulled her into his arms from behind.

Bo Cixue thought of the director’s words and slowly retracted her hand that wanted to push him away.

It was rare for her to be obedient and gentle in front of him.

She did not push him away when he hugged her, but he knew not to push his luck.

‘When he sent her back to the Bo family, he was clearly in a good mood.

Bo Cixue’s heart was heavy.

Back at home, Yan Hua and Bo Yan had already returned. Bo Jingyu had gone upstairs to play games. It was the New Year, so Bo Yan and Yan Hua let him be.

Seeing Bo Cixue return, Yan Hua pulled her to her side.

"Little Apple, it’s the new year. Daddy and Mommy want to give you a gift."

Yan Hua took out a key card and Bo Cixue took it. It was the apartment on the top floor of Block B of the most luxurious district in the capital.

Surprise appeared on Bo Cixue’s beautiful face. "Mom, did Dad and you agree for me to go out and stay?"

Yan Hua touched Bo Cixue’s head with a doting expression. "You’re a grown girl now. Dad and Mom understand if you want to have your own private space. But you have to come back for a meal with Dad and Mom during the weekend."

Bo Cixue hugged Yan Hua, her eyes filled with gratitude. "Thank you, Mom." With that said, she hugged Bo Yan, who was sitting on the other side of her. She looked up and blinked at him. She knew that General Bo must have contributed a lot to Mom agreeing to let her move out..

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