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Chapter: 2168


Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Bo Cixue went downstairs and found that something was wrong the moment she walked out of the elevator.

Someone was staring at her.

Bo Cixue looked back and saw a tall and slender figure standing in the corner of the hall.

The girl looked very young and was wearing southem style clothes.

The butler saw Bo Cixue looking at the girl and seemed to have thought of something. He hurried over and said, "Miss Bo, that lady claims to be the Princess of the Southern Region and came here with the Crown Prince. You’re on the same floor as the Crown Prince. If you go up, can you pass a message to

the Crown Prince?"

‘When the Crown Prince went up earlier, he had warned the butler in the hall not to put anyone up without his permission and not to disturb him.

However, if the girl was the Princess of the Southern Region, an ordinary butler like him could not afford to offend her.

When You Lan heard that Bo Cixue and Ye Jie were staying on the same floor, she hurried toward her.

You Lan sized up Bo Cixue.

The women in the capital were really beautiful.

"Hello, I’m You Lan."

Bo Cixue looked at You Lan, who smiled brightly, and smiled slightly. "Hello, I’m Bo Cixue."

You Lan pointed at the elevator. "You live on the same floor as the Crown Prince? I’m his fiancée. Can you bring me up to see him?"

Bo Cixue had heard Nan Xun mention You Lan.

That night at the palace banquet, You Lan had mistaken him for someone else and provoked Nan Xun.

Bo Cixue naturally knew that You Lan was not Ye Jie’s fiancée.

"Do you… like hima lot?"

You Lan smiled proudly. "Of course, the man I like is definitely the best."

"If you bring me up, I’ll reward you." You Lan took off the red coral as an accessory. "Here, this is for you."

Bo Cixue did not take it and shook her head. "Wait for me here. I’ll go buy some white sugar."


Bo Cixue bought white sugar from the supermarket and brought You Lan to the top floor.

The door opposite was not closed tightly. Bo Cixue pushed the door open and walked in with You Lan.

Seeing Bo Cixue send the white sugar to the kitchen, You Lan glanced outside and was stunned for a moment when she saw the tall man cooking inside.

In her heart, Ye Jie was an otherworldly god, but she had just seen him cooking in the kitchen?

This was too unbelievable!

After Bo Cixue came out with the white sugar, You Lan pulled Bo Cixue aside. "Aren’t you a neighbor? Why are you buying things for him? Are you very close?"

Before Bo Cixue could say anything, You Lan seemed to have thought of something and looked enlightened. "Your surname is Bo. I remember now. I heard that he treats the young lady of the Bo family as his younger sister. You’re that young lady, right?"

Those who could afford to stay in such a high-end district like Kuangjing Bay were definitely not from small families.

Seeing that You Lan had said everything, Bo Cixue did not admit or deny it.

You Lan’s attitude toward Bo Cixue became even more enthusiastic.

"It’s good to be his sister. You can actually eat the food he makes personally." You Lan looked at Bo Cixue enviously. "Oh right, if you’re very close to him, do you know who the woman he likes is?"

‘The Southern King had already returned and You Lan was still staying in the palace. She would not return until she saw her love rival.

But she had not seen him interact with any woman for several days.

Bo Cixue looked at You Lan’s angry and resentful face when she mentioned her love rival. She lowered her eyes and coughed lightly. "What does Princess You Lan want to do?"

You Lan raised her chin. "Of course I’m going to PK with her! I want to see how capable the woman who can make the Crown Prince like her is. If she’s not as good as me, I definitely won’t accept it!"

"Oh right, is Brother Crown Prince still single?"

Bo Cixue hummed.

"It seems like the woman he likes doesn’t like him. Hehe, since he’s single, I won’t hold back."

You Lan patted Bo Cixue’s slender shoulders. "Let’s add each other as friends. You’re his younger sister. If I want to know what he likes, I can find you!"

Ye Jie made three dishes and a soup and went to the living room to call Bo Cixue to eat.

Seeing that there was not only Bo Cixue in the living room, but also You Lan, he frowned.

Ye Jie’s dark eyes landed on Bo Cixue. Bo Cixue did not reject You Lan, but a smile appeared on her face.

You Lan was the first to see Ye Jie. She got up and ran toward him excitedly. "Brother Crown Prince, no wonder I haven’t seen you in the palace recently. So you moved here."

"To be honest, I followed you from the office and met Sister Bo downstairs. I begged her to bring me up. Do you mind eating more?"

Although Ye Jie did not like You Lan, as the Princess of the Southern Region, Ye Jie naturally had to give her face.

"Since the Princess is here, let’s eat together!" He entered the dining room first, his back looking extremely distant and indifferent.

You Lan touched her nose. She had thought that he had the smell of fireworks, but it turned out that he was still so unapproachable.

The three of them went to the dining room.

The dining table was rectangular and Ye Jie sat at the head while Bo Cixue and You Lan sat on both sides of him.

The dining room was unusually quiet.

You Lan took a bite of the pork ribs and exclaimed, "Brother Crown Prince, your food is so delicious!" Then, she looked at Bo Cixue. "Sister Bo is Brother Crown Prince’s neighbor. You’re really lucky!"

Ye Jie said nothing. Seeing that the atmosphere was a little stiff, Bo Cixue smiled and said to You Lan, "Eat more if you like it."

"Sister Bo, do you have a boyfriend?"


"You’re so beautiful, there must be many people chasing you."

Bo Cixue smiled and said nothing.

"T’ve been in the city for a few days and haven’t walked around properly. When Sister Bo is free, can you bring me around?"


Ye Jie looked up at Bo Cixue, who had a smile on her beautiful and exquisite face. On the night of the palace banquet, Nan Xun had mentioned You Lan to her. She also knew why You Lan was staying in the capital, but she did not mind at all.

Ye Jie tightened his grip on his chopsticks and lowered his eyelashes slightly, hiding the darkness in his eyes.

"princess You Lan," Ye Jie, who had been silent, said coldly, "Haven’t you always wanted to know who the woman I like is?"

You Lan stared at Ye Jie unblinkingly.

Ye Jie did not look at him but at Bo Cixue’s face from the corner of his eye, wanting to see every change and detail of her expression.

"Tell me quickly. I want to know who she is."

Ye Jie’s thin lips moved. "She’s at…"

Bo Cixue put her chopsticks on the table and stood up from the chair, interrupting Ye Jie. "Brother Xiaojie, I’m full. I’ll go back first."

"Sister Bo, don’t you want to know who Brother Crown Prince likes?"

Bo Cixue smirked faintly. "The person he likes isn’t here."

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