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Chapter: 536

Shuang is also my daughter 2

Chapter 536 Shuang is also my daughter! (2)  An Guoting glared at his daughter. "Shuang, what is this I am hearing!? Who says that you are not my daughter! Tell me their names! I will annihilate them from the face of this earth! Who dares to say that it's awkward!?"

Shuang uncomfortably shifted in her seat and glanced at Jack for help.

He shrugged himself away from her, making her speechless. "Don't look at me. I already helped by bringing you here. If not, then this important conversation could never have happened."

She gritted her teeth. "Aren't you my boyfriend?"

"And I think I completed my first responsibility very beautifully, don't you think?" He grinned and winked. "As a caring and loving boyfriend, how could I see my girlfriend and future father-in-law in such a misunderstanding? I helped until HERE. Now, you do something."

An Guoting narrowed his eyes and exclaimed. "Hey! What is this whispering going about!? Can somebody tell me what happened!? Who said Shuang is not my daughter!?"

An Yueqin sighed and made things simpler for Sharing. "Guoting, she meant that…" she coughed, "it would be awkward because she is not your biological daughter."

He blankly stared at her. Then as it dawned upon him, the fuse on top of his head only blew up more viciously.

"Who…who…" his body shook in rage, "Who dare-"

Before his thundering voice shook the whole residence, Shuang quickly said, "It's me! I thought that it would be better if I leave this house and let you be…with your…real family. I was just an outsider…" For the first time, Shuang felt at edge while talking to An Guoting.

An Guoting gazed at her. "You seriously felt that way…? How could you even think that…"

Suddenly, he got up on his feet and left.

"Dad…Dad! Don't leave!"

Jack whispered, "You did the same thing…"

She glared at him. "Help me out here!"

He scooted away closer to her. "I know that a couple should always support each other but in tough times, it's good to be independent. Sometimes."

Her gaze darkened. She looked at An Yueqin for help, but she raised her hands too. "I think it's good that you talk with him. You know he is a softie inside."

Shuang bit her lower lip and sighed.

This is gonna be difficult…

An Guoting was pacing back and forth, his chest huffing and puffing in anger and his eyes reddening with tears. He walked furiously on the balcony, wanting the fresh and cold air to dissipate the heat of his anger, but it was hopeless.


He paused and shot a deadly stare at her. "What are you doing here? You are not my biological daughter, right? So why are you talking to a stranger?"

Shuang pursed her lips. Fear clutched her heart, and she hesitatingly walked towards him. She faced him, but he had turned his head to the other like a child angry at his parents even though he was the parent here.

"Dad, I am sorry," she quietly said.

An Guoting pointed his trembling finger at her but couldn't say anything.

In the end, he only questioned. "Did I fail as a father, Shuang?"

She widened her eyes. "Of course not, Dad. You are the best-"

"I am not the best!" His eyes stung with tears, making her stiffen. "If I was the best, I wouldn't have made you have these questions in your mind. I thought I treated you and Caihong equally. But it seems that I failed! I couldn't make you feel a part of this family!"

"No! It's not like that!" Shuang felt her own eyes moistening. "It's that I already feel guilty for Mom trying to frame Caihong. Then she went to prison, and I just felt…" her knuckles trembled. "I-I still tried to think nothing of it but when Zizi came along, I just couldn't help but feel the odd one out. I am sorry! I know I shouldn't feel this way! I already felt guilty for all these years for making you share your love with me which should have all gone to Caihong," the tip of her nose turned redder.

"That's why we were a little distant as sisters. I don't blame Caihong because I would have felt the same way if I was in her place. You had Caihong, then you learned that Zizi was your daughter and then you reunited with your wife too. I just couldn't find my place here anymore because you had your complete family. I am…I am really sorry…" tears streamed down her cheeks, and her shoulders trembled. "I tried hard not to think about blood and this stuff but it always rang in the back of my mind. You won't understand…Nobody would understand me. 

First I snatched your love for Caihong, then my mother framed her and is now in prison. Do you realize how embarrassing it feels for me?" She sniffled and wiped her eyes. "Now you have everybody you would have wanted in your life…"


"But it's still incomplete if my Shuang is not there," his voice choked, and he broke into tears. So what if Zizi and Yueqin came along? Will it ever change the fact you are my daughter? I considered you as my daughter the moment I saw you when I first met Meiying, even before marrying her. It doesn't matter if she is in prison or not. It was her choice to frame Caihong, not yours. She is an adult, and she made her own decisions. What she did has nothing to do with you! Why do you have to feel embarrassed because of her?

You know what Zongying did in her life. What mistakes she made and how she made my life miserable. So do you think that Zizi should be ashamed of herself because of something that her mother did in the past?"

"Of course not…"

"Then why is it bothering you? She is her own person, and you are your own. You don't have to feel guilty on her behalf," he pursed his lips, "However as far as your relationship with Caihong is concerned, I indeed feel guilty. I-It was my fault that you two couldn't get along. I really did fail as father."

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